Lockdown Day 22: Your Simplicity is Your Trademark

Your smile is your trademark, always wear it to conquer the world Your attitude is your trademark, carry it well. Your style is your trademark, make your own trends. Your creativity is your trademark, be innovative. Your personality is your trademark, craft it studiously. Your silence is your trademark, let it speak the unspoken. YourContinue reading “Lockdown Day 22: Your Simplicity is Your Trademark”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 16 Holy Good Friday

May our faith in the Almighty bring peace, love, prosperity and good health to this world. Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 12 My World of Imagination

My imagination is like a fairy tale. Just like those dreamy tales where you see all the beautiful and good things, where there is no sorrow, where there is happiness all around, where there is no evil and no destruction. My imagination fills me with optimism. It helps me rejuvenate. It gives me a hopeContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 12 My World of Imagination”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 10 Expectations Unlimited

A human mind is a treasure of thoughts – the mind’s own produce plus the thoughts fed by others. Out of these thoughts rise hopes & expectations. Hopes fall within the precincts of miracles & faith while expectations belong to the shadows of agony & resentment. With hopes come dreams, achievements & happiness. On theContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 10 Expectations Unlimited”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 9 Ram Navami, The Birthday of Lord Ram

Idealize yourself through the virtues of Lord Ram The first virtue to learn is an effort towards becoming a “Maryada Purshottam,” as Lord Ram is called. This means that one should practice righteousness until perfection to become Supreme in Honour. Another virtue to be learned is to never ask why sorrow came to you becauseContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 9 Ram Navami, The Birthday of Lord Ram”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 8 Dreams Unlimited

Who said dreams can happen only when asleep? The best dreams and their fulfillment happen while awake. Never let your dreams go off, no matter how unachievable they are. Dare to dream and believe in yourself and your dreams, a bright future walks towards you easy. Dream big and cut short the stature of your fearsContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 8 Dreams Unlimited”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 7 Let Your Perseverance Enlighten the Genius in You

Let your virtues and modesty enlighten your charm Let your power enlighten the wicked Let your knowledge enlighten your intellect Let your optimism enlighten your own thoughts Let your words enlighten your soul Let the cheerful beams of hope enlighten the dark corners of your heart Let your teaching of spiritual truth enlighten people LetContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 7 Let Your Perseverance Enlighten the Genius in You”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 6 Don’t Stifle

Don’t stifle by the fumes of hatred and ignorance. Don’t stifle by the fumes of negligence and incompetence. Don’t stifle by the fumes of pessimism and narrowmindedness. Don’t stifle by the fumes of dishonesty and greed. Don’t stifle by the fumes of laziness and lack of curiosity. Don’t stifle by the fumes of failure andContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 6 Don’t Stifle”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 5 Richest Inheritance

Live with the richest inheritance of goodwill. Live with the richest inheritance of wisdom. Live with the richest inheritance of life values and ideals. Live with the richest inheritance of respect, love and affection. Live with the richest inheritance of disciplined behaviour and conduct. Live with the richest inheritance of honesty, courage and confidence. LiveContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 5 Richest Inheritance”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 4 Difficulties are Testing Times

Difficulties assure opportunities. Difficulties teach to struggle and survive. Difficulties encourage to grow strong. Difficulties make us a better human being. Difficulties bring out your hidden potential. Difficulties give rise to creativity. Difficulties bear a constructive perspective. Difficulties bring about challenges and force us to face them. Difficulties are frustrating but they indirectly strengthen yourContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 4 Difficulties are Testing Times”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 3

COVID-19 – A Blessing in Disguise!!! The deadly Corona virus is killing people all over the world. Even the world leaders are facing massive challenges as to the ways of controlling/stopping/eradicating this culprit. But since the outbreak of Covid-19, the best thing that has ever happened is people realizing the importance of family, staying home,Continue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 3”

21-Day Lockdown: Day 2 Voice of Freedom

Why are the streets so empty? Why are the beaches out of crowd? There is nobody seen around the lakes or in the gardens and parks. Why is there no honking of vehicles? There are very few fishermen and hence less fishing nets. The “Humans,” as they call them the world over, are no moreContinue reading “21-Day Lockdown: Day 2 Voice of Freedom”

Good Morning 2020!!!

Good morning worldMorning 07:00 a.m. of January 1, 2020.(Sorry for the late post) Wish you all a great year ahead. Rise and shine. Follow me on:1. Instagram2. copypower.blog

Welcome 2020! Happy New Year!

Cheers to a New Year and our chance to make as much best out of it as we can. A very Happy New Year to all you lovely people. May the Lord keep bestowing kindness on the mankind. Rise and shine. Follow me on:1. Instagram2. copypower.blog

500 and still counting…

500 followers!!! The last best thing to happen on this day, when the clock is almost set to tick 12. I am so so happy to have achieved this milestone. A million thanks to all the fellow bloggers who have been the constant admirers of my words. What more can I ask on this day?Continue reading “500 and still counting…”

Summing up 2019 and welcoming 2020, the last year of the decade…

The year 2019 wasn’t been the one that began and ended as expected. Twists and twirls, ups and downs and all in all a total roller coaster was 2019. But other than the mysteries and miseries, there was a lot to learn from this past year. Lessons never learnt at school were learned through time,Continue reading “Summing up 2019 and welcoming 2020, the last year of the decade…”

The True Spirit of Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers. Stay blessed. Follow me on Instagram & https://www.facebook.com/Copypower-2125727557493127/

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas, no words are enough to define this phenomenal word. It is a season of joy, peace, happiness and above all, hope. Christmas being within the heart is thus spread in air to celebrate the true spirit of truth, faith, hope and forgiveness. It is a magic spell that never ends as it conveys usContinue reading “Merry Christmas!!!”


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