The Runaway Groom 8

Everybody looked happy. There were happy and smiling faces. Rupali’s mother welcomed the groom clan after the doorstep ritual. Jaimin and his friends went to the groom room while his parents went around the marriage hall with Rupali’s mother to take a look at the food preparations as well as greeting the guests of bothContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 8”

The Runaway Groom 7

A few weeks passed. Jaimin, Hetal and Rupali are now good friends. All three of them met many times during this span. It is noteworthy that these three Musketeers already explained the situation to Rupali’s mother. She wholeheartedly accepted Hetal for Jaimin and showed her pride for her daughter who was involved in a greatContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 7”

The Runaway Groom 6

Jaimin took over the wheel now. But before he could say anything; Rupali, out of curiosity and desperation, interfered asking what was the problem in marrying a girl he loved if everything was pitch perfect. To this, Jaimin asked Rupali to slow down and let him speak. Rupali still wondered that if she and HetalContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 6”

The Runaway Groom 5

Saddened and disappointed Rupali straightaway went home. She couldn’t hold her tears. She and her mother had been through enough in their lives and now this shocker. She called her mom saying she won’t be joining her at Jaimin’s house, her mother found it sort of absurd but she thought Rupali and Jaimin were togetherContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 5”

The Runaway Groom 4

After a while, Jaimin came downstairs and joined the group. The chitchat continued. Rupali was constantly trying to steal a site of Jaimin, but Jaimin never noticed her and was busy with the ongoing group conversation. Lunch happened and it was time to bid farewell. Rupali had some gut feeling and she decided to investigateContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 4”

The Runaway Groom 3

It has been a few days now since the bride selection. However, from that day to this day neither Jaimin nor Rupali either met or talked to each other, which is quite unlike the modern times or modern thinking to be precise. But today is the day, the day when Rupali and her mother areContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 3”

The Runaway Groom 2

Now, on the other hand, Rupali’s family couldn’t believe what happened. They were out of senses as to how could a poor family like theirs get a marriage proposal from such a well-to-do family of Jaimin’s. Rupali fell short of words and thoughts. Rupali is a free spirit girl but with limited resources. I’ll explainContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 2”

The Runaway Groom 1

I am an Indian, I belong to India. Yes, India; the land of diverse traditions and rich culture and heritage. India is a place where even the smallest of the events is celebrated with great pomp and extravaganza. Be it festivals or birthdays or weddings, everything is special and full of excitement; but no suchContinue reading “The Runaway Groom 1”


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