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Thank You 700…

I just can’t express my feelings at this moment. To me, this is the platform where I express and open up myself. Hence, 700 is indeed a real milestone for me. It all started from the day that I had 1 follower and to me it felt like, “miles to go before I sleep,” butContinue reading “Thank You 700…”








Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!!

I am the Creator, I am the Destroyer
I am the Maker of the Universe

“Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy; but with love, compassion, humility and devotion.” – Bhagwad Gita quotes of Lord Shri Krishna

Wish one and all a very auspicious Krishna Janmashtami. Let us all pray and hope that our world will soon be free from evil and that good times will again knock our doors. Let us all try to participate in humanitarian deeds and contribute towards the betterment of this beautiful place called World.

Rise and shine.

Flowers, The Most Divine Creations

A bloom of hope
Nature’s secret magic unleashed
A bloom of grace
Divinity created
Flowers are earth’s smile

Flowers, the happiness of the soul. It is rightly said that a new sunshine brings new hope; however, the bloom of a flower adds light to that hope. Life throws many challenges but every single bloom helps fade the dark moments. Flowers are themselves divine creations that Mother Nature have gifted us. Have you ever felt not to smile while looking at a flower?

Have you ever noticed that flowers are never jealous of each other, they never hurt each other, they never compete with each other; because for them, their sole purpose is to just bloom and bestow smiles. Flowers are the cutest revelations of the nature’s secret. They never distract from the cause of their creation, which is to share happiness.

Every petal of a flower is symbolic of grace and delight. With a heart of gold, these speechless beings brighten your life. Our earth expresses it’s joy through these blossoms, which make them the soul of Mother Nature. Flowers, therefore, are worthy enough to be called “Miracles” that we witness each day.

Every flower gives us a message, a message so optimistic and practical, “Allow yourself to bloom with grace and dignity so as to bring smiles and spread happiness.” God’s soulful creations called flowers may have different names and colours, but don’t forget that they required both sun and rain to grow. Similarly, compliments and criticism are equally important for us to become decent human beings. Is this lesson from these beautiful creations not enough for us to understand the values and virtues of life?

Rise and shine.

Thank You 700…

And still counting…

I just can’t express my feelings at this moment. To me, this is the platform where I express and open up myself. Hence, 700 is indeed a real milestone for me.

It all started from the day that I had 1 follower and to me it felt like, “miles to go before I sleep,” but here it is, 700. This platform and all the followers mean the world to me. Day in and day out, these fellow bloggers have only and only added to my motivation. A big THANK YOU to all of you for your continued support through reading my blogs and penning down your words of appreciation for me.

THANK YOU WordPress and all my followers (indeed more to come) for being there for me and my words. I hope this little journey of my words will get more and more love and affection from these 700 (and beyond) inspirational ideals.

Let us all ‘Rise and Shine’ to make this world a better and more beautiful place for the coming generations.

Rise and shine.

Mistakes Are Lessons of Wisdom

Make mistakes, but learn from them

The true definition of “SELF” lies in the realization of a mistake and thereafter pursuing the attempt to correct one.

The truth also stands in the fact that making mistakes in life doesn’t mean that one should keep paying for those mistakes for a lifetime. You can’t make the same mistake twice because for once it’s a mistake but the second time it’s either an error or a choice.

Never be proud of the mistakes you make but always be proud to learn from them and ultimately make yourself a better person. Stop grieving and wasting time on the mistakes made instead get over them, make them your past and move on. The only aspect that should matter is that those mistakes and their grievances should not ruin the person in you.

Let a mistake be the lesson of wisdom for the past can’t be changed but the future is in your hands. People may judge you by the mistake you make, they may forget your good deeds but never feel disheartened and trust yourself to fake those judgements and keep executing the best of yourself.

The courage to admit a mistake and not walk away owing to the consequences is the most noteworthy act.

Rise and shine.

Live Your Dreams

Who said dreams can happen only when asleep?

The best dreams and their fulfillment happen while awake. Never let your dreams go off, no matter how unachievable they are. Dare to dream and believe in yourself and your dreams, a bright future walks towards you easy.

Dream big and cut short the stature of your fears to spectate how the dreams pave the way as you follow them. To dream is to believe and to believe is to conquer yourself and the world. Dreams build hopes and hopes turn into actions which when executed roar out loud to bring you the fortune.

Travel the path of adventure because life is an adventure and dreams are the pathways taking you ahead for that adventure. Actions are the moderators between dreams and reality. Stretch and heighten your actions to reach the dreams of life and this would become possible only if you have the courage to pursue those dreams.

If you don’t dream, you don’t achieve it.

Make dreams your wings and learn to use the wings to fly high. Dreams make you confident enough to live the life that you have dared to imagine. Inject your dreams with energy because dreams take us forward whereas travelling down the memory lane will take you back to the past which isn’t fruitful.

Sow the seeds of future with your dreams for dreams are realities in waiting.

Rise and shine.

What It Takes To Be An Expert!!!

An Expert was once a Beginner

Nobody is born genius. Every single individual has to begin from somewhere and then after making a series of mistakes and corrections becomes an expert. All in all, an expert was once a beginner who took all the pain through all the odds that came in the way as obstacles and managed to emerge out successful.

However, learning and gaining experience should be an ongoing process even for the expert because only then one would keep attaining expertise. Become an expert in honesty and humanity because then nobody will stop you becoming an expert in your own field. Try would be the word for anyone to climb the staircase of expertise and becoming an expert.

Let failures be a part of your journey because they tend to strengthen you in moving on and not give up, and this is how experts are born. An expert is the one who measures the priorities before making decisions and such thoughtful approach earns prowess.

The efforts that you put up to achieve something and the attitude that you carry for such efforts sum up to grade the chances of becoming an expert. Give yourself room to work hard, learn, fail, rise up from failures and believing in yourself for this ultimately will make room for your success and reaching the zenith to be an expert.

Always think you can because if you do so you definitely will.

Rise and shine.

Selective Decisive Denial for Good

Selective Denial

In this rapidly changing and trending world, people have now learnt to survive with reality and facts. Denying something doesn’t mean you are running away from the challenges or the actualities. It simply means that you are decisive and selective enough to make your own choices and then putting your best foot forward.

Denial doesn’t always mean staying into the boundaries of comfort and contentment but rather it is like taking a leap ahead to explore the new horizons while not crossing the same self-created fences. To deny may many times ruin away the fortune wave approaching you but if the denial is at the right time and with a solid reasoning, you will surely be blessed again with the experience of a whole new world of opportunities.

Never deny on putting your wholehearted efforts into something because then you may realize soon that you are walking alone on the path of failure. Determination for the achievement of goals should not suffer the bitterness of denial for efficiency for it will be the greatest setback for an intellectual mindset.

Denial is a selective approach towards acceptance of realities.

A positive attitude with denial for nothing less than precision and perfection is the key towards every good thing in life making this world an absolute heaven.

Rise and shine.

Beyond the Horizon!!!

Set your sight on the inner Horizon

We all live under the same sky but we do not have the same horizon. We humans tend to believe in the horizon of innumerable impossibilities; however, we definitely do not recognize the infinite possibilities beyond those impossibilities.

But, have we ever tried to understand the fact that with the help of your inner strength every impossible horizon is achievable? The synchronization of your mind, body and soul will always lead you towards attaining panache.

One must develop great control for the freedom of inner self so as to defeat the enemies of inferiority and low esteem. Your inner determined voice will lead you beyond the horizon where you’ll find your dreams. So; wake up, get up and get going in search of your own horizon for your own dreams to chase.

Rise and shine.

Health Benefits of Jamun/Indian Blackberry/Black Plum/Java Plum

Monsoon with “Jamun”

Jamun, also known as Java plum or black plum, is a native Indian colorful summer fruit with sweet taste. It is known for its deep blue or purple color. Jamun has also now spread to other tropical regions across the world. It is a fruit of the flowering tree called Syzygium cumini and it fruits during May and June.

Jamun has several medicinal and health benefits. It is one of the best home remedies for stomach pain, diabetes and arthritis. The fruit also cures digestive issues like dysentery and flatulence. Here are a few more health benefits of this amazing purple fruit.

Jamun improves hemoglobin count as it is loaded with vitamin C and iron. It’s astringent property helps keep your skin acne free and healthy. Jamun works wonders for eye health. It has great benefits for a healthy heart and also helps in preventing different organ infections. Jamun strengthens teeth and gums with its miraculous medicinal qualities.

Enjoy this amazing fruit for more health and happiness.

Rise and shine.

A Letter to “Rain”

The hypnotizing Rain
The enchanting Rain

Dear Rain,

How hypnotizing of you that I always find my peace and calm in your presence. With you, I feel the rhythm of life and the feeling of joy. To me, the sound of your thunder and the spark of your lightening are not a scare, rather they bring me peace of mind. Every drop of yours makes me feel as if I am dancing on your tunes.

Hey rain, people name me not a pluviophilic, instead they call me crazy because of the love that I have for you. Your drops fall on my head as silver beads and they flow down to kiss my cheeks. It’s beyond your imagination how much loved I feel with your touch.

Lovely rain, you are a feeling to me and not just water pouring down the sky. During those thunderous nights, I feel as if you are singing a lullaby to me to gift me a restful sleep. With the commencement of monsoon days, my coffee cup awaits you because your absence makes it lonely.

My dear Rain, with the smell of wet earth, I start prepping myself to jump in the puddles and dance on the notes of your drops. I love you so much that I even never wait for the beautiful rainbow because then it would mean we would part from each other and I have to suffer being away from you.

Soulful rain, keep falling as you have many more lovers like me and more than us even other beings on earth as well as the earth itself needs you. We owe our existence to you as you are the source of happiness and smile that Mother Nature has gifted us with. Fall rain fall.

Wholeheartedly yours,


Rise and shine.

International Yoga Day 🧘

Yoga is food to the soul

Yoga is light, once lit will never dim. Yoga is like food to the soul. Yoga is the heritage of India and it brings the wisdom of meditation for the world. Yoga enriches your life through holistic healing of mind, body and soul. It boosts immunity and also increases emotional stability. Yoga also enhances human potentials of dedication, perfection and insight to name a few.

Let us all, through this day, convey the message that the world is a big family and we have immense potential to overcome challenges like the pandemic of COVID-19 these days.

Again, a very happy International Yoga Day to one and all.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown 3.0: Happy International Family Day

Be Loyal Amongst the Fake Crowd

The greatest virtue of life is to be loyal to yourself come whatever may. The second best virtue is to stay loyal to your family as well as those who stand by you and defend you in your thick and thin. Be loyal to the ones who are true to you even in your absence. Being loyal means everything to the people who respect your opinions and decisions and not just portray you as imposing your views on them.

But is it worth being so loyal to everyone? Well, loyalty goes in return for honesty. In straight words, the ones who are consistent, stable and honest to you should be rewarded with your loyalty. A loyal person always has to go through all the troubles of life but during the tough times it’s patience one has to hold. Time will be harsh to the loyals, but no matter how many times your loyalty is tested, you never lose this nobility and stay strong.

Being loyal will help you overcome mountains of difficulties and this characteristic will in turn earn you honour and esteem. Stay loyal to your dear ones even when they are not right, try to make them realize their mistake and lead them to a righteous path. Loyalty is uncommon but it is in fact the world for you, so make it not an option but a priority for it will strengthen your ethics and determination.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown 3.0: Happy Mother’s Day

Saintly Virtues of Mothers

Have we ever thought that we need not step out of our doors for gaining wisdom and saintly virtues or teachings. It all begins from home is the smallest thing that we always tend to forget. All these qualities and tales of wisdom are imparted and shared by our own sweet mothers since the day we are born.

Mothers are our heart and soul. From the moment our eyes first see the world, mothers teach us and preach us the virtues of living a life more meaningful. We need not go out of our house to listen and follow the messages conveyed by philosophers, priests or saints. Our mothers’ advices and suggestions at every walk of life is like a blessing for us.

The word “mother” says it all and doesn’t require any introduction or words of appreciation. All the good virtues and ideals are inculcated within us by our saintly mothers. Mothers are the best teachers and great philosophers themselves. And all these they do for us is just all out of no expectations or intentions.

Respect your mothers for they do anything and everything to make us happy and learn the virtues of life.

Rise and shine.

600+ Followers

600 followers!!! I am so so happy to have achieved this milestone. A million thanks to all the fellow bloggers who have been the constant admirers of my words. What more can I ask for?

My humble gratitude to all you lovely souls. Keep reading. Keep giving feedbacks. Keep inspiring.

A big thank you once again to all of you out there. May the Almighty shower all the goodwill on us in these tough times of the pandemic and give us strength to face these tough days.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 30: Believe in Yourself

Belief is an attitude, a mindset of faith and intent.
It is a reality check of decisions and willpower.

Belief of the one can singlehandedly lead the whole army towards a great and well-deserved victory. It has the power to unlatch the restrained dreams and desires.

Belief has the potential to remould your inner self and revamp your outer realm. It is the winning will to explore new horizons and reach the zenith. It is the measurement of potentials and an equilibrium of confidence and strength.

Belief is the source of trust that your caliber is your only competitor. It is the creator of all creations and believing makes you conquer the world. The only way to get better and becoming the best is to believe in yourself.

Belief is a mind game which when played blindly yet smartly results in reflecting your own capable self. Belief can conceive determination and perseverance.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 29: Expectations Unlimited

A human mind is a treasure of thoughts – the mind’s own produce plus the thoughts fed by others. Out of these thoughts rise hopes & expectations.

Hopes fall within the precincts of miracles & faith while expectations belong to the shadows of agony & resentment. With hopes come dreams, achievements & happiness. On the other hand, expectations bring disappointments, worries, ruins & all in all a negative approach towards a beautiful life.

Expectations may turn your surety or assurance on something into an irony. It is a deliberate indignation to yourself. Sometimes we create an intentional discontent through this little feeling of expectation.

The magic wand is to lower your expectations and tower your hopes to avoid unnecessary consequences. Keep your expectations high on yourself and your achievements instead of idealizing others who may fall short of your expectations.

Doing good to others without expecting the same from them will raise your own standards of satisfaction and perception.

Set high expectations for yourself to catalyze ingenuity & ability.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 28: Encrusted Minds

Why is there a very less acceptance of humanity as the only religion, as the only culture. Our society has become overloaded with multiple religions and hence multiple cultures that are encrusted with different perceptions and ideas of the religious heads. Lately, these encrusted cultures have become institutions running their own rules and laws. Forget about our hearts but are our heads so backward and literally encrusted with fake beliefs and man-made notions?

There are bravehearts who try to break the stereotype but I think we all know what happens in major cases. Such courageous souls are either banned and thrown out of the religion or they suffer life-threatening penalties. However, we, ourselves, are the true culprits behind such a motivation where we possess a weak willpower and handover all the rights to a group of over-thinkers who only achieve their selfish motives in the name of truth, authenticity of religion and disciples of God as if The Almighty himself came down on earth to bless these bunch of idiots.

These fake so-called messengers win the trust of foolish followers, whose brains are encrusted with weakness and low self-esteem, and become the supremes of given religions. For them humanity is a mere word and the weak-willed are their easy source to satisfy their greed. It is really painful to see even educated people fall in the line towards such avarice-encrusted fake messengers of God. Wake up dear ones, don’t let the religious limitations ruin humanity. Become the jewel encrusted in the virtues of wisdom, kindness, courage and confidence and show readiness to put forth your helping hand. Don’t let these untruth-encrusted institutions become universities producing well-educated illiterates rather than true leaders who actually bring positive change in the world by cutting down age-old stereotypes.

This world is a very beautiful place and we own it. Let us all pledge to make it much better by making positive and mindful changes. Helping each other with a smile will decorate this universe with happiness. Let’s bring power to humanity instead of a cluster of self-centered, arrogant jerks.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 27: Present is Beautiful

Concentrate on the present moment, past is history and future is yet to come.

Happiness won’t wait for tomorrow, live happily in the present.

Present is lost if you don’t accept it, present is the creativity of life.

Present is forgotten amidst the regrets of the past and curiosity for the future.

Present is a gift of life once we let go off the past and stop being anxious for the future.

The only time that matters is the present as future can be planned while living in the present.

Present is the canvas where a beautiful future can be painted using the colours of the past.

Focus on the present as it is the most crucial part of your life that you own.

Future can be bargained in the present through the experiences of the past.

From the lessons of the past we gift ourselves present that motivates us for the future.

Don’t stress about what will happen next, feel excited about the present life that is a real fun.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 26: Simmer A Bit

Let your dreams simmer to reward you with a beautiful reality.

Let your thoughts simmer to reward you with creative ideas.

Let your ideals simmer to reward you with dignity.

Let your honesty simmer to reward you with righteousness & simplicity.

Let your relationships simmer to reward you with special bondings forever.

Let your happiness simmer to reward you with well-deserved success.

Let your confidence simmer to reward you with courage to face life.

Let your knowledge simmer to reward you with intellect.

Let your passion simmer to reward you with the purpose of your life.

Let your smile simmer to reward you with a world full of laughter.

Let your soul simmer to reward you with goodness & kindness.

Let your self simmer to bring out the precision and mindfulness in you.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 25: What is obvious?

Obvious may be the fact, the goal of life, the achievement, the failure, the fall down and so much more around you. Strive for progress than perfection because with progress, perfection is obvious. An opinion is right only when it is obvious. Simplicity in life becomes the obvious key to solution of all problems and happiness.

It is most of the times obvious that the first impression of a person isn’t righteous. It is obvious that the reflection of a human personality doesn’t convey the true human self. The shine of the diamond is obvious only after it has been processed under tough conditions. Division is obvious when there’s going to be fencing.

There is an obvious need for more love in the world because only then there will be peace, prosperity and humanity. The obvious compassion and understanding are the unspoken desires that fall short against selfishness. Only the unwonted intellect will shoulder the responsibility of analyzing the obvious.

Emptiness of mind and soul are obvious if they disallow the entrance of a companion. The obvious charm and good looks may have a hidden monster behind them and hence being judgemental just by the representation of something may be treacherous.

An obvious expression with simplicity can gain you the world whereas with an obvious complexity you may lose yourself, may be not now but definitely in the long run.

Rise and shine.

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