Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award Nomination by Mahima’s Blog

I have been nominated for “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” by Mahima’s Blog. Her posts are quite a read as every post of hers shows the specificity of different topics of life. Heartfelt gratitude Mahima for nominating me in this category. Her feedback on my posts is motivating and inspires me to do better every time. I requestContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award Nomination by Mahima’s Blog”

It is written

Daily scriptures from Gods word/bible


किसी के पास कुछ ना हो तो हंसती है ये दुनिया, किसी के पास सब कुछ हो तो जलती है ये दुनिया, पर मेरे पास जो है उसके लिए तरसति है ये दुनिया।