Ray of Hope

Keep shining bright, you are my last ray of hope.

Don’t let me lose faith in you, you are my last ray of hope.

You are my only sunshine, you are my last ray of hope.

You happen to be my only vision, you are my last ray of hope.

All my dreams and realities belong to you, you are my last ray of hope.

I am going through an eclipse, you are my last ray of hope.

Be the voice of reassurance and appreciation, you are my last ray of hope.

You are the anchor of my soul, you are my last ray of hope.

You are the glint of light that will lead me out of this darkness, you are my last ray of hope.

You are an optimist, you are my last ray of hope.

You bring me confidence and smile, you are my last ray of hope.

Don’t quit, don’t give up; you are my last ray of hope.


Hold On

Hold on, best things are yet to come.

Hold on, bad times will fade and good times will shine bright.

Hold on, have faith in each other.

Hold on, it’s worth a wait.

Hold on, show courage and strength to overcome miseries.

Hold on, it won’t take too long for things to shape up.

Hold on, don’t give up.

Hold on, trust the process for a fruitful conclusion.

Hold on, don’t forget the purpose of life.

Hold on, dream big and let things fall in place.

Hold on, pain will end soon.

Hold on; we know this is not what we planned, but we will get through it, soon.

Hold on, life is beautiful although we are not always together.

If you ever feel like giving up, remember why we held on.

Hold on a little bit more, just a little bit.

Rise and Shine.

Why Hesitate?

(This blog is based on incidences that have happened around me)

It is rightly said that hesitation causes lifetime of regrets and the one who hesitates falls last in queue of success. What is the reason of this hesitation? Well, for many, hesitation has a different perspective altogether. Not because they have committed any mistake makes them disinclined to deliver or execute words or things. May be, this reluctance for them is a sort of respect for other people’s feelings and emotions.

Hesitation augments fear and this fear leads you to hide your sentiments, especially for people who try to retain others’ self-respect. It is noticeable that there are people around you who will never understand your feelings or respect your reaction to things but you’ll hesitate to express your pain on the same just because you don’t want them to feel insulted or low. But will this hesitation make such people respect your silence? Well, may be, no; but still, again and again, you’ll tend to repeat the same respectable etiquette of hesitation, don’t know why.

There is a big clan who will hesitate to plan their routine because their life seems to revolve around others who think only their words carry wisdom and are important. Hence, this reluctant bunch would feel better to keep mum, because as such, their perception will have no role to play. It is highly saddening and painful where you live your life not for yourself but for a cluster of selfish others. And, what do you get in return of this gesture, almost nothing, nothing that you want for yourself, especially your own space.

There will remain a constant hesitation and there will be a receipt of constant anger and bias. Major times, this will lead to a feeling that the whole world is a hell, and people who are reluctant have no reason to live. Can one not have his/her own freedom? Why do people deserve such a mindset? It’s one’s own life. Let this hesitating yet polite clan live free and retain their right to be expressive. Understand their silence and respect their sentiments too.

I couldn’t find answers to all these questions myself, because somewhere, I also feel I sail in the same boat and too reluctant to express my terms. May be some day I’ll have a satisfactory reply, but then I think it’ll be too late, at least for me, I guess. Why are we bound so much by such egocentric group of people? Unfortunately, many times it is observed that it’s your near ones who do this damage, and this is heartbreaking. If they enjoy freedom of speech and expressions then why can’t others? I pray to God to give strength to such people to face these challenges and rise above these minor, yet major, issues.

Rise and Shine.

A Discovery or A Realization?

Life throws challenges on us and we have no option but to face them. Many try to run away from the sheer facts and practicalities of life but many try to face the same and rise above everything, triumphant.

I used to always search the escape source for my frustration, irritation, pain, grief, etc. But somehow, I never came to any conclusion regarding what would make me happy or calm down or make me positive and fill me with more energy. I also received suggestions of meditation, Yoga, reading mythological books and much more. I have a preoccupied mind and so things like meditation would take a lot of time to dissolve in me and make me more content. For mythology, of course, I thought its too early for my age to take up this loophole. Then, what can be that one thing or more that would make me a better person mentally and inject more strength in me to tackle minor or major issues of life?

One fine day a thought ran my mind that I want to travel, rather travel alone. Well, it sounded weird at first and took a long time for me to convince my parents and family for it but finally I succeeded in doing so and left on my solo journey (as it was my first time travelling alone, it was only for a few days). Previous to this, all sorts of journeys or travels were guided by my parents and so me as a kid never had to bother much about good or bad situations that came up during our travel. But this time, I was all alone and needed to act smartly according to upcoming circumstances.

And there it was, may be my best and only escape, travelling. Trust me, till date, I have never been able to express those feelings as a sole and lone traveler. Well, it was a breathtaking experience, and that was the day when I felt that actually travelling makes my mind calmer and rejuvenates me. It was an experience that totally changed me as a person on a whole. And from that day onwards, I have never looked back and have kept travelling, not just because I have to rebuild my lost confidence or anything, but also because I started loving the fact of travelling, exploring this beautiful earth and its beings and above all enjoying the magic of mother nature.

The energy that runs in me while and after my travel is amazing. I take life positively; of course, I have gained my lost confidence; I have developed the skill of reading people’s minds; I have become more conversant with different types of people (previously I used to be a very conserved personality, remaining into myself only); and above all, I am much more happier now. There is too much negativity around me, but with God’s grace, I have developed the art of overcoming it and converting it into positive thoughts and acts. For me, the satisfaction and calmness of my inner self as well as the smile on my face (which should represent my inner happiness) are the most important factors, and I am glad travelling has helped me achieve both of these. However, I am still confused whether it was a discovery that travelling made a difference in my life or a realization that was somewhere hidden and needed a boost to come out? The reply to this question always sums up as; whatever it is, it has completely changed the perspective through which I now see and experience each day of my life.

Travel and you’ll feel you’re actually breathing.

Rise and shine.

Don’t Escape

Embrace life, don’t escape tough circumstances.

Accept the truth, don’t escape the facts and practicalities.

Face the consequences, don’t escape the reality.

Silence the noise of worries, don’t escape the music of life.

Express your sentiments, don’t escape the power of imagination.

Fight the challenges with a strong mind, don’t escape stress and ruin your strength.

Set up your own trend, don’t escape your creativity.

Let your approach be your attitude, don’t escape the feeling of being extraordinary.

Create your own dreamworld, don’t escape your turn towards paradise.

Believe in yourself, don’t escape your own self.

Rise and shine.

Morning Mantra

A new morning.

A new blessing.

A new horizon.

A new hope.

A new beginning.

A new faith.

A new chapter.

A new start.

A new purity.

A new goal.

A new step towards success.

A new positivity.

A new belief.

A new confidence.

A new dream come true.

Good morning world.

Rise and shine.

Irritating Compulsions

Get me a lifesaver, need it desperately. I might sound weird and foolish, but frankly speaking, I hate anything that is compulsory for me. Hence, I am always in search of some source that can save me from such compulsions. I like to be lonely and not disturbed but social compulsions don’t allow me to be so. I hate crowd, but major times, I am bound to be in crowd and among or around people and always think that is it only me who always feels this captivity, as if I am caged, or are there others around me who share the same thoughts and sentiments?

There are innumerable instances when I have to go through this frustration or irritating situation of compulsion, especially during this time of the year, which is festival time, when I have to either call the relatives to wish them or attend their phone calls for wishing me. Relatives are one community, which I have always found killers or rather bloodsuckers. They always need attention, and if not attended appropriately, they will directly start complaining to our parents about our odd behaviour. Such compulsions are tedious and mentally disturbing because your character and individuality are judged by a bunch of people who feel they possess expertise in social relations.

Irritating people seem to have taken oath of not leaving you alone or harassing you for no reason, and they find immense happiness in doing that, and people like us will ultimately develop immense hatred for such people. By hook or by crook they try to talk to us or do things which will disturb our lone world. In my opinion, such people need meditation or at least “Yoga”. Many times, I have even discovered that listening music with earphones on is a crime. Why cant people leave us alone and let us be in our own world? Why things become so much compulsory for us that we can’t even have our personal space?

I only communicate with people whom I am comfortable with. To avoid disturbance of my peace, I try to write my heart out here on this platform as this habit calms me down and gives me opportunity to connect with people whom I like to communicate through reading their blogs or even getting comments on my own blogs. Trust me, its a sort of heavenly feeling.

I am not a person who likes to hurt anybody’s sentiments, but its just that I hate public appearances, crowd and people who have time to just keep boasting their own self. I don’t think it is compulsory to keep mingling with such a mass, and also, I think our parents would never want to force us for anything that is mandatory and will understand our emotions too.

I feel instead of chitchatting with such a bunch of bloodsuckers, it is always good to be yourself and do something that will help the society and world on the whole making it a much better place that anybody would have dreamt of.

Rise and shine.