Be Loyal Amongst a Fake Crowd

Daily Prompt: Loyal

The greatest virtue of life is to be loyal to yourself come whatever may. The second best virtue is to stay loyal to your family as well as those who stand by you and defend you in your thick and thin. Be loyal to the ones who are true to you even in your absence. Being loyal means everything to the people who respect your opinions and decisions and not just portray you as imposing your views on them.

But is it worth being so loyal to everyone? Well, loyalty goes in return for honesty. In straight words, the ones who are consistent, stable and honest to you should be rewarded with your loyalty. A loyal person always has to go through all the troubles of life but during the tough times it’s patience one has to hold. Time will be harsh to the loyals, but no matter how many times your loyalty is tested, you never lose this nobility and stay strong.

Being loyal will help you overcome mountains of difficulties and this characteristic will in turn earn you honour and esteem. Stay loyal to your dear ones even when they are not right, try to make them realize their mistake and lead them to a righteous path. Loyalty is uncommon but it is in fact the world for you, so make it not an option but a priority for it will strengthen your ethics and determination.


Evolve and Ascend

Daily Prompt: Ascend

Ascend beyond self-imposed limitations

Ascend beyond negativity

Ascend beyond self-sabotage

Ascend beyond darkness

Ascend beyond self-proclamations

Ascend beyond a fixed mindset

Ascend beyond average

Ascend beyond pessimistic thoughts

Ascend beyond insecurity

Ascend beyond annoyance

Ascend beyond materialism

Ascend beyond negative perceptions

Ascend beyond not being yourself

Rise and shine

Don’t Succumb to Death Before Life

Daily Prompt: Succumb

Don’t succumb to hatred, don’t succumb to prejudice

Don’t succumb to despair, don’t succumb to presumption

Don’t succumb to desolation, don’t succumb to affliction

Don’t succumb to darkness, don’t succumb to fantasies

Don’t succumb to immorality, don’t succumb to indiscipline

Don’t succumb to greed, don’t succumb to dishonesty

Don’t succumb to scepticism, don’t succumb to perjury

Don’t succumb to bitterness, don’t succumb to anger

Don’t succumb to overconfidence, don’t succumb to pessimism

Don’t succumb to violence, don’t succumb to revenge

Don’t succumb to fear, don’t succumb to anxiety

Don’t succumb to injustice, don’t succumb to brutality

Be kind and spread peace and love in this world.

Cloaked in a New Beginning

Daily Prompt: Cloaked

He came into my life cloaked in love and filled it with loving moments

He came into my life cloaked in respect and filled it with dignity

He came into my life cloaked in intellect and filled it with wisdom

He came into my life cloaked in contentment and filled it with satisfaction

He came into my life cloaked in felicity and filled it with gaiety

He came into my life cloaked in alacrity and filled it with shrewdness

He came into my life cloaked in confidence and filled it with fortitude

He came into my life cloaked in sarcasm and filled it with satire

He came into my life cloaked in poise and filled it with certainty

He came into my life cloaked in trust and filled it with faith

He came into my life cloaked in warmth and filled it with affection

He came into my life cloaked in “I Do” and filled it with memories to cherish


Daily Prompt: Fraud

Fraud is deceit, fraud is dishonesty

Fraud is cheating, fraud is greed

Fraud is omission, fraud is concealment

Fraud is breach, fraud is distrust

Fraud is hurting, fraud is damaging

Fraud is crime, fraud is illegal

Fraud is intentional, fraud is deliberate

Fraud is stealing, fraud is lying

Fraud is overstating, fraud is misappropriation

Fraud is manipulation, fraud is destruction

Fraud is theft, fraud is infringement

Fraud is bribery, fraud is commission

Fraud is unethical, fraud is immoral

Fraud is smuggling, fraud is bankruptsy

Fraud is hatred, fraud is lethal


The Exceptional Experience of Travelling

Daily Prompt: Exceptional

Travelling – the amazing way to reveal your inner strength. It is rightly said by many intellectuals that travelling should be a necessary routine of your life. It is an exceptional way to explore new places, meet new people and widen new horizons. Travelling gives pleasure, relaxation, calmness and rejuvenation. It is an exceptionally unique source of happiness and fun by unwrapping yourself from the life-stressors.

Life has gained pace these days and our routines have suddenly gotten busy and hectic, so in order to cut out all the pressure and anxiety of straining schedules, travelling should find the place in your to-do list. Travelling will make you realize that the small round globe is actually a large world full of differently living people. Travelling gives you a chance to get involved into the culture and traditions of different religions. Be it any mode, travelling will add leisure and fantasy in your life.

Travelling is full of adventure and fun for all age groups and it connects you to the rest of the world. Travelling helps you discover new things, enlarge your vision and enjoy the beauty of nature. Travelling helps fade our narrow-mindedness and superstitious beliefs. Travelling is a big swirl that twirls you into layers of knowledge.

Keep Travelling, keep exploring, keep experiencing!


Daily Prompt: Tame

Why tame your mind when it wants to think beyond?

Why tame your heart when it wants to feel the warmth?

Why tame your soul when it wants to set free?

Why tame your courage when it wants to give a shiver to the enemy?

Why tame your confidence when it wants you to stand out in the crowd?

Why tame your attitude when it wants to choose the right over the wrong?

Why tame your talent when it wants to enhance itself?

Why tame your choice when it wants you to recognize more options?

Why tame your skills when they want to flourish and grow?

Why tame your inner beauty when it wants to look more beautiful than your outer one?

Why tame your inner self when it wants to be decisive on your instincts?

Why tame your action when it wants to be more responsive to reactions?

Why tame your determination when it wants to seek perfection?

Why tame your wisdom when it wants no boundaries?

Why tame yourself for anything when you wish to rise and shine?

Believe in Yourself

Daily Prompt: Believe

Believe in yourself, don’t give up

Believe in the Almighty because everything happens for good

Believe in perseverance and perfection as these will make life easy and happy

Believe in enjoying small moments for they will fill your life with joy

Believe in your dreams and the whole world stands with you

Believe in all your failures and falls as they will teach you to keep chasing your goals

Believe in right attitude and see how all the doors open for you

Believe in your abilities to bless yourself with confidence and self-esteem

Believe in kindness and courage and be gifted with love and compassion

Believe in hardwork and celebrate your accomplishments

Believe in yourself even if you are doubted because only then you defeat fear and insecurity

The Superficial Smile

Daily Prompt: Superficial

A superficial smile is nothing new that I am talking about. It’s been experienced by every single person. It’s a disguise worn by almost all of us for a reason pertaining to the given circumstance. A superficial smile is the most lethal weapon used to hide the truth; however, not always it is for dislike or harm but it’s all according to the existing situation that one is in.

Superficial is indeed fake and we all have been through this fake expression not once but multiple times. Remember those door-to-door marketers, those businessmen, those shopkeepers and many such people who will do anything and everything for the sale of their products and the first gesture they would give is a superficial smile. A cunning opportunist, a fake friend pretending to be a good one to you, a relative with selfish motives as well as many times a family member eyeing on you for some benefit, all these were a fake, a superficial smile always to fulfil their greed.

In this world of self-centered and ego-centric people, it is tough to find true and honest human beings because everybody’s true identity is actually hidden behind their superficial appearance. It is good to have that superficial smile if it is only and only for the good of someone as it won’t harm or hurt other’s feelings. The superficial expressions will one day fade away and what will be left is the kindness that you have grown within yourself. So, be kind and have the courage to make the best use of this life that God has gifted you.

The Elastic Revolution

Daily Prompt: Elastic

It’s a new world and life has become faster than ever. It’s a piece to think whether in this rapidly-changing world human beings still necessarily need to remain the slaves of rigid and orthodox cultures and prejudices. With the new generation and their novel thought process, his rigidity seems to have long forgotten and forbidden. Every old culture, tradition, ritual as well as to a large extent prejudice has gone elastic to match the speed of the present days.

The flexibility and elasticity of old customs have found space into the good books of the older generation given the trending life and lifestyle of every generation presently. However, there are innumerable exceptions to this fact but still, the world is loving and welcoming this elastic change brought on by love, kindness, courage and broad-mindedness. This elastic renaissance was a much-needed phenomenon since ages but there were weak mindsets and rigid myths hurdling this adaptation.

Inequality, partiality, discrimination and such strengths of the wicked should really be abolished as the existing world needs the power of creativity and confidence rather than the sick mentality. Shrewdness, intolerance, differentiation should be abandoned so that the age-old rules can be made elastic and flexible for the betterment of future generations. Customs and traditions were carved by our ancestors for spreading happiness and not prejudice. So, let us all pledge to support the ones who are making constant efforts to make this world a wonderful place once again.