Lockdown 3.0: Happy Mother’s Day

Saintly Virtues of Mothers

Have we ever thought that we need not step out of our doors for gaining wisdom and saintly virtues or teachings. It all begins from home is the smallest thing that we always tend to forget. All these qualities and tales of wisdom are imparted and shared by our own sweet mothers since the day we are born.

Mothers are our heart and soul. From the moment our eyes first see the world, mothers teach us and preach us the virtues of living a life more meaningful. We need not go out of our house to listen and follow the messages conveyed by philosophers, priests or saints. Our mothers’ advices and suggestions at every walk of life is like a blessing for us.

The word “mother” says it all and doesn’t require any introduction or words of appreciation. All the good virtues and ideals are inculcated within us by our saintly mothers. Mothers are the best teachers and great philosophers themselves. And all these they do for us is just all out of no expectations or intentions.

Respect your mothers for they do anything and everything to make us happy and learn the virtues of life.

Rise and shine.

600+ Followers

600 followers!!! I am so so happy to have achieved this milestone. A million thanks to all the fellow bloggers who have been the constant admirers of my words. What more can I ask for?

My humble gratitude to all you lovely souls. Keep reading. Keep giving feedbacks. Keep inspiring.

A big thank you once again to all of you out there. May the Almighty shower all the goodwill on us in these tough times of the pandemic and give us strength to face these tough days.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 30: Believe in Yourself

Belief is an attitude, a mindset of faith and intent.
It is a reality check of decisions and willpower.

Belief of the one can singlehandedly lead the whole army towards a great and well-deserved victory. It has the power to unlatch the restrained dreams and desires.

Belief has the potential to remould your inner self and revamp your outer realm. It is the winning will to explore new horizons and reach the zenith. It is the measurement of potentials and an equilibrium of confidence and strength.

Belief is the source of trust that your caliber is your only competitor. It is the creator of all creations and believing makes you conquer the world. The only way to get better and becoming the best is to believe in yourself.

Belief is a mind game which when played blindly yet smartly results in reflecting your own capable self. Belief can conceive determination and perseverance.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 29: Expectations Unlimited

A human mind is a treasure of thoughts – the mind’s own produce plus the thoughts fed by others. Out of these thoughts rise hopes & expectations.

Hopes fall within the precincts of miracles & faith while expectations belong to the shadows of agony & resentment. With hopes come dreams, achievements & happiness. On the other hand, expectations bring disappointments, worries, ruins & all in all a negative approach towards a beautiful life.

Expectations may turn your surety or assurance on something into an irony. It is a deliberate indignation to yourself. Sometimes we create an intentional discontent through this little feeling of expectation.

The magic wand is to lower your expectations and tower your hopes to avoid unnecessary consequences. Keep your expectations high on yourself and your achievements instead of idealizing others who may fall short of your expectations.

Doing good to others without expecting the same from them will raise your own standards of satisfaction and perception.

Set high expectations for yourself to catalyze ingenuity & ability.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 28: Encrusted Minds

Why is there a very less acceptance of humanity as the only religion, as the only culture. Our society has become overloaded with multiple religions and hence multiple cultures that are encrusted with different perceptions and ideas of the religious heads. Lately, these encrusted cultures have become institutions running their own rules and laws. Forget about our hearts but are our heads so backward and literally encrusted with fake beliefs and man-made notions?

There are bravehearts who try to break the stereotype but I think we all know what happens in major cases. Such courageous souls are either banned and thrown out of the religion or they suffer life-threatening penalties. However, we, ourselves, are the true culprits behind such a motivation where we possess a weak willpower and handover all the rights to a group of over-thinkers who only achieve their selfish motives in the name of truth, authenticity of religion and disciples of God as if The Almighty himself came down on earth to bless these bunch of idiots.

These fake so-called messengers win the trust of foolish followers, whose brains are encrusted with weakness and low self-esteem, and become the supremes of given religions. For them humanity is a mere word and the weak-willed are their easy source to satisfy their greed. It is really painful to see even educated people fall in the line towards such avarice-encrusted fake messengers of God. Wake up dear ones, don’t let the religious limitations ruin humanity. Become the jewel encrusted in the virtues of wisdom, kindness, courage and confidence and show readiness to put forth your helping hand. Don’t let these untruth-encrusted institutions become universities producing well-educated illiterates rather than true leaders who actually bring positive change in the world by cutting down age-old stereotypes.

This world is a very beautiful place and we own it. Let us all pledge to make it much better by making positive and mindful changes. Helping each other with a smile will decorate this universe with happiness. Let’s bring power to humanity instead of a cluster of self-centered, arrogant jerks.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 27: Present is Beautiful

Concentrate on the present moment, past is history and future is yet to come.

Happiness won’t wait for tomorrow, live happily in the present.

Present is lost if you don’t accept it, present is the creativity of life.

Present is forgotten amidst the regrets of the past and curiosity for the future.

Present is a gift of life once we let go off the past and stop being anxious for the future.

The only time that matters is the present as future can be planned while living in the present.

Present is the canvas where a beautiful future can be painted using the colours of the past.

Focus on the present as it is the most crucial part of your life that you own.

Future can be bargained in the present through the experiences of the past.

From the lessons of the past we gift ourselves present that motivates us for the future.

Don’t stress about what will happen next, feel excited about the present life that is a real fun.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 26: Simmer A Bit

Let your dreams simmer to reward you with a beautiful reality.

Let your thoughts simmer to reward you with creative ideas.

Let your ideals simmer to reward you with dignity.

Let your honesty simmer to reward you with righteousness & simplicity.

Let your relationships simmer to reward you with special bondings forever.

Let your happiness simmer to reward you with well-deserved success.

Let your confidence simmer to reward you with courage to face life.

Let your knowledge simmer to reward you with intellect.

Let your passion simmer to reward you with the purpose of your life.

Let your smile simmer to reward you with a world full of laughter.

Let your soul simmer to reward you with goodness & kindness.

Let your self simmer to bring out the precision and mindfulness in you.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 25: What is obvious?

Obvious may be the fact, the goal of life, the achievement, the failure, the fall down and so much more around you. Strive for progress than perfection because with progress, perfection is obvious. An opinion is right only when it is obvious. Simplicity in life becomes the obvious key to solution of all problems and happiness.

It is most of the times obvious that the first impression of a person isn’t righteous. It is obvious that the reflection of a human personality doesn’t convey the true human self. The shine of the diamond is obvious only after it has been processed under tough conditions. Division is obvious when there’s going to be fencing.

There is an obvious need for more love in the world because only then there will be peace, prosperity and humanity. The obvious compassion and understanding are the unspoken desires that fall short against selfishness. Only the unwonted intellect will shoulder the responsibility of analyzing the obvious.

Emptiness of mind and soul are obvious if they disallow the entrance of a companion. The obvious charm and good looks may have a hidden monster behind them and hence being judgemental just by the representation of something may be treacherous.

An obvious expression with simplicity can gain you the world whereas with an obvious complexity you may lose yourself, may be not now but definitely in the long run.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 24: The Fabric of Life

Even innumerable washes can’t fade away the fabric of love.

Nature is a fabric that God has designed for us to complete the tapestry of life.

Experiences are the threads woven together to make the fabric of life.

Our thoughts and ideas are the fabric that our mind weaves.

Friendship and love are fabrics which will shine more with constant use.

Tear the social fabric and put all your strength in flying high with wings of freedom.

Creativity is the fabric and our mind is the designer.

Walk beyond the fabric of time to touch the horizon.

The threads of change are very much necessary to weave the fabric of tomorrow.

Capture the memories on the fabric of your heart for they will remain there forever.

Love is the finest fabric God has ever created and we decide how much we need to wear.

Embrace the fabric embedded with love, trust, honesty and respect.

Love and kindness are the gold threads woven on the fabric of our heart.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 23: Treat Others the Way You Want to Treat Yourself

Be careful how you treat people. No matter how educated, talented, rich or trustworthy you believe you are, how you treat people proves it all. No matter what happens in life, be nice to the people who are nice to you. Treating others nicely and respectfully will bless you with a peaceful way of living.

Always try to interrupt and correct the people who try to upset you or insult you because only then they will learn how to treat you appropriately. Treat others as you yourself want to be treated. Don’t get bothered if someone may treat you poorly as this will reflect their weakness and not yours. Instead, focus on what’s important and crucial for you in your life.

Be generous and kind. Try to magnify and lighten the strengths of others and make them realize the same because this will help improve their lives to a great extent. Also, the way you treat yourself will create a benchmark for others. Never fail back in kindness or sympathy because that shall leave you triumphant in the end.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 22: Your Simplicity is Your Trademark

Your smile is your trademark, always wear it to conquer the world

Your attitude is your trademark, carry it well.

Your style is your trademark, make your own trends.

Your creativity is your trademark, be innovative.

Your personality is your trademark, craft it studiously.

Your silence is your trademark, let it speak the unspoken.

Your focus is your trademark, emphasize on making a difference in this world with your intellect.

Your passion is your trademark, don’t let it fade away.

Your tolerance is your trademark, have patience as it’s the greatest virtue

Your instinct is your trademark, never stop believing in yourself.

Your wisdom is your trademark, let it inspire and motivate others.

Your commitment is your trademark, never fail to keep promises.

Your strength is your trademark, stay tough to face the challenges of life.

Your love for mankind is your trademark, try to spread peace and harmony in the world.

Rise and shine.

Lockdown Day 21: Rise Above the Sun, Shine Bright

Rise above the misfortune where a shining tomorrow awaits.

Rise above the petty things as they will never give you opportunities.

Rise above the storm to kiss the sunshine.

Rise above hate as love has the power to conquer the world.

Rise above life’s challenges as these are just the steps of the ladder towards success.

Rise above clouds and find how brightness defeats the dark.

Rise above bitterness for it should inspire you rather than bother to grow stronger.

Rise above insecurities as they are mere distractions from the target.

Rise above negativity to gift yourself wings of freedom.

Rise above privileges as principles are a priority.

Rise above ignorance, selfishness, narrowness to respect yourself.

Rise above everything to be true to yourself.

Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: The Final Day

Shock Absorbers

A family is like a shock absorber as it stands beside you in your thick and thin.

Good friends are like shock absorbers as they are your first critics to help you with your choices for everything in life.

Well wishers are like shock absorbers as they help you cut down the hurdles on the life path.

Good colleagues are like shock absorbers as they support you through tough moments.

Good laughter is like a shock absorber as it helps heal the wound that life gives you.

Reading is like a shock absorber as it is a has the magic of boosting up your spirits.

Early morning yoga is like a shock absorber as it rejuvenates your body and helps you get ready to take up new challenges.

Exercise is like a shock absorber as it helps you stay healthy and hence helps you handle life more healthily.

Cooking is like a shock absorber as it takes you away from life stressors and helps you enhance your creativity.

Travelling is like a shock absorber as it changes you vision to look life in a positive way.

There are many such shock absorbers around us, but we just need to recognize them and execute them for our own self and hence for the betterment of humanity on the whole to make this world a more beautiful place.

Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 19 Life, Practical and Real

Life is a teacher given you place yourself in the space of constant learning. The tests and challenges of life are constant where our calibre, commitment and courage are constantly measured. Life always leaves a thin line between opportunity and failure. It is we who have to prove our ability to be able to recognize that thin line and act accordingly. It is the constant whistle of life that navigates us towards the panache.

A life’s desire is very simple, constant change for constant success. It’s a chaotic world out there and life is full of dilemmas. So, in order to make our life comfortable and filled with curiosity, it is better to remain dedicated towards constant wholehearted efforts for achievement of our desired goals. Let us never forget that constant efforts can break stereotypes and fade away obstacles. Remaining constant towards positive changes in life happens to be one of the rules of life and we better not break it as it is for our own betterment.

Any change is never pleasant but surely constant. Hence, better we don’t mess with this constant change and make efforts towards growth and progress through this constant change. Life will teach innumerable lessons but it all depends on us as to how quickly and constantly we learn them. With a constant positive change and our readiness to accept challenges and reach horizons, life will surely gift us a beautiful world we have never seen before.

Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 18 Happy Easter

Happy Easter

This Easter, let us all follow the thoughts of Lord Christ of serving the world with commitment and honest intentions.

Happy Easter to one and all.

Let us all pray that this Easter will soon bring a new sunshine to this world, a world without any pain or disease, a world full of joy and happiness.

Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 17 Parallel Lines

Mind and heart are like parallel lines. Mind thinks before doing and heart does before thinking.

Envy and goodwill are like parallel lines. Envy hurts and goodwill heals.

Discipline and disorganisation are parallel lines. The former leads to development while the latter leads to agitation.

Grit and fear are parallel lines. Grit welcomes valor and fear welcomes weakness.

Silence and chaos are parallel lines. Silence speaks a thousand words but chaos creates a vacuum of meaningless noise.

Compassion and cruelty are parallel lines. One spreads love while the other ends up in hatred.

Fantasy and certainty are parallel lines. Fantasy is just a delusion while reality is the actual true fact.

Smile and grimace are parallel lines. Smile is like rainbow, full of colours while grimace is black and white, sadness and tears.

Love and sorrow are parallel lines. Love is what the world needs, pain is what the world wants to get rid off.

Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 16 Holy Good Friday

May our faith in the Almighty bring peace, love, prosperity and good health to this world.

Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 15 The Weight of Emptiness

Emptiness is actually heavy, lighten it up with the feathers of dreams and hopes.

Emptiness is the emotional breakdown, control your emotions with the gifts of joy.

Emptiness is the faith in discomfort, comfort yourself with trust and love.

Emptiness is a mess, take yourself away from the chaos and relax.

Emptiness is poisonous, dilute your toxins into the world of happiness and live free.

Emptiness is unfulfilled desires, show some will and dedicate yourself towards it.

Emptiness is suffocation of the taunting soul, kill your fears and wing your inner self.

Emptiness is stress and exhaustion, take a break and wander into the wild.

Emptiness is abode of darkness, don’t stop believing in the silver lining and the horizon.

Emptiness is loneliness; a warm, love-filled hug and living your dreams can kill the alone feeling.

Never forget that emptiness is your readiness for being filled. It may lead you towards the brightness of life and cheerful moments to cherish.

Embrace emptiness as a challenge and show your perseverance; you will definitely, undoubtedly soar high and scream from the peak to convey your freedom and strength.

Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 14 The True Conveyor

Smile, the conveyor of happiness.

Heart, the conveyor of love and kindness.

Soul, the conveyor of self-confidence.

Mind, the conveyor of mature decisions.

Instinct, the conveyor of true inner self.

Courage, the conveyor of calibre.

Satisfaction, the conveyor of stability.

Pride, the conveyor of honesty and dedication.

Freedom, the conveyor of rights.

Foresightedness, the conveyor of futuristic ideas put into action.

Vision, the conveyor of success through risks and experiences.

Optimism, the conveyor of positivity and desire to achieve.

Personality, the conveyor of positive attitude and helping hand.

Rise and shine.

21-Day Lockdown: Day 14 Astral is Imaginary

Whenever I come across the word Astral a few things start dangling in front of my eyes and the only thought that comes to mind is imaginary, fake and impossible. To me astral is something that is absolutely impossible. I relate astral to a few impossible things.

A sweet pollution-free morning where you can breathe fearlessly, walk, jog and do multiple things. Smoking and alcohol free generations is the next one to this list. Similarly, 100% literacy is again beyond a dream, sort of impossible, astral. A carefree and stress free youth doesn’t fail to find space in the list. There is a lack of leaders who would imitate to contribute for the betterment of this world.

There are a few more, with the rise in competition there is also a rise in dissatisfaction. The taste of success leads people to either become jealous of others or keep pulling down others so that they don’t become more successful. The increase in personal vehicles and due to that a huge increase in traffic (I really hope this one lowers down a little bit). It’s the era of women empowerment but each day more and more girls and women are losing their safety (I just can’t understand why a few men fail in respecting women).

A human race free of malnutrition, diseases and poverty is astral to me. A world free from global issues as well as sorrows is again astral to me. A world full of smiles and happiness is truly astral to me. I can’t even dream of such a world, I can only imagine of one. Why? I don’t have any answer to this question of mine.

I wish and hope that as I don’t fall back to make efforts towards a better tomorrow, there are people like me who are participating in any way they can in doing so.

Rise and shine.

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