Express Your Love

Daily Prompt: Express

While in search of a soulmate if you find someone for whom you shop a heartbeat then stop thinking and just express your feelings to that person. Never have a doubt in mind or fall short of time or words to express. Expressing love is very important because not always the other person would read your mind. Always express and try to keep things as simple as possible rather than complicate them.

Your love for anyone is meaningless if you fail to express your emotions. To not express and then felt hurt is the worst scenario. Why let go your loved one just because you couldn’t express? Don’t wait for the right moment or the right word, just step out there and express yourself with confidence. The deeper your feelings the harder you find to express but it’s always worth a risk, so move ahead and express.

You may feel messy or may lack strength but trust your instinct and express for it makes the whole world of difference. You don’t need a reason to express, only your feelings are enough to show your ability to express. True love is precious and hard to find so as soon as you feel you found it, just express yourself. Express and you will feel satisfied, relaxed and loved.

Rise and shine.


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