The Runaway Groom 8

Everybody looked happy. There were happy and smiling faces. Rupali’s mother welcomed the groom clan after the doorstep ritual. Jaimin and his friends went to the groom room while his parents went around the marriage hall with Rupali’s mother to take a look at the food preparations as well as greeting the guests of bothContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 8”

The Runaway Groom 7

A few weeks passed. Jaimin, Hetal and Rupali are now good friends. All three of them met many times during this span. It is noteworthy that these three Musketeers already explained the situation to Rupali’s mother. She wholeheartedly accepted Hetal for Jaimin and showed her pride for her daughter who was involved in a greatContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 7”


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