Rainful Life!!!

Rain is a feeling, rain is peace.

Rain symbolizes growth, rain is the rhythm of life.

Rain is grace, rain is the voice from the sky.

Rain is the sparkle to life, rain is the play in the puddles.

Rain is the greatest source of smile, rain is the pouring of happiness.

Rain is soothing, rain is healing.

Rain is the comfort in being wet, rain is the richness of the wet smelling earth.

Rain indicates light after the clouds, just as joy after pain.

Rain brings rainbow, rain adds colour to the sunset sky.

Rain will make you dance, rain will make you splash the water.

Rain is the shower of spirit, rain is the shower of the soul.

Rain is the after effect of the storm. The only thing you can do is either get an umbrella or learn to dance in the rain and embrace the bliss.

Rise and shine.


The Taste of Words


Words carve your behaviour, your habits, your values and all in all your destiny.

Words build you houses, determine what kind of house you want to live in.

Words should bear the quality to attract a strong mind.

Words help you characterize actions and attitude on the whole.

Words are the action and reaction of silence.

Words earn you the approach towards socialism and practicality.

Words have the power to value wisdom and creation.

Words mark a permanent space in your mind.

Words should not be necessarily meaningful, even meaningless words have some value.

Words teach you grow gratitude.

Words are the taste of your insight, let that be not bitter.

Words are the voice of your mind, heart and soul.

Rise and shine.

The Weight of Emptiness

Emptiness is actually heavy, lighten it up with the feathers of dreams and hopes.

Emptiness is the emotional breakdown, control your emotions with the gifts of joy.

Emptiness is the faith in discomfort, comfort yourself with trust and love.

Emptiness is a mess, take yourself away from the chaos and relax.

Emptiness is poisonous, dilute your toxins into the world of happiness and live free.

Emptiness is unfulfilled desires, show some will and dedicate yourself towards it.

Emptiness is suffocation of the taunting soul, kill your fears and wing your inner self.

Emptiness is stress and exhaustion, take a break and wander into the wild.

Emptiness is abode of darkness, don’t stop believing in the silver lining and the horizon.

Emptiness is loneliness; a warm, love-filled hug and living your dreams can kill the alone feeling.

Never forget that emptiness is your readiness of being filled. It may lead you towards the brightness of life and cheerful moments to cherish. Embrace emptiness as a challenge and show your perseverance; you will definitely, undoubtedly soar high and scream from the peak to convey your freedom and strength.

Rise and shine.








Hobbies ‘N’ You

Hobbies should be your passion

Hobbies boost you up when your life pulls you down

Hobbies bring out your creative self

Hobbies discover and build your inner self

Hobbies will make you believe in yourself

Hobbies are silent but they have the power to create a worldful of chaos

Hobbies are your door of opportunities as they walk along passion

Hobbies develop the guts in you to head the way and chase your will

Hobbies root in you energy, positivity, excitement and curiosity

Hobbies are representatives of your values and ideals

Hobbies give you the meaning of life, bring you new ideas, enhance your imagination, and above all, bring out your original self.

Rise and shine.

A Journey…

How do you define a journey? There can be different names and definitions to it but it is something that is never ending. A journey is the beginning. It is the constancy of growth, improvement, continuity and existence. It carries along happiness, prosperity, diversity and functionality. It is a single step that starts counting thousand miles. It cradles dreams, possibilities, opportunities and advantages.

For a journey, sky is the limit. It is never a destination as it is an ongoing phenomenon. It also consists of adversities, disappointments and failures; but you have to take all that in, recognize the right and continue your growth through it all. Always, try to embrace the journey to taste the fruits of happiness and success. However, a journey is never the one if you fail to take the first step thinking of all the fears and falls.

Take any journey as an adventure, just get lost, wander, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, discover. It is an unexpected path full of miracles, which you need to discover and experience. Your journey itself is your companion and hence you never find yourself alone even if you have started it alone. Be open to every challenge, every opportunity and every difficulty that comes by because only then you will find the true meaning and value of the journey you are on.

Take one step at a time but never stop stepping if you really want to start and keep moving on a journey. You will definitely get tired, but out of that exhaustion never lose hope, take a break, rest but never even think to quit. Learn to trust the path you are on even if you feel insecure. Today’s trust will be tomorrow’s understanding about your own journey.

Wherever you wish to go on your journey, just follow your heart and keep moving and you will never fail or fall and even if you do you’ll find the way out of it.

“A journey is only the beginning, it is never the end.”

Rise and shine.








I just can’t express my gratitude. What can I say. This means a lot to me. A heartfelt thanks to all my fellow bloggers who spared time to exist in my little galaxy. A million thanks to all my followers and many more to come for appreciating my words and thoughts. I promise to stick to putting my heart out into my writing so as to touch a million hearts and make a positive difference in this world.

Thanks each one of you again to be a part of my journey.

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Why is attention grabbing so important?

I am always taught and since then I have always believed that our work, our deeds, our actions speak. We need not try to keep impressing others regarding our caliber or our potential. Along with that, self-confidence and grounded attitude always help us to attain satisfaction and happiness in even the smallest of the things happening to us. However, this may not be the case with many others, and such ‘many others’ I have come across since the last 3 months (may be before that either I never noticed such irritating behaviour or I never came across such moments).

I have been among individuals who never exhaust talking good of themselves. These individuals, according to themselves, are expert in anything and everything. They have to keep grabbing attention of every other being on floor just to prove that they are so outspoken and friendly, but never realize that this attitude they carry might be at least irritating. They keep cracking hilarious yet meaningless jokes to the level that others like me reach their extreme level of frustration. Name and fame for such individuals is of utmost importance rather than focussing on the given task.

Boasting, self-praising, self-proclamation are some of the terms that can be easily applied to them; in fact, crowned to them. To my shock and unpleasant surprise, such terms are loved by this group of people as they think they are being honoured. Happy-go-lucky approach and attitude is major times converted to arrogance, which is easily visible by others, but for them, nobody would notice their arrogance as they are true spirits who keep the atmosphere light and calm.

Each day is a task for me and my frustration and exaggeration are at their peak and I feel as if my brain might explode with one more day at such a place, but again, the next day, I am at the same place, as be it fortunately or unfortunately, it is my workplace. Let your achievements become your voice. Let your good deeds speak for you. Let your goodwill gestures be your vocal cord. You don’t need to talk or crack jokes or humiliate every other person to become famous or known to others. It should be your accomplishments and your positivity that would attract people towards you.

I hope these people become a little sensitive and try not to make the place a crowded chaotic island full of stupidity, nonsense and sheer ignorance. I hope too to help myself cut down the level of irritation and frustration so as to at least understand the positive side of the so-called attention seekers.

Rise and shine.