Happy Makar Sankranti/ Happy Uttarayan

Soar high Roar high Fly your hopes high Keep your imaginations high Let the thread of aspirations push the kite of your life high Remember, sky is not the limit Keep flying high by keeping your spirit high Makar Sankranti wishes from me to you Rise and shine.

Feel The Sky

Dear Sky Don’t be shy For you hold many colours For you hold dawn and dusk For you hold the sun and the shine For you hold the moon and the light For you hold the stars and the sparkles For you hold the mysteries within you For you are roof to the house calledContinue reading “Feel The Sky”

Beach Love

Where there is sun above and sand below Where the sun-kissed water creates new horizons each day Where there is ocean breeze so cool filling happiness in the soul Is it the sea with the bliss of love or the shore that is love at first sight Where the waves kiss the feet filling theContinue reading “Beach Love”

Knight in Shining Armour

You are the moon in my starry skyYou are the sparkle to my jolly smileYou are the one whom I call myKnight in Shining Armour Good Night Rise and shine.

Tis The Season of Gratitude and Kindness

Gratitude is the inner voice whereas kindness is the expression of the inner voice through different acts and gestures. Kindness towards someone will surely bless you with a return gift of gratitude. So, be kind and have courage eithet to apologise or to express thankfulness. The mirror image of kindness is gratitude. Leaving the footprintsContinue reading “Tis The Season of Gratitude and Kindness”

And The New Miss Universe is Miss India!!!

Ms. Harnaaz Sandhu; from Punjab, India; is crowned the new Miss Universe 2021. Wonder why I am so emphasizing on this event or this post? I’ll depict why. The reason is simply her answer to the question that led her to this crown. To the judges’ question of what all she would advice young womenContinue reading “And The New Miss Universe is Miss India!!!”


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