O Miraculous Nature!

O woods, you bless me with the pleasure of your sight. O meadows, you awe me with your greens and rainbows. O hills and mountains, you calm me with your serene heights. O shores and beaches, your crashing waves boon me with quietness. O deep blue sea, your salty waters remind me of the sugaryContinue reading “O Miraculous Nature!”

Hello Everyone, I Am Back Aboard

This is a big Hello from me to my WordPress family. After a long cast away, I am back here, Home Again. Firstly, my wholehearted gratitude to my well-wishers, who never failed to pray for me and my family all this time that I was away. Informatively, it was a chaos around here within myContinue reading “Hello Everyone, I Am Back Aboard”

The Strength of Faith is Patience

When faith trembles, let patience take over. When a pile of puzzle life resembles, let trust make over. When tomorrow seems invisible, let your present drape over. When tolerance fails to assemble, do not let the ashes of the past rake over. When impudence over truth dissembles, let composure prevail over. When existence gambles, letContinue reading “The Strength of Faith is Patience”


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