Who walks in when the entire world walks out? A true friend.

Who keeps bugging you all day long even when you want to be left alone? A friend.

Who never thinks before disturbing you at any time of the day? A real friend.

Who is your worst critic and the best admirer? A friend.

Who is the one who never leaves you lonely in any situation? A true friend.

Who is the one who never fails to lend a shoulder to lean your head on? A friend.

Whose existence and presence is more than enough to count on? A friend.

Who is selfless enough to always keep praying for your well-being? A real friend.

Who is the one who stands strong besides you no matter what? A great friend.

Who is the one that faces, shares and resolves your problems? A true friend.

Who is the one that fights with you, loves you, respects you, understands you, deserves you, cries with you, and above all, supports you in every aspect of life. A friend.

A big toast to friends and friendship.


Rise and shine.


Rainful Life!!!

Rain is a feeling, rain is peace.

Rain symbolizes growth, rain is the rhythm of life.

Rain is grace, rain is the voice from the sky.

Rain is the sparkle to life, rain is the play in the puddles.

Rain is the greatest source of smile, rain is the pouring of happiness.

Rain is soothing, rain is healing.

Rain is the comfort in being wet, rain is the richness of the wet smelling earth.

Rain indicates light after the clouds, just as joy after pain.

Rain brings rainbow, rain adds colour to the sunset sky.

Rain will make you dance, rain will make you splash the water.

Rain is the shower of spirit, rain is the shower of the soul.

Rain is the after effect of the storm. The only thing you can do is either get an umbrella or learn to dance in the rain and embrace the bliss.

Rise and shine.