Why Do You Care?

Heard a wrongful whisper? Why do you care?

Experienced an undeserved criticism? Why do you care?

Felt some harsh justification instead of an earned praise? Why do you care?

Merited an insulting reputation? Why do you care?

Went through a deep resentment and ended up emotionally wounded? Why do you care?

Charged with some unfair worth? Why do you care?

Followed by ghosts of immorality and dishonesty? Why do you care?

Always remember, only you are allowed to let yourself be or stop yourself from the same. Nobody else has the right to make you what you are not. If you want to know who you are and what is your worth then instead of thinking start acting. Don’t be an audience to the injustice done to you; stand up for yourself, speak out. The world is a wild forest, you either fight or you keep running or escaping from troubles forever.

The more you let go, the higher you rise. So, believe in yourself and keep growing through life rather than going through life.

Rise and shine.


O Miraculous Nature!

O woods, you bless me with the pleasure of your sight.

O meadows, you awe me with your greens and rainbows.

O hills and mountains, you calm me with your serene heights.

O shores and beaches, your crashing waves boon me with quietness.

O deep blue sea, your salty waters remind me of the sugary sweets.

O lovely wild, you soothe my soul like a melodious poetry.

O forests, your wilderness provides a true solace in the midst of constant change.

O clouds and sky, you heal my chaotic senses with your black and blue.

O earth, you keep me existent by convincing me of life beyond pain and struggle.

O miraculous nature, your magic and wonder make me believe that you are truly the Art of the Almighty.

Rise and shine.

Hello Everyone, I Am Back Aboard

This is a big Hello from me to my WordPress family. After a long cast away, I am back here, Home Again.

Firstly, my wholehearted gratitude to my well-wishers, who never failed to pray for me and my family all this time that I was away. Informatively, it was a chaos around here within my close family where many embarked upon their final journey amidst the pandemic. Luckily, me and my immediate family; which includes my parents, sisters, in-laws and husband remained safe and healthy throughout this still ongoing tough time. However, this was only possible due to the extra care and precautions that we took against the deadly illness and followed all the necessary guidelines.

Moreover, though taking up some social responsibilities kept me busy; these little acts of offering helping hands did bring me near to more human values and at the same time enlightened me on what should be valued more at such dire times.

Fortunately, though things are still tough around the world; I felt I could now find some time to again start penning down my thoughts into words with my friends and family being stable now, in health.

Hence, I humbly request you all to accept me and my words back with open arms as I have missed this family to the core.

Let us all participate and contribute whatever we can in stabilizing the endangered human race and make this world a better place.

Rise and shine.

The Colourful Mind

I have always felt that our mind has all the rights to be called colourful rather than chaotic. The reason being this chaos is actually comprised of different colours of life and situations occurring in it. Our mind is like a prism through which plain thoughts convert into a spectrum of colourful imaginations.

The varied colours of this mind are the strength of our soul. These beautiful colours make our mind so powerful that it leads us to the realization of self-confidence and self-resilience. This makes our colourful mind a book with a treasure house of chapters. This unique quality of our mind let’s us rule it with kindness and love.

Test the potential of your colourful mind and be rest assured to receive creative responses, which will shape your life miraculously. A mind is magically filled with joy when it attracts loyalty and wisdom. Conquering a colourful mind is a greater task when it’s colours are either understated or ignored by self or soul.

Let your mind bloom in all it’s colours to make it suffer less and strengthen more with no complaints or regrets.

Rise and shine.

The Strength of Faith is Patience

When faith trembles, let patience take over.

When a pile of puzzle life resembles, let trust make over.

When tomorrow seems invisible, let your present drape over.

When tolerance fails to assemble, do not let the ashes of the past rake over.

When impudence over truth dissembles, let composure prevail over.

When existence gambles, let luck reign over.

When voices of sadness quiver, let happiness gain over.

When life throws challenges and you tend to lose your strength in faith, take your mind to the path of self-reliance, tolerance. Give space to your thoughts and see how miraculously you hoist the flags of victory.

Rise and shine.

Thinking of Him ❤…

The thought of him curve up my lips automatically.

Thinking of the distance between us makes me shiver enough to roll the beads of moisture down my neck.

My musings comprise of him and his chuckles.

My rumination about him tightens the bond we share making me blink away happy tears.

I blush and giggle with his very thought and thank the stars for everything I have in my life because of him.

He whispers in my ears from afar leaving my eyes lower making me shy.

Thinking of him as the King of Hearts makes me squeal with joy of being his queen.

He is the sole reason for the ascend of my emotions that put me into trance.

Daydreaming about him feels like walking barefoot over a bed of flower petals.

I shed tears into my palms looking at his image in them wondering how he made my every dream come true including the dream of madly falling in love.

Thinking of him makes me trust more and more in love because love is me and him, Love is Us.

Let us all toast to true love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Rise and shine.

Love is Unconditional ❤

Love is a promise of a heart to beat.

Love sparkles the character within us to expect nothing, love conquers through trust and truth.

Love is patient and kind, love compensates fear and loss.

Love leaves no doubt, love presents no pretend.

Love is a power towards self-control and self-regulation.

Love is perfection for the imperfect, love is the voice of the speechless.

Love knows no arrogance, love shows no boast.

Love is safely distanced to aggression, love has no knowledge of envy and rudeness.

Love is a condition of the heart, love is the feeling of the soul.

Love is the song of togetherness, love is the rhythm of the rain.

Love is not resentful; love is the celebration of mind, body and soul.

Love is sweetness of the bitter, love is the healer to the pain.

Love can create miracles for Love is Unconditional.

Love is life, life is love.

Rise and shine.

Love is Immortal ❤

Love is life, Love is bliss in abundance.

Love causes a pause of heartbeat, love is a journey towards destiny.

Love sees no limits, love sees what is invisible to the eye.

Love creates hope in despair, love caters emotions true to the soul.

Love is an opportunity to gain by giving.

Love initiates the Forever and brings an end to the Never.

Love ceases every fear, love bestows courage and confidence.

Love never expects, love knows how to give and spread joy.

Love is the freedom from pain and burden of life.

Love is all the good chemicals of great chemistry.

Love is a catalyst, love is a beautifier.

Love is the refusal to give up, love is the realization of the worthwhile wait.

Love is the measurement of patience, love is a lifetime of lasting of itself.

Love is the garden of flowers through the thorns of time.

Love is the commandment and the conviction.

Love is the beginning of everything, love is the end of everything.

Love is you, love is me.

Rise and shine.

A Winter Too Cold by Neha Kulkarni

Love, Romance, Fiction, Drama

Hello fellow bloggers,

Neha Kulkarni is one of the fellow bloggers here on WordPress (https://mytalkexchange.wordpress.com/). She is a multitalented personality. She is an artist in a true sense as she is a dancer, a writer and also a language expert of a few languages. You all will be surprised to know that she has achieved all this at a very young age, an age as young as she being in 12th grade. She is a budding talent and launched her first ever book, “A Winter Too Cold” on 02.02.2021. Her book is available on Amazon. You can also find it on NotionPress.

Please spare some time from your busy schedule to support this young talent. Your support will bless her with motivation and keep her inspired to pursue her dreams. Your honest feedback on her first writing piece will also help her rise into a good writer.

Wholehearted gratitude from me to all of you for the support and taking time to read this post. Thank You!

Rise and shine.

Happy New Year 2021!

A year called 2020, a year called historical, a year called unforgettable. A year unimaginable, unbelievable and unpredictable hit this globe like a “burning asteroid” and damaged this beautiful place called “World.” Undoubtedly, the year 2020 has marked itself in red in history. But, the most crucial gift that this past year did bless us with is “Hope.”

We ignored the words like quarantine and pandemic in the dictionary, but 2020 brought to us the harsh meaning of these words. For the very first time, the word “positive” felt so negative. Never had we thought of drowning ourselves in a life-saving aqueous solution called “sanitizer.” Surprisingly, beauty products grabbed less importance in comparison to a real tough layer covering our face called “mask.” Did we ever think that our outer presentation that is our outfits, our costumes would turn out meaningless to something so suffocating called “PPE Kit?” However, fortunately enough, these uncomfortable-feeling accessories were the only “Hope,” as these were the only known life savers during the initial stages of the pandemic pounce.

Hope came with a new face, a face of the major role players called the Frontline Warriors, also called the Corona Warriors/Fighters. No matter how torrid and heinous 2020 may sound, these real life heroes made sure to put life and humanity to the utmost priority at the cost of endangering their own lives. Hope also came clothed as humanity where innumerable volunteers came forward to help the troubled and the sick.

Wrapping up 2020 was difficult in terms of the thoughts of those who could not survive or sustain one of the most challenging times faced by the human race. But as said, a Renaissance is inevitable and forging ahead through gaining grounds is unavoidable. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to sum up 2020 on a positive note with the hope that the first ray of the new day of 2021 will bring along health and happiness.

A more resilient, practical and flexible year is the hope, which we are looking forward to. There has risen a prospect that happy days will be back and the generation will be safe again with our children free to leave the houses and our aged free to breathe fresh air. There is an anticipation that even if the world starts its paceful run again, we will still have a pollition-free environment. An aspiration has shaped up that the ecosystem will have it’s best of balances and other beings along with humans will be able to share equal space on the planet.

2021 has a silent welcome but the noise of its silence will gain relevance soon when life will be back on track. As we bid farewell to a tragic year and welcome a year full of hopes, let us not forget to extend our gratitude to the Almighty, whose grace provided us with health and well-being this past year. As the New Year has stepped in; let us look back and be grateful, look ahead and be hopeful and look around and be helpful.

Lord’s mercy is powerful. The only thing we have to do is believe in ourselves and have faith in the Almighty.

Wishing one and all a happy, healthy and hopeful New Year 2021. May your sorrows fade and your fortune shine. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Rise and shine.

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Condolences, Healing Prayers and Comforting Hugs This Christmas Good Morning 2021!

Condolences, Healing Prayers and Comforting Hugs This Christmas

Those we love don’t go away,
they walk beside us everyday.

2020, what a year it has been! Do we call it tough? Well, I feel calling it tough or even harsh would be an understatement for the damage it has caused to the soul of this globe. The feelings of fright and distress when you see your loved ones struggle and suffer due to a minute virus are unimaginable. The casualties, the mourning, the sense of rebirth, the dilemma; everything came on us as a big chaos. What to keep and what to let go, what to feel and what to say, how to cry and how to smile, how to live and how to face the eternal rest; these are still interrogating our minds and making it more and more hollow and vaccumed.

It’s Christmas, still can’t believe it. I still can’t believe it will be soon a new year that will begin, just like it began this year. Who knew that the celebrations of last Christmas and New Year will take such a horrid face this year. Me, you and many like us out there are still alive and grateful for the Grace of the Almighty; but even when we understand the loss of someone’s beloved, we simply cannot feel their pain. We can wholeheartedly console them for their loss, but we can never bring their dear ones back. This is a reality check on how helpless we are and how mighty the miniature beast is.

We indeed have developed a feeling of hatred for this deadly virus, but at the same time, we have understood the values of kindness, belief, generosity and gratefulness. This past year has taught us a lesson of nurturing relationships; of caring and sharing; of giving and not expecting back; and above all, a lesson of thanking the Almighty for the life we are blessed with. Christmas this year isn’t a real Christmas it seems. Many will not have their beloved ones beside them, many are still hospitalized, many are working out there day in and day out to save every single life they can, many are generously helping in any way they can to bring back a smile; however, every single human alive is surely thinking that no matter how bad this year was, the coming year will surely be not like this one, surely a better one.

This piece of my writing is to convey my deepest condolences to those who have suffered a loss that is incomparable. For them, a festive occasion, especially this time of the year, is not the same as every year. My words won’t wipe away their tears and my virtual hugs won’t ever ease down their pain, but my heart goes out to them in the time of this sorrow. I want to tell them that the dark days seem like they will never end, but have faith that these dark clouds will fade and you’ll find a reason to cheer up.

Let us all celebrate this Christmas by lighting a candle in the memory of those who lost their lives this year. Let us all enjoy the true spirit of Christmas by taking a step forward and lending a hand to aide in cutting down the miseries. Though this year will mark itself in history, but let us make the end of this year a real memorable one by keeping alive love, humility and forgiveness. I thank Lord for bestowing this life on me and I am grateful that He has let me survive in the midst of the life-threatening atmosphere all around.

For those who are gone, your memories will always stay in the hearts of your loved ones. May you find peace and comfort in the arms of the Lord.

Merry Christmas!

Rise and shine.

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Happy New Year 2021! Good Morning 2021!

Wholehearted Gratitude! Thank You 900!

We all know how this year has been. The harshness of tough times has dreadfully affected us all. However, in the middle of such hardships, a ray of hope for each of us was our creative self and our ability to hang in there as best as we could through activities that kept us busy and our minds distracted from the havoc of the pandemic.

Times were intolerable for me too, but I was fortunate as I had my writing as my resort, and more than that, I had my WordPress family, who never left me away.

I feel so so fortunate to thank each one of my fellow bloggers who have held my hand and kept me strong over this year. And, what more can I ask from them that before the end of this year, my WordPress family expanded and reached 900+.

I would like to convey my wholehearted gratitude to all the 900 fellow bloggers who added to my confidence and supported me throughout this year. I have gained nothing but more motivation with all the support and feedback from you all.

A big Thank You again to all my fellow bloggers who read my posts without judgement, commented without prejudice, inspired me without entitlement, understood my writing without pretension and supported me unconditionally.

Million thanks once again. Thank you WordPress for having me here.

Rise and shine.

The Constant Change Through Learning and Growth

Outcome of Growth

Life is a teacher given you place yourself in the space of constant learning. The tests and challenges of life are constant where our calibre, commitment and courage are constantly measured. Life always leaves a thin line between opportunity and failure. It is we who have to prove our ability to be able to recognize that thin line and act accordingly. It is the constant whistle of life that navigates us towards the panache.

A life’s desire is very simple, constant change for constant success. It’s a chaotic world out there and life is full of dilemmas. So, in order to make our life comfortable and filled with curiosity, it is better to remain dedicated towards constant wholehearted efforts for the achievement of our desired goals. Let us never forget that constant efforts can break stereotypes and fade away obstacles. Remaining constant towards positive changes in life happens to be one of the rules of life and we better not break it as it is for our own betterment.

Any change is never pleasant but surely constant. Hence, better we don’t mess with this constant change and make efforts towards growth and progress through this constant change. Life will teach innumerable lessons but it all depends on us as to how quickly and constantly we learn them. With a constant positive change and our readiness to accept challenges and reach horizons, life will surely gift us a beautiful world we have never seen before.

Rise and shine.

Kartik Purnima, Dev Deepavali, Guru Nanak Jayanti

Kartik Purnima 2020
Dev Diwali 2020

On the occasion of Kartik Purnima, I wish one and all a very happy and blessed Dev Deepavali and Guru Purab. Witness and enjoy the last lunar eclipse of this year. Stay safe and healthy.

Rise and shine.

What’s Different This Thanksgiving?

Hello friends and fellow bloggers! To start with, let me wish one and all a very happy Thanksgiving. May God always bless us all with the feeling of expressing gratitude so that we can spread more and more happiness, satisfaction and values in this fast-changing world.

As we all know, the world over, this year has been tough; tough to the extent that our health, patience and monetary reliance have been tested to their extreme. This morning when I woke up, I started receiving messages of friends and well-wishers conveying gratitude on Thanksgiving. This made me think, “Is one day or one week enough for this thankfulness?” I mean, look at this year. How have our own errors, stubbornness and ungratefulness have treated us all year round. But then looking back also brought a smile to my face because of the angels that God sent for us to overcome or deal with the scary pandemic of COVID-19. These angels are all the frontline people working day in and day out to make our lives healthier putting their own lives at risk. These frontline warriors are our true heroes and I feel that this Thanksgiving should be dedicated to them. I also strongly feel that each and every day of this year was Thanksgiving because these corona warriors left no stone unturned to help this world sustain itself till date.

Globally, we have noticed healthcare workers, medical staff, police, street sweepers, cleaners, volunteers, ambulance guards and many more of such corona fighters who, without thinking of their own life even for a moment, simply jumped in to bring back smiles to millions. A heartfelt Thank You to all of them for keeping us safe and healthy amidst this global crisis. I feel a true Thanksgiving would be the one to express our gratitude for these heroes and sheroes of this modern world who proved that humanity is still alive.

Even during these testing times; we saw young and old, rich and poor, elite and commoner came forward together to lend their helping hand for the sake of the needy. We saw food supplies, monetary donations, supplies of essential goods and much more pouring in from every corner of this world. These humanitarian efforts have brought a positive wave in this universe in a way that these efforts will be remembered indefinitely and never be forgotten. These efforts and these frontline warriors really grab a big Thank You.

I came across many incidences where the corona fighters set an example for the world to act generously towards humanity. An 80-year-old granny started making Rotis for food packets to be delivered to hospital doctors and nurses. A known Indian woman in UK still prepares and delivers home-cooked meals to various hospitals and homeless people. A couple of doctors in Mumbai, India brought their community together to set up COVID hospital in a huge playground. A teenager from Hyderabad, India set up a fundraiser and helped supply hundreds of packets of essential food products to those in crisis. A wealthy man in the US gave up his mansion to set up a COVID care centre. Another such US ambulance guard carried corpses on his shoulders to cremation sites as all other ambulances were engaged in patient treatments. Indian Railways gave away a massive number of train coaches in many states to build up isolated compartments for treatment of COVID patients.

The above are just a few illustrations of humanity above duty and really deserve gratitude. Let us all thank these real warriors who stood and are still standing like pillars to fight this demon virus and gift us our deserved lives. A big Thank You corona warriors for being what you are that made this world what it is today. Lets make this Thanksgiving different by dedicating it to the real frontline warriors without whom our existence was absolutely impossible.


Rise and shine.

Never Mind The Chaotic Mind

O Mind! Please help this silent Soul to stay silent and away from your chaos.

Let this Soul make a peaceful walk through the woods dear Mind, it needs those moments of calm and gather.

Please try not to crush this Marrow by burdening it with your rock-like mayhem, let it live, let it breathe.

Aid this Being with a handful of space so as to plan the actions; keep your turmoil aside for a while you Mind.

This Living Substance is fighting its own battle O kind Mind, let it be effortful in finding harmony.

This is not the time for this Being to face the bedlam, it has tasks to fulfill to make itself worth living every moment of this blessed life.

Do not disturb the equilibrium of this Secret Self you selfish Mind, this pious Soul has chores and duties to look after; please leave it alone.

The roar of the unbearable pain is loud and clear; please Mind, let this Statue of Flesh and Blood have its own self to console and some sphere to mourn.

This is a less chosen road of the Soul; however, now that it is already on this stressful pathway; dear Mind, allow yourself to willfully withhold the disarray and let this Soul search the Mantra to win the cold war with you.

Rise and shine.

Happy Halloween!!!

The Hallowed Evening
Go Ghoulish

It’s Halloween, go Ghoulish

The mystery, the magic, the darkest night of the year.

The rise of shadows of a thousand years, the unseen faces, the unknown voices that whisper.

The mingle of the monsters, the cries of the ghosts, the whisper of the goblins.

The fright of spiders and black cars, the unseen ride of the witches, the brightness of the sleeping death.

The moonlight glow of pumpkins, the beginning of the dark spell, the sigh of midnight.

The only night when the wolves calm down and the moon howls, when terror is turned into a treat and when the sweets start tasting sour.

It’s the night of scare, the night of the most ghastly and grisly time, the night of spooky Halloween!

Here’s wishing a fun-filled trick-or-treat on the scariest and frightful night of Halloween.

Here’s wishing one and all a very Happy Halloween!

Stay healthy and safe all of you.

Rise and shine.

I’m Here For You

I’m here, I’m not going anywhere

I’m here for you no matter what, even if you don’t want me to be with you.

I’m here, you are there. I really wish either I was there or you were here so that I could have lent my shoulder for you to lean on.

I know you are hurt and I wish I could take away every bit of that pain on me but I can’t, but still I’m here. Talk it out to me, I’m all ears.

Even if I’m into my meltdowns and you are feeling shaky, I’ll still be here for you making a solid ground.

You know me well than me, you call me strong and a warrior; so trust my strength and my valour to overcome bad times because you know I have always been here for you.

I want to be with you because I love you, because I want to spend my life with you, because I want to care for you, because I want to look after all your needs and necessities.

I want to walk with you down the beach holding your hand and whisper in your ears that I’m here for you and with you. I want to enjoy the first rain with you. I want to be with you to enjoy every sunrise and sunset.

I’m here with you and want to assure you that I want to cherish every moment of my life with you.

Just that you know, you are my reason to live, you are my love and my lifeline. I know you have a lot in your plate but we’ll handle it together. Let me ascertain you that I’m here for you till my last breath and even beyond death because I love you and will always do.

Rise and shine.

Orange Sunset Sky

And then there was Orange Sunset Sky


Rise and shine.


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