The Universal Panacea

Daily Prompt: Panacea

Love is a panacea, hatred isn’t.

Courage is a panacea, fear isn’t.

Confidence is a panacea, uncertainty isn’t.

Expression is a panacea, concealment isn’t.

Speech is a panacea, silence isn’t.

Communication is a panacea, withholding isn’t.

Enthusiasm is a panacea, apathy isn’t.

Curiosity is a panacea, disinterest isn’t.

Sensibility is a panacea, ignorance isn’t.

Spending talent lavishly is a panacea, hoarding it like a miser isn’t.

Sincerity is a panacea, falsehood isn’t.

Advancement is a panacea, stagnation isn’t.

Renaissance is a panacea, destruction isn’t.

Rise and shine.

The Egg Philosophy

Daily Prompt: Egg

An egg represents a few virtues of life.

Have patience; you get chicken only when the egg hatches and not by smashing it.

Have a golden heart; let the tough circumstances harden you from outside like the egg shell after boiling, keep having a golden heart just like the egg before and after boiling.

Have high hopes; while there’s life inside an egg, there is hope.

Have determination; if the bird inside the egg isn’t determined to fly, the egg won’t hatch and it will end up rotten.

Have faith in yourself; the developing chicken inside the egg has faith that the shell will hatch and the egg won’t be scrambled.

Have action to your purposes; one can’t go indefinitely just to be an ordinary egg, hatching is a must to solve the purpose.

Have trust in your instincts; only an inside force helps life out of the egg.

Have a belief in your potential; eggs may look different, but it would be too early to put aside the odd before they hatch.

Rise and shine.

The No-Proxy Reality

Daily Prompt: Proxy

Have no proxy for dreams, have no proxy for perseverance

Have no proxy for character, have no proxy for humanity

Have no proxy for expressions, have no proxy for appreciation

Have no proxy for sacrifice, have no proxy for conscience

Have no proxy for ethics, have no proxy for principles

Have no proxy for dignity, have no proxy for faith

Have no proxy for dedication, have no proxy for loyalty

Have no proxy for virtues, have no proxy for sensibility

Have no proxy for priorities, have no proxy for goals

Have no proxy for perfection, have no proxy for precision

Have no proxy for peace, have no proxy for love

Rise and shine.

Neighbors, Sweet or Bitter!

Daily Prompt: Neighbors

Good neighbors, blessing; bad neighbors, misfortune

Good neighbors, first relatives; bad neighbors, first and worst enemies

Good neighbors, supportive; bad neighbors, backbiters

Good neighbors, trustworthy; bad neighbors, unreliable

Good neighbors, quality life; bad neighbors, awful experience

Good neighbors, helping hands in overcoming any trauma; bad neighbors, creators of trauma

Good neighbors, first on the list you can count on; bad neighbors, not eligible for any list

Good neighbors, a priceless treasure; bad neighbors, a blemish

Good neighbors, add value to your life; bad neighbors, troublemakers

Good neighbors, friends by choice; bad neighbors, destined foes

Having good neighbors is life’s richest joys, so be good to your neighbors if you want them to be good to you.

Rise and shine.


Daily Prompt: Simmer

Let your dreams simmer to reward you with a beautiful reality.

Let your thoughts simmer to reward you with creative ideas.

Let your ideals simmer to reward you with dignity.

Let your honesty simmer to reward you with righteousness & simplicity.

Let your relationships simmer to reward you with special bondings forever.

Let your happiness simmer to reward you with well-deserved success.

Let your confidence simmer to reward you with courage to face life.

Let your knowledge simmer to reward you with intellect.

Let your passion simmer to reward you with the purpose of your life.

Let your smile simmer to reward you with a world full of laughter.

Let your soul simmer to reward you with goodness & kindness.

Let your self simmer to bring out the precision and mindfulness in you.

Rise and shine.

Mystery on Halloween!

Daily Prompt: Mystery

Halloween is all about mystery and magic

The mystery behind the gleaming pumpkins

The mystery behind the shadows

The mystery behind the dark corners

The mystery behind the creepy porches

The mystery behind the black spider web

The mystery behind the tombstones

The mystery behind the silent whispers

The mystery behind the black cats

The mystery behind the misty hills

The mystery behind the ghosts and goblins

Dream of trick-or-treat and wish everyone Happy Halloween!

Go Ghoulish, It’s Halloween!

Daily Prompt: Ghoulish

Enjoy the darkest night of the year, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the dreadful makeup, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the unseen faces giving you a fright, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the unknown voices whisper, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the rise of shadows of a thousand years, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the monsters mingle, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the fun at the Hallows evening ball, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the cries of wonderful ghosts, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the scariest moments all night, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Enjoy the most ghastly and grisly time of the year, go ghoulish, it’s Halloween!

Have a frightful Halloween!

Rise and shine.

Use Your Fluff

Daily Prompt: Fluff

Use that fluff of yours called brain to think big and reshape the world

Use that fluff of yours called eyes to concentrate on opportunities to brighten the future

Use that fluff of yours called ears to listen more, retain the good and throw away the bad

Use that fluff of yours called nose to smell the evil and keep it away from conquering the virtuous

Use that fluff of yours called mouth to talk less and act more towards upliftment of humanity

Use that fluff of yours called shoulders to carry the burdens of those who suffer

Use that fluff of yours called hands to skill them to develop great solutions

Use that fluff of yours called heart to face the challenges of life with courage

Use that fluff of yours called skin to withstand the barbs of time

Use that fluff of yours called stomach to peacefully digest the good and bad in life

Use that fluff of yours called legs to run upto the summit through inevitable twists and turns and hoist the flag of peace and love

Future has better things in store for you so qualify yourself to grab them in order to make a better version of yourself so that you end up making a positive difference in this world.

Rise and shine.


Daily Prompt: Prefer

You are born to spread love, why prefer to hate?

You are born with wings, why prefer to crawl?

You are born to be honoured, why prefer to be disrespected for your foolish acts?

Your are born to win, why prefer to lose by not making enough efforts?

You are born to conquer, why prefer a defeat by following false ideals?

You are born to follow truth, why prefer the path of lies and deceit?

You are born to kill loneliness, why prefer to avoid a loving company and be lonely?

You are born to brighten this world, why prefer to develop darkness inside you?

You are born to reflect sincerity, why prefer to remain dull and reserve your intensity?

You are born to smile, why prefer to cry for those who don’t value the reason of your tears?

You are born to make a difference in this world, why prefer the silence of your thoughts and actions?

Rise and shine.


Daily Prompt: Gratitude

Gratitude is a heartful acknowledgement for all that we have received. It is the ability of thankfulness. Gratitude is the quality of appreciation for the gifts and blessings of life that we have been given. Gratitude is the soulful desire to feel satisfied and allow space in our lives for generosity and contentment.

Gratitude is the opportunity for you to shine and be glorified by the bliss of those for whom you were able to make a positive difference in their lives. Gratitude is not just admiration or expressing gratefulness, but it is also mercy or the quality to forgive others for the harm they did to your life. Gratitude is the matured feeling expressed to show a jealousy-free heart and soul.

Gratitude blesses us with feelings of satisfaction and happiness. It reminds us that only attaining prosperity in terms of wealth doesn’t make us feel the abundance in life. The real fulfillment is achieved with the habit of expressing gratitude even for the smallest of the things and savor each and every gift of cheerfulness that comes our way, and that will be the true spirit of life.

Rise and shine.

The Orange Life

Daily Prompt: Orange

Orange is a fruit, orange is saffron

Orange is liberation, orange is freedom from pain and sorrows

Orange is flamboyance, orange is dynamism

Orange is upliftment, orange is warmth

Orange is determination, orange is innovation

Orange is happiness, orange is fun

Orange is poetry, orange is autumn

TOrange is exotic, orange is excitement

Orange is energy, orange is depth

Orange is progress, orange is success

Orange is embracement, orange is  thoughtfulness

Orange is opportunity, orange is remedy

Orange is brightness, orange is genuinety

Rise and shine.

The Surreal Past

Daily Prompt: Surreal

Past…it seems so surreal. Every time I think of my past I always feel it like a dream or as if my bygone days were not real. When I compare my past with my present, I find my past absolutely surreal and almost nonexistent. I notice that it was just an imagination and never want to believe it was true or real.

All the events, all the relationships, all the emotions seem so masked and fake. A literal surreal experience my whole past was. Many times I perceive it as chapters of a book I would never want to read and other times it inspires me to consider my real present and the true future. I have undoubtedly improvised and shaped myself to stay confident, strong and focused but I question to myself all the time whether this self-crafting was as a result of the surreal past experience or was it just me wanting to challenge myself for a change.

Past is always a lesson as all the good books say, but I would rather prefer to keep it as an antique in some corner of my life which I don’t want to but I have to. Past is indeed a surreal life changer but it all depends on you how you want to name it. For many, it can be surreal yet beautiful and for others, it may just be a want-to-forget trauma of life. We can never run away from our past, in fact, we should not, but it isn’t wise to keep it alive forever as it will never let you lovingly embrace your present or sweetly dream about your future.

Rise and shine.

Your Identity, Your Possession

Daily Prompt: Identity

Your identity is what you have earned for yourself, spend it wisely. Don’t waste it behind impressing others so hard that you cannot secure it again and people take it away from you. Your identity is what you own, it’s what you have understood of yourself after years of self-observance.

Every scar of the past and every sweet memory have summed up to make you what you are. Never underrate yourself by comparing yourself with others. Your identity is precious and you are its guardian, so protect it from not being bargained. Be proud of what you are and if not then be strong enough to challenge your own identity and fight it out to change it to be proud of it. Don’t defame your identity to comfort the society.

The social expectation from you is you wear an easily identifiable mask to define your characteristics generally but that is not the true you. You have crafted your own identity after big struggles of life, so don’t ruin it just for the sake of a fake individuality. Always remember, identity is not inherent but it is something that you have created for yourself out of your sensibility. Hold your identity with confidence and pride.

Rise and shine.

Your Simplicity is Your Trademark

Daily Prompt: Trademark

Your smile is your trademark, always wear it to conquer the world

Your attitude is your trademark, carry it well.

Your style is your trademark, make your own trends.

Your creativity is your trademark, be innovative.

Your personality is your trademark, craft it studiously.

Your silence is your trademark, let it speak the unspoken.

Your focus is your trademark, emphasize on making a difference in this world with your intellect.

Your passion is your trademark, don’t let it fade away.

Your tolerance is your trademark, have patience as it’s the greatest virtue

Your instinct is your trademark, never stop believing in yourself.

Your wisdom is your trademark, let it inspire and motivate others.

Your commitment is your trademark, never fail to keep promises.

Your strength is your trademark, stay tough to face the challenges of life.

Your love for mankind is your trademark, try to spread peace and harmony in the world.

Rise and shine.


Daily Prompt: Cacophony

Ignore the cacophony of pain and misery, acknowledge the harmony of contentment

Ignore the cacophony of irregularities, acknowledge the harmony of stability & symmetry

Ignore the cacophony of monotony, acknowledge the harmony of creativity

Ignore the cacophony of chaos, acknowledge the harmony of peace and love

Ignore the cacophony of discord, acknowledge the harmony of melody

Ignore the cacophony of despair, acknowledge the harmony of hope

Ignore the cacophony of immorality, acknowledge the harmony of virtues

Ignore the cacophony of craziness, acknowledge the harmony of sensibility

Ignore the cacophony of prejudice, acknowledge the harmony of impartiality & goodwill

Ignore the cacophony of vanity, acknowledge the harmony of life’s symphony

Ignore the cacophony of hatred and betrayal, acknowledge and embrace the harmony of fidelity & honesty

Rise and shine.

Let Your Perseverance Enlighten the Genius In You

Daily Prompt: Enlighten

Let your virtues and modesty enlighten your charm

Let your power enlighten the wicked

Let your knowledge enlighten your intellect

Let your optimism enlighten your own thoughts

Let your words enlighten your soul

Let the cheerful beams of hope enlighten the dark corners of your heart

Let your teaching of spiritual truth enlighten people

Let your discipline enlighten the mind of the ill-famed

Let your curiosity enlighten you to be determined and dedicated

Let your vision enlighten the life of the aimless

Let your experience enlighten you to recognize what’s right and what’s wrong

Let your simplicity enlighten you to appropriately handle the complexities of life

Let your love enlighten the sword that would help cut down hatred

Rise and shine.

Appreciate; not expect

Prompt: Expect

Never expect fortune for free, earn it

Never expect things to happen, make efforts

Never expect anything from others if you are not willing to do enough for them

Never expect more from others than yourself and you will be less hurt

Never expect to fly high if you are not ready to fly at all

Never expect to be an intellectual unless you impart knowledge

Never expect the best if you don’t capitalize on preparing for the worst

Never expect love from the one who is selfish and opportunist

Never expect peace where hatred is crowned the leadership

Never expect appreciation from the crowd of losers

Never expect life if you are not worthy enough to face challenges it throws

Rise and shine.

Release Yourself To Expand Your Horizons

Daily Prompt: Release

Release the past to embrace the present

Release your pain to fill your heart with peace and love

Release your fear to allow your courage to take charge

Release every struggle to gather strength and confidence

Release your negativity to give space to optimistic thoughts

Release old habits to carve way for meaningful substitute addictions

Release your majestic mind to entwine your soul

Release your social captivity to fly high with freedom

Release your held- back emotions to take control of every situation

Release your suffering to cradle happiness

Release your knowledge to become more realistic and practical

Release all your brain blocks to realize your potential

Release all your doubts to initiate believing in yourself

Rise and shine.

Express Your Love

Daily Prompt: Express

While in search of a soulmate if you find someone for whom you shop a heartbeat then stop thinking and just express your feelings to that person. Never have a doubt in mind or fall short of time or words to express. Expressing love is very important because not always the other person would read your mind. Always express and try to keep things as simple as possible rather than complicate them.

Your love for anyone is meaningless if you fail to express your emotions. To not express and then felt hurt is the worst scenario. Why let go your loved one just because you couldn’t express? Don’t wait for the right moment or the right word, just step out there and express yourself with confidence. The deeper your feelings the harder you find to express but it’s always worth a risk, so move ahead and express.

You may feel messy or may lack strength but trust your instinct and express for it makes the whole world of difference. You don’t need a reason to express, only your feelings are enough to show your ability to express. True love is precious and hard to find so as soon as you feel you found it, just express yourself. Express and you will feel satisfied, relaxed and loved.

Rise and shine.

Have a Brave Life!

Daily Prompt: Brave

Be brave to live life to the fullest because life is precious

Be brave enough to dream because dreamers are achievers

Be brave to take risks because there is no replacement to experience

Be brave to feel fear and pain because that will help you add value and meaning to your life

Be brave to be the odd one because bravery and courage are gifted to only the few lucky ones

Be brave to initiate because taking initiative is not everyone’s cup of tea

Be brave to hold yourself because it’s a quality you develop to make yourself tougher

Be brave to handle every trouble with a broad smile because it’s the universal healer of all wounds

Be brave because your bravery may set an example for many to not lose hope

Be brave to walk the difficult roads because they will lead you to beautiful destinations

Be brave because bravery gains you the deserved freedom

Be brave to earn your fortune. Rise and shine.


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