Thinking of Him ❤…

The thought of him curve up my lips automatically. Thinking of the distance between us makes me shiver enough to roll the beads of moisture down my neck. My musings comprise of him and his chuckles. My rumination about him tightens the bond we share making me blink away happy tears. I blush and giggleContinue reading “Thinking of Him ❤…”

Love is Unconditional ❤

Love is a promise of a heart to beat. Love sparkles the character within us to expect nothing, love conquers through trust and truth. Love is patient and kind, love compensates fear and loss. Love leaves no doubt, love presents no pretend. Love is a power towards self-control and self-regulation. Love is perfection for theContinue reading “Love is Unconditional ❤”

Love is Immortal ❤

Love is life, Love is bliss in abundance. Love causes a pause of heartbeat, love is a journey towards destiny. Love sees no limits, love sees what is invisible to the eye. Love creates hope in despair, love caters emotions true to the soul. Love is an opportunity to gain by giving. Love initiates theContinue reading “Love is Immortal ❤”

I’m Here For You

I’m here for you no matter what, even if you don’t want me to be with you. I’m here, you are there. I really wish either I was there or you were here so that I could have lent my shoulder for you to lean on. I know you are hurt and I wish IContinue reading “I’m Here For You”

Lockdown 3.0: Happy Mother’s Day

Saintly Virtues of Mothers Have we ever thought that we need not step out of our doors for gaining wisdom and saintly virtues or teachings. It all begins from home is the smallest thing that we always tend to forget. All these qualities and tales of wisdom are imparted and shared by our own sweetContinue reading “Lockdown 3.0: Happy Mother’s Day”

600+ Followers

600 followers!!! I am so so happy to have achieved this milestone. A million thanks to all the fellow bloggers who have been the constant admirers of my words. What more can I ask for? My humble gratitude to all you lovely souls. Keep reading. Keep giving feedbacks. Keep inspiring. A big thank you onceContinue reading “600+ Followers”

Lockdown Day 30: Believe in Yourself

Belief is an attitude, a mindset of faith and intent.It is a reality check of decisions and willpower. Belief of the one can singlehandedly lead the whole army towards a great and well-deserved victory. It has the power to unlatch the restrained dreams and desires. Belief has the potential to remould your inner self andContinue reading “Lockdown Day 30: Believe in Yourself”

Lockdown Day 28: Encrusted Minds

Why is there a very less acceptance of humanity as the only religion, as the only culture. Our society has become overloaded with multiple religions and hence multiple cultures that are encrusted with different perceptions and ideas of the religious heads. Lately, these encrusted cultures have become institutions running their own rules and laws. ForgetContinue reading “Lockdown Day 28: Encrusted Minds”

Lockdown Day 27: Present is Beautiful

Concentrate on the present moment, past is history and future is yet to come. Happiness won’t wait for tomorrow, live happily in the present. Present is lost if you don’t accept it, present is the creativity of life. Present is forgotten amidst the regrets of the past and curiosity for the future. Present is aContinue reading “Lockdown Day 27: Present is Beautiful”

Lockdown Day 26: Simmer A Bit

Let your dreams simmer to reward you with a beautiful reality. Let your thoughts simmer to reward you with creative ideas. Let your ideals simmer to reward you with dignity. Let your honesty simmer to reward you with righteousness & simplicity. Let your relationships simmer to reward you with special bondings forever. Let your happinessContinue reading “Lockdown Day 26: Simmer A Bit”

Lockdown Day 25: What is obvious?

Obvious may be the fact, the goal of life, the achievement, the failure, the fall down and so much more around you. Strive for progress than perfection because with progress, perfection is obvious. An opinion is right only when it is obvious. Simplicity in life becomes the obvious key to solution of all problems andContinue reading “Lockdown Day 25: What is obvious?”

Lockdown Day 24: The Fabric of Life

Even innumerable washes can’t fade away the fabric of love. Nature is a fabric that God has designed for us to complete the tapestry of life. Experiences are the threads woven together to make the fabric of life. Our thoughts and ideas are the fabric that our mind weaves. Friendship and love are fabrics whichContinue reading “Lockdown Day 24: The Fabric of Life”

Lockdown Day 23: Treat Others the Way You Want to Treat Yourself

Be careful how you treat people. No matter how educated, talented, rich or trustworthy you believe you are, how you treat people proves it all. No matter what happens in life, be nice to the people who are nice to you. Treating others nicely and respectfully will bless you with a peaceful way of living.Continue reading “Lockdown Day 23: Treat Others the Way You Want to Treat Yourself”

Lockdown Day 22: Your Simplicity is Your Trademark

Your smile is your trademark, always wear it to conquer the world Your attitude is your trademark, carry it well. Your style is your trademark, make your own trends. Your creativity is your trademark, be innovative. Your personality is your trademark, craft it studiously. Your silence is your trademark, let it speak the unspoken. YourContinue reading “Lockdown Day 22: Your Simplicity is Your Trademark”

Lockdown Day 21: Rise Above the Sun, Shine Bright

Rise above the misfortune where a shining tomorrow awaits. Rise above the petty things as they will never give you opportunities. Rise above the storm to kiss the sunshine. Rise above hate as love has the power to conquer the world. Rise above life’s challenges as these are just the steps of the ladder towardsContinue reading “Lockdown Day 21: Rise Above the Sun, Shine Bright”

21-Day Lockdown: The Final Day

Shock Absorbers A family is like a shock absorber as it stands beside you in your thick and thin. Good friends are like shock absorbers as they are your first critics to help you with your choices for everything in life. Well wishers are like shock absorbers as they help you cut down the hurdlesContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: The Final Day”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 19 Life, Practical and Real

Life is a teacher given you place yourself in the space of constant learning. The tests and challenges of life are constant where our calibre, commitment and courage are constantly measured. Life always leaves a thin line between opportunity and failure. It is we who have to prove our ability to be able to recognizeContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 19 Life, Practical and Real”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 17 Parallel Lines

Mind and heart are like parallel lines. Mind thinks before doing and heart does before thinking. Envy and goodwill are like parallel lines. Envy hurts and goodwill heals. Discipline and disorganisation are parallel lines. The former leads to development while the latter leads to agitation. Grit and fear are parallel lines. Grit welcomes valor andContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 17 Parallel Lines”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 16 Holy Good Friday

May our faith in the Almighty bring peace, love, prosperity and good health to this world. Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 14 The True Conveyor

Smile, the conveyor of happiness. Heart, the conveyor of love and kindness. Soul, the conveyor of self-confidence. Mind, the conveyor of mature decisions. Instinct, the conveyor of true inner self. Courage, the conveyor of calibre. Satisfaction, the conveyor of stability. Pride, the conveyor of honesty and dedication. Freedom, the conveyor of rights. Foresightedness, the conveyorContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 14 The True Conveyor”


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