I’m Here For You

I’m here, I’m not going anywhere

I’m here for you no matter what, even if you don’t want me to be with you.

I’m here, you are there. I really wish either I was there or you were here so that I could have lent my shoulder for you to lean on.

I know you are hurt and I wish I could take away every bit of that pain on me but I can’t, but still I’m here. Talk it out to me, I’m all ears.

Even if I’m into my meltdowns and you are feeling shaky, I’ll still be here for you making a solid ground.

You know me well than me, you call me strong and a warrior; so trust my strength and my valour to overcome bad times because you know I have always been here for you.

I want to be with you because I love you, because I want to spend my life with you, because I want to care for you, because I want to look after all your needs and necessities.

I want to walk with you down the beach holding your hand and whisper in your ears that I’m here for you and with you. I want to enjoy the first rain with you. I want to be with you to enjoy every sunrise and sunset.

I’m here with you and want to assure you that I want to cherish every moment of my life with you.

Just that you know, you are my reason to live, you are my love and my lifeline. I know you have a lot in your plate but we’ll handle it together. Let me ascertain you that I’m here for you till my last breath and even beyond death because I love you and will always do.

Rise and shine.

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“Rise and Shine” is my life long-standing "Mantra" that I follow. I am a travel enthusiast. Travelling gives me energy and rejuvinates me, while writing relieves my stress and creates positive vibes within. I believe in making every little contribution towards making this world a better place for the coming generations to live in and breathe free. We should all understand and accept the fact that we are blessed with this existence as humans and utilize this bliss to help the unprivileged by making maximum humanitarian efforts. Gratitude is a bliss. Never miss a chance to express your gratitude especially towards the amazing God gift called "Nature". Have courage and be kind to others. Respect and discipline should be your master armours to fight the evil of overconfidence and arrogance. Chase your dreams, stand for and by yourself, spread love and kindness, act smart, don't let others ruin you in anyway and above all make all necessary efforts to rise and shine bright. Self-respect and self-confidence along with kindness and generosity should be the values by which people should reognize and remember you. Rise and Shine.

15 thoughts on “I’m Here For You

    1. Thanks so much Moksha for such lovely words. Well yes, I was away from this platform for a while due to various reasons but this one needed to be written so had to touch base again. I am happy that my fellow bloggers miss my writing here. I’ll try to be not missed much 😊. Thanks again for the appreciation. Keep reading and stay safe and healthy. K.

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