Elegance Lies Within You

Daily Prompt: Elegance

Simplicity is elegance, classic is elegance.

Respect is elegance, grace is elegance.

The style is elegance, fabulous is elegance.

Knowledge is elegance, intellect is elegance.

Mindfulness is elegance, thoughtfulness is elegance.

Etiquette is elegance, discipline is elegance.

Good taste is elegance, a dash of daring is elegance.

Ability is elegance, caliber is elegance.

Exactness is elegance, intention is elegance.

Positivity is elegance, optimism is elegance.

Kindness is elegance, courage is elegance.

Be human and always carry the intention to be helpful to the needy. Your elegance lies in being intellectual yet generous. Bear the elegance of making a positive change in the world because that will surely add meaning to your life.

Rise and shine.


Jolly Wolly Smile

Daily Prompt: Jolly

The jolly wolly grin

The jolly wolly giggle

The jolly wolly delight

The jolly wolly pleasure

The jolly wolly look

The jolly wolly laugh

The jolly wolly expression

The jolly wolly simper

The jolly wolly smirk

The jolly wolly titter

The jolly wolly chuckle

The jolly wolly snigger

The jolly wolly YOU

Rise and shine.

The Degree of Life

Daily Prompt: Degree

A person is known by the degree of understanding.

A person is known by the degree of positivity.

A person is known by the degree of leadership.

A person is known by the degree of love.

A person is known by the degree of compassion.

A person is known by the degree of thoughtfulness.

A person is known by the degree of creativity.

A person is known by the degree of trust and belief.

A person is known by the degree of honesty.

A person is known by the degree of modesty.

A person is known by the degree of generosity.

A person is known by the degree of calmness and steadiness.

A person is known by the degree of greatness.

Rise and shine.

The Dazzling Varnish

Daily Prompt: Varnish

To remain away from sorrows and sadness, beware of,

The dazzling varnish of extreme love.

The dazzling varnish of extreme warmth.

The dazzling varnish of extreme politeness.

The dazzling varnish of extreme wisdom.

The dazzling varnish of extreme etiquette.

The dazzling varnish of extreme courtesy.

The dazzling varnish of extreme thoughtfulness.

The dazzling varnish of extreme respect.

The dazzling varnish of extreme generosity.

The dazzling varnish of extreme modesty.

The dazzling varnish of extreme humility.

The dazzling varnish of extreme friendliness.

Rise and shine.

Gorge Yourself On A Meaningful Life

Daily Prompt: Gorge

Gorge yourself on love and warmth.

Gorge yourself on wisdom.

Gorge yourself on courage and confidence

Gorge yourself on kindness.

Gorge yourself on compassion.

Gorge yourself on generosity.

Gorge yourself on empathy.

Gorge yourself on sympathy.

Gorge yourself on strength.

Gorge yourself on motivation and inspiration.

Gorge yourself on creativity and thoughtfulness.

Gorge yourself on humanity above all the virtues and ideals that you believe in.

Rise and shine.

Relocate For A New Journey

Daily Prompt: Relocate

Relocate to be at the place where you are meant to be.

Relocate to take new steps and move on in life.

Relocate to rearrange and change.

Relocate to spread your roots and fly on your feet.

Relocate to leave the chaos behind and start fresh.

Relocate to set foot for new adventures.

Relocate to become stronger, smarter, kinder.

Relocate to plunge into the challenges of life.

Relocate to never cry and keep smiling.

Relocate to spread happiness and kill the sorrows.

Relocate to let go the wrong and embrace the right.

Relocate to start, approach, appreciate and look forward.

Relocate to start a new chapter and create a world full of happiness.

Rise and shine.

Saintly Virtues Of Mothers

Daily Prompt: Saintly

Have we ever thought that we need not step out of our doors for gaining wisdom and saintly virtues or teachings. It all begins from home is the smallest thing that we always tend to forget. All these qualities and tales of wisdom are imparted and shared by our own sweet mothers since the day we are born.

Mothers are our heart and soul. From the moment our eyes first see the world, mothers teach us and preach us the virtues of living a life more meaningful. We need not go out of our house to listen and follow the messages conveyed by philosophers, priests or saints. Our mothers’ advices and suggestions at every walk of life is like a blessing for us.

The word “mother” says it all and doesn’t require any introduction or words of appreciation. All the good virtues and ideals are inculcated within us by our saintly mothers. Mothers are the best teachers and great philosophers themselves. And all these they do for us is just all out of no expectations or intentions.

Respect your mothers for they do anything and everything to make us happy and learn the virtues of life and

Rise and shine.

Tenterhooks And You

Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

The tenterhooks of fear

The tenterhooks of anxiety

The tenterhooks of failure

The tenterhooks of disturbance

The tenterhooks of interference

The tenterhooks of instability

The tenterhooks of stubbornness

The tenterhooks of lifestyle

The tenterhooks of loss

The tenterhooks of social pressures

The tenterhooks of instincts

The tenterhooks of decisions

The tenterhooks of uncertainty

The tenterhooks of life

Rise and shine

Patina of Life

Daily Prompt: Patina

The patina of wisdom

The patina of history

The patina of time

The patina of sculptures

The patina of age

The patina of memories

The patina of age old gossips

The patina of old city

The patina of stories

The patina of objects

The patina of stones

The patina of past

The patina of trust

The patina of Renaissance

Rise and shine


Daily Prompt: Age

Age is all about happiness that time brings in, not counting years.

Age is all about the feeling of inner self, not years

Age is all about the liveliness of mind, heart and soul; not years.

Age is all about gaining knowledge at every step of life, not years.

Age is all about forgetting the past, living the present and welcoming the future; years don’t matter.

Age is all about doing right things with all the passed by years of experience, not just counting those years.

Age is all about remaining a child by heart and health, growing old is just the matter of years.

Age is all about defining your nature, mentality, maturity and steadiness; don’t let the number of years overpower the youth inside you.

Age is all about seeing life from a different perspective, not just counting years and feeling old even when you are not.

Age is all about the limitation you put on your mind, it isn’t a barrier to anything. So live life to the fullest, enjoy and celebrate every moment that life throws at you. Growing old is mandatory but it’s up to you how you want to grow old, with full power and positivity or just by sticking to the stereotype life and keep counting years.

Rise and shine.