Tis The Season of Gratitude and Kindness

Gratitude is the inner voice whereas kindness is the expression of the inner voice through different acts and gestures.

Kindness towards someone will surely bless you with a return gift of gratitude. So, be kind and have courage eithet to apologise or to express thankfulness.

The mirror image of kindness is gratitude. Leaving the footprints of such wise and innocent gestures are definitely never wasted.

Kindness and gratitude are delivered from the womb of humanity. They make you more human. They possess the power to create miracles.

Be kind to give and do not forget to express gratitude for what you’ve got.

Rise and shine.


The Runaway Groom 7

A few weeks passed. Jaimin, Hetal and Rupali are now good friends. All three of them met many times during this span. It is noteworthy that these three Musketeers already explained the situation to Rupali’s mother. She wholeheartedly accepted Hetal for Jaimin and showed her pride for her daughter who was involved in a great cause of uniting two people in love. Her mother gave blessings for their plan and asked them to move ahead without fear.

It’s now just a week to the wedding and preparations are pacing up in both households. Rupali did all the shopping for Hetal. She even selected the “Mangalsutra” of Hetal’s choice that the groom’s family is supposed to give to the bride. On the wedding day, Jaimin will encircle the Mangalsutra around Hetal’s neck, and this would mark the completion of their marriage along with the “Pheras.” It was now the time for the wedding bells. Jaimin and Hetal had butterflies in their stomach as they were going to witness the biggest day of their life, the day they have been waiting for like ages. On the other hand, Rupali and her mother were prepping for the big plan of the big day. And here comes the wedding eve, and it was a situation of mercury rising for four strong and brave people.

Nobody had ever seen Hetal’s mother, so that was like a plus point for the rebellions. On the day of the wedding, Hetal and her mother were at Rupali’s house and Hetal was into the “Bridal Avatar.” Similarly, Rupali was getting ready into the bridal attire. Hetal’s mother had no idea of what the plan was and how things will happen as planned, the plan that was briefly explained to her by her surgeon daughter. The only difference between the two brides was the wrist watch. Hetal put on her regular digital watch, it was an important part of her profession; whereas Rupali wore a typical bridal collection watch that Hetal’s mother gifted her. Now, only and only Jaimin would know this difference, as it was a part of the rebellious plan.

It was time to leave for the bride and groom from their respective houses and reach the wedding venue. The bride clan should reach there before the groom group arrives; because as part of the ritual, bride’s mother shall welcome the groom and the accompanying “Baratis.” Hetal started shivering, but Rupali did everything to calm her down and asked her to stay strong if she wants the love of her life and a happily ever after. Both Hetal and her mother hugged each other tight and there were tears of both joy and fear in their eyes. Rupali’s mother consoled Hetal’s and Rupali wiped off Hetal’s tears.

The wedding car arrived and it was time for both brides to put on their “Ghunghats” so that nobody would recognise who’s who. As per plan, Hetal’s mother has to reach the venue later, so she bid farewell to her beautiful and brave daughter and stayed back home. Amidst the noise of firecrackers, the brides and Rupali’s mother reached the venue and quickly went up to their rooms. Rupali’s mother then took the “Puja Thali” and went to the doorstep of the venue along with other relatives, who had already reached there, to welcome the groom and his lot with the ritual of pulling the groom’s nose after offering salt water to him.

The Runaway Groom 8 follows soon…

Rise and shine.

Trust is the Essence of Everything

Every bond is based on trust and respect with a sprinkle of honesty. But, no other trust begins without self trust. A pinch of trust in yourself will lead you to a bunch of everlasting affinities.

Trust is an earning, not an achievement. Sometimes it takes all life to earn trust, while sometimes even a moment is enough. There’s only a single chance to win trust, which if lost doesn’t gain you another one; consider your life meaningless then. But still, don’t lose heart and continue your efforts towards the same.

The distance between the start line and the end line of trust is truth. Truth with the aid of morality will help build the deepest and the strongest relationships.

Trust yourself and be patient, everything will fall in place at the right time.

Rise and shine.

And The New Miss Universe is Miss India!!!

Ms. Harnaaz Sandhu; from Punjab, India; is crowned the new Miss Universe 2021. Wonder why I am so emphasizing on this event or this post? I’ll depict why. The reason is simply her answer to the question that led her to this crown.

To the judges’ question of what all she would advice young women and what should be done to face the stresses of life, Ms. Sandhu’s reply grabbed my attention. It’s the reply that is the same positive mantra I have been carrying and implying for years together now. I am greatly moved by her confident thoughts and attitude. Such should be the thinking and the mode of action of not only today’s but also the upcoming generations as the times are tough and will be getting tougher in the coming days.

Ms. Sandhu replied that the young generation needs to have confidence and self-respect. They should not end up comparing themselves and their deeds to others. You are the leader of your life and the ruler of your thoughts. Instead of cribbing about what others achieved and what you couldn’t, it is rather crucial to focus and work on things important for you and then spare some time to contribute in making this world a better place.

Truly thought and said, we need to set an example for ourselves and others as to what we are and what we are capable of. Nobody has the right to weaken our will and pull us down just because we lack courage to speak out and stand up for ourselves. Not just every girl but every single being should get what he or she deserves without distinction. Ms. Sandhu’s reply is definitely inspiring and will serve as a good source of motivation for many. By believing in yourself, you not only win half the challenge for yourself but also aid in catalysing the inner spirit of others to put more than required efforts for any kind of achievement.

Come on folks, get up and get going; for this is your chance, your only opportunity to shine bright and make a golden difference in this world. Betterment is wiser compared to bitterness that you have or develop for others. Take the initiative for yourself and the rest will fall in place. Focus on fulfilling your own dreams instead of concentrating on crushing those of others because your dreams are your future.

Rise and shine.

Fear Not Failure

Failure is not failing, it is trials in learning. Let not failure take over, for it should only be momentary; failure is not final.

A failure is an experience where courage is the test strip. It’s not just the effort put in trying but also a dash of courage along with it that counts.

Take every bend of failure as a learning curve to build the character for success.

Failure is not fatal, it’s just the synonym of another effort in the making.

Rise and shine.

The Runaway Groom 6

Jaimin took over the wheel now. But before he could say anything; Rupali, out of curiosity and desperation, interfered asking what was the problem in marrying a girl he loved if everything was pitch perfect. To this, Jaimin asked Rupali to slow down and let him speak.

Rupali still wondered that if she and Hetal happen to have almost similar family backgrounds, Hetal was rather a step ahead in terms of studies and profession; then why her and not Hetal for Jaimin. While she was into her thoughts, Jaimin knocked on the table to bring her back to reality. Jaimin said that everything was going well till about a year since he and Hetal met. Before a year, there was a day then when both felt that it was time for revelation of their relationship to their families. Hetal took the initiative and spoke to her mother about Jaimin. Her mother was convinced but with reluctance, for a specific reason. But when Jaimin disclosed his bonding with Hetal to his parents, there was some impractical interrogation as to Hetal’s religion and caste. This hit Jaimin very badly, and he lost all the respect for his family. It was then when Jaimin realised how backward and close-minded the social system still was and may be this was the reason why Hetal’s mother was hesitant initially to accept their affinity.

Jaimin tried to convince his parents although it wasn’t his forte. He was always less talkative, hated arguments, kept things to himself; all in all not an extrovert and somebody who wasn’t confident enough to face the fears. However, he left no stone unturned to convince his parents for Hetal; but his parents were adamant and absolutely clear on their rejection, with a plateful of conservative reasons. That very day, there was serious argument between Jaimin and his father, things unspoken till date were brought out and a chaotic silence was felt between the two. This resulted into a knot in the father-son bonding. It is since then that both Jaimin and his father do not exchange good terms with each other except social gatherings, which Jaimin tries to avoid because he’s not someone who likes exposure or attention. However, even after what all happened between him and his parents that day, he held on tight with Hetal and their love has only flourished since then. Nobody wanted to hurt the feelings of the elderly, so with all due respect, they came to a mutual decision to move one step at a time, and once the time is right, they’ll again gather some strength to convince Jaimin’s parents.

Listening to this tragedy, Rupali broke down in tears. Hetal also couldn’t help herself and started sobbing. Jaimin then offered water to both the lovely, strong and brave ladies and asked them to calm down. At this juncture, Rupali wiped her tears and declared that she will try and make their wedding happen. She promised Hetal that no matter how low or least her caste is, she will help her get all the happiness and love she deserves. It was then when Jaimin realised how brave, confident, strong and kind Rupali was. She’s going out of her way, ignoring herself and her mother, to help a couple of strangers who are unable to help themselves. Rupali’s kindness and courage impressed Jaimin so much that he agreed to participate equally in her plan.

As the evening got darker, three people who were very different from each other have now turned out to be somewhat alike and are just a step away from becoming good friends.

Knowing about the still-existent casteism and the religious barriers, I felt ashamed of myself. Why can’t educated people like me and many others out there try and put more efforts in improvising the social stigma. New thoughts, advanced living, education and many such social characters can make a difference in this society and can give equal chance to every person to have their share of happiness. Why does the orthodox mindset of a small bunch of so-called religious heads not change with time and generation? Why do they have to burden the coming generations with unnecessary and unrightful beliefs? Why do women still need to prove themselves equal to men by doing something that they are not supposed to? Who gives others the right to decide that love or humanity are inferior to caste and culture and that our religion is the utmost and should be strictly followed? Hetal studied hard to become a surgeon. She is a doctor and doctors are called angels of God. Then why Hetal has to face this hatred. In every way, she’s far more superior than anybody else in both families. She is the life saver and the life giver. She was the one who operated Jaimin’s shoulder. Then why should she be judged on the basis of religion or caste and not her profession or skills. Heavy heart and painful soul, nothing more can I say.

Will Rupali be able to keep her promise? The Runaway Groom 7 follows soon…

Rise and shine.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity is the key to betterment. Simple living, simple needs, simple acts of kindness along with a simple gesture of gratitude towards the Almighty shall surpass every hurdle of life.

Simplicity is a language of brilliance and an art of the intellectuals.

Simplicity fulfills the purpose of wholeness and satisfaction.

Simplicity is the real essence of happiness.

Rise and shine.

Mistakes, The Lessons of Wisdom

Mistakes hurt when you commit them, but a collection of these over the years of life will no longer be mistakes, they’ll then be collectively called “An Experience.”

Correction of a mistake through truth is of utmost necessity. However, if this correction leads you to become a humble being, consider it was worth making that mistake. On the other hand, if you take the same process as an achievement, it’ll be then called arrogance. So, the choice is yours.

Remember, life’s greatest lessons can be learned through experiences and experience comes from mistakes and how well you try to rectify them.

Rise and shine.

The Runaway Groom 5

Saddened and disappointed Rupali straightaway went home. She couldn’t hold her tears. She and her mother had been through enough in their lives and now this shocker. She called her mom saying she won’t be joining her at Jaimin’s house, her mother found it sort of absurd but she thought Rupali and Jaimin were together so Rupali vanished and was ok with it.

Rupali calmed herself down and then began her thought process as to what should be the next step. But more than anything, even after what she saw, she was still worried about Jaimin and wanted to help him in the best possible way. She couldn’t understand why, in these advanced times, Jaimin was hiding what he was hiding. She felt that inner pain for him and after deep thinking, finally, she decided to make a plan and tackle the situation in a way that nobody’s feelings get hurt, but before that, she needs to know everything from Jaimin about the entire matter. As such the day had been already a mess, so she thought of using the time left in the day. She picked her phone and called Jaimin. He was still in the cafe and was surprised to see Rupali calling him. He thought people at home might be asking about him so she might have called him. Twice or thrice he didn’t pick the call but Rupali adamantly kept calling back to back and at last he received a call. Rupali bluntly told him that she knows he was in the cafe “WITH SOMEONE” and it would be better if both of them met her. Jaimin couldn’t believe this but the one with him agreed and asked Rupali to join them in the cafe. Rupali agreed and left for the cafe.

Rupali reached the cafe and met Jaimin and the other someone. She asked Jaimin to introduce that someone to her. Jaimin was spellbound by Rupali’s behaviour. She was a girl and still was so clear with her thoughts and actions, totally opposite to Jaimin. Jaimin introduced “HETAL” to Rupali. The hellos were exchanged and Rupali ordered a fresh round of coffee for everybody. She seemed so bold and independent and carefree. Rupali asked Hetal to start the storytelling. Hetal held Jaimin’s hand and started speaking.

Hetal is a surgeon by profession. Her family background is similar to that of Rupali’s. Hetal’s mother was a single parent after her father died while serving the Indian Army. Her mother didn’t let Hetal join Army, so she studied medicine and became a surgeon. Even in the cafe she was dressed in her hospital attire as Jaimin had called her in a rush rush moment. Listening to this, Rupali immediately hugged her and said she understands every feeling of her. Rupali reluctantly looked at Jaimin who was constantly staring Hetal and was feeling proud of her.

Jaimin had a mishap during his engineering field work and had to be rushed to the nearby hospital a couple of years back. He had to undergo shoulder surgery. The surgeon was Hetal. Since that day on, both of them never looked back and have grown into their relationship leaps and bound. They were immensely in love and it was literal from the way they looked at each other.

If everything was so perfect then why the wait, why were they in a sort of hiding, why was there that reluctance to announce their bonding? With so many questions, Rupali just kept listening to Hetal when Jaimin took over and resumed the next part of the story.

The Runaway Groom 6 follows soon…

Rise and shine.

The Runaway Groom 4

After a while, Jaimin came downstairs and joined the group. The chitchat continued. Rupali was constantly trying to steal a site of Jaimin, but Jaimin never noticed her and was busy with the ongoing group conversation. Lunch happened and it was time to bid farewell. Rupali had some gut feeling and she decided to investigate this in her own unique way. Numbers were exchanged and Rupali and Jaimin promised to be in touch.

Days passed and Rupali never got a chance to have a word with Jaimin, let alone meeting was a far off thing. Every time she called him, he used to return her call saying he was either busy or out somewhere. After many such tries, there came a day when Rupali felt it was enough. She was so frustrated by Jaimin’s behaviour that she almost decided to tell her mom to cancel the marriage proposal. It was now time for her to tighten up her laces and take up the Jaimin case.

In Indian rituals, the day of writing invitation cards is considered very auspicious. The first invite is placed in temple meaning the Gods and Goddesses are invited to mark their presence and bless the newly wedded couple. The religion head was approached and he gave the auspicious date for the same; both families decided to sit together and prepare the invites. It was mutually decided that this event will be organised at Jaimin’s place.

Rupali and her mother arrived early morning. A small puja was performed and then began the penning of invites. A few close relatives of both families had gathered for this occasion. After some time, Jaimin declared that he’ll have to leave due to some work emergency. Rupali smelled this somewhat fishy. As soon as Jaimin left, Rupali immediately stood up, finding out people in the room staring at her. To end the suspicion, she hurriedly said that her friend had an emergency and she’ll have to run to her. There was a teasing smile and the whole room murmured and whispered that both of them want some alone time so all this emergency. In no time, Rupali started following Jaimin’s car on her scooter.

Jaimin parked his car near a garden and went into a nearby cafe. Rupali also did the same. As soon as she stepped inside the cafe, she couldn’t believe what she saw and heard. This was a big-time shock for her, she left the place with a heavy heart and teary eyes. Her fingers went numb and her senses out of order. She almost collapsed before she could find a bench to sit on and gather herself.

What she might have seen and heard? What was so shocking that left her numb? The Runaway Groom 5 follows soon…

Rise and shine.

Words Are A Magic Wand!

Words have the energy to heal and the power to harm.

Words express the freedom of your thoughts, use them wisely so as to avoid a costly affair.

Words can create or destroy, it’s your choice the way you want to use them.

All in all, let your words be a remedy and not the cause of someone’s injury.

Rise and shine.

The Runaway Groom 3

It has been a few days now since the bride selection. However, from that day to this day neither Jaimin nor Rupali either met or talked to each other, which is quite unlike the modern times or modern thinking to be precise. But today is the day, the day when Rupali and her mother are visiting the Jaimin clan. Jaimin’s mother is preparing various delicacies for the guests while his father is looking towards the other setups at home so that the guests are comfortable and they feel like their own home. But, where is Jaimin? He is nowhere in the house. Well, the house is also not used to his presence much so people never felt his absence even today.

Before afternoon, Rupali and her mother arrived. They received a warm welcome. Everybody seemed happy. Welcome drink and chitchat began. Both mothers got along well in no time. Jaimin’s father and Rupali were conversing like friends, like it wasn’t the first time they were meeting. But Rupali’s eyes were searching for someone, that someone who was soon going to be her soulmate. But where is Jaimin and why nobody cares where he is? Among everybody present in the house only Rupali was sensing, rather feeling, Jaimin’s absence.

Finally, Rupali’s mother asked about Jaimin. It was then that his parents realised his absence. His father called him immediately, but he couldn’t reach him. After a while his father received a message from him saying he’ll be home soon. About half an hour later, Jaimin arrived. Seeing him, Rupali’s and her mother’s eyes sparkled because they had never seen a boy so handsome and charming. He bowed down to her mother and smiled towards Rupali, didn’t say anything and went upstairs in his room whispering that he’ll change and join everybody. Rupali felt a needle sensation, she found something abnormal, felt a twist and couldn’t understand what just happened. Jaimin went upstairs to his room, locked himself and broke down in tears.

Feelings are something to be expressed and not kept within one’s self. If somebody isn’t brave enough to express, people around the person should motivate the person to speak out loud. Not all are extroverts, the fear to express so as to avoid disrespecting someone should be attended on an immediate basis to save the person falling into a lonely space.

Will Jaimin’s tears give him strength or make him weaker? The Runaway Groom 4 follows soon…

Rise and shine.

A Colourful Morning

The colours of nature make me wonder
Is it the sky or a colourful canvas
Rainbow colours make me go blimey
Is it for real or just a beautiful dream
Am I still dreaming while I sleep
Or the whisper of sunlight just woke me up!

New day, new choices, new beginnings!

Rise and shine.

The Runaway Groom 2

Now, on the other hand, Rupali’s family couldn’t believe what happened. They were out of senses as to how could a poor family like theirs get a marriage proposal from such a well-to-do family of Jaimin’s. Rupali fell short of words and thoughts. Rupali is a free spirit girl but with limited resources. I’ll explain the reason why.

Rupali lost her father in her early childhood. Their family became incomplete and suddenly her mother became the head of the family and a single parent. The road ahead was full of obstacles for her as she had to run the house as well as raise her daughter in a way that she becomes disciplined as well as free and independent enough to stand for herself and her bright future. And so did happen. With God’s grace and her mother’s untiring efforts, Rupali became a young girl full of talent, discipline and respect for her culture and tradition. She is raised right and is confident enough to speak out the truth and express herself no matter what. All in all, they possessed riches in the form of confidence and self-respect but not in wealth and assets. However, they were two satisfied beings finding their joy in even the smallest of things and achievements.

To talk about Jaimin, he would speak nothing but believed in doing. But this habit of his was misunderstood by his own family. He has always believed in hard work and perseverance, of course taught by his parents; but they literally took him for granted. Jaimin believes in love, especially love at first sight, but he will never express himself. He is an engineer by profession and along with his father runs a private engineering firm. For them, the Money Goddess has always been blissful and they are quiet wealthy in terms of wealth, assets, dedication, hard work and self-attained achievements.

Noticeably, both Rupali and Jaimin are poles apart but then they have numerous similarities too. Nobody knows how will they match up with each other but hopefully they’ll tag along well. This is what people believe in both their families except both of them themselves.

Family is undoubtedly important but along with that your own self is equally important. If you don’t stand up for yourself, nobody else will. You have to believe in what you are and what you can, because at the end, this is what that matters, nothing else; no wealth, no asset, no outer beauty and no mannerism.

Will Jaimin and Rupali cope well with each other? The Runaway Groom 3 follows soon…

Rise and shine.

The Runaway Groom 1

I am an Indian, I belong to India. Yes, India; the land of diverse traditions and rich culture and heritage. India is a place where even the smallest of the events is celebrated with great pomp and extravaganza. Be it festivals or birthdays or weddings, everything is special and full of excitement; but no such celebration concludes without a drama; at least and especially when it’s my family. One such recent event, or I would rather call it an incident, is the wedding of my cousin nephew, Jaimin.

So, let me begin from the things that are usually done for the wedding. The first and the foremost is simple yet of utmost importance, selection of a bride and, of course to match her, a groom. So; one fine, bright day; my cousin sister and my brother-in-law went out somewhere, which we all came to know later, to see a family that had a bride-worthy girl, Rupali. Now, the exciting part was, both of them selected this girl then and there to be their son’s wife, and all this was out of Jaimin’s knowledge, which was very silly of them and unfortunate on Jaimin’s part.

Jaimin’s parents returned home with news that were good for them but may be not for Jaimin and nobody would know why so. But anyway, coming back to the news being announced at home, the atmosphere just turned festive. Happiness was smelled in the house because it had been ages since a marriage had happened in the family. However, out of respect for elders, Jaimin joined the celebration along with others. A fake smile shined over his face and he went with the flow of joy in the house, but he did feel some unusual pain within his heart and his soul felt hurt.

I feel disappointed as to how still there are orthodox thoughts waving into our system even in the times of modernism and advanced science and technology. The only thing I would wish for Jaimin, if not many, is that his opinion matters too. He has all the right to choose for himself and if that’s too much to ask then at least he needs to be either asked or informed beforehand and that nothing should be just pressed upon him. His respect for his family doesn’t mean he goes unheard.

Well, let’s see what happens next. The Runaway Groom 2 follows soon…

Rise and shine.

Happy Mother’s Day

A Mother is your Forever Friend

Mother, a walking miracle
Mother, a Saint
Mother, God’s angel
Mother, my heart and soul
Mother, my strength and weakness
Mother, my life
Mother, world
Mother, my sole reason of existence

Happy Mother’s Day

Rise and shine.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Lord Krishna, through his Gita Updesh, has given us magic mantras for a blessed life. One has to simply perform “Karma” or one’s duties without expectations in return. The key to happiness is the reduction of desires. These are the words of wisdom beautifully described in Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

He is the creator, He is the destroyer, He is the soul of the universe, He is the sole reason of your existence, He is the protector, He is alive in every single molecule of this universe. He is knowledge, He is ignorance, He is sweet and sound, He is ferocious and brutal, He is a parent, He is a sibling, He is the path finder, He is the destination.

The soulful and truthful verses of the Bhagwad Gita explain the simplicity of life through virtues of kindness, humanity and love. Righteously said, it is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than surviving fakely with the perfection of somebody else’s. One should fight for truth and truthful rights because action will yield fruits some day whereas inaction will lead you nowhere and leave you crying on your not-so-lucky fate.

One should perform the duties without ego, without greed, without envy and only then peace of mind and harmony of the soul can be achieved. We live in a world that is already beautiful; but a tad bit more of kindness, humanity and devotion will surely make it a much better place.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to one and all.

Rise and shine.

They Are Called Friends Happy Friendship Day

They may be apart by distance, never by heart

They know the value of your smile at the cost of your troubling tears

They refresh your soul and rejuvenate your heart

They make you believe in yourself and comfort you to overcome hard times

They guide you choose quality over quantity

They are the ones who will dance with you in rain on the streets and still find it completely normal

They are the ones who will stay and never bother to leave what come may

They accept you the way you are and try not to change you

They are the angels who assist you to fly when even walking seems difficult

They are not just your yesterday, today or tomorrow; they are forever; and they are called “FRIENDS FOREVER.”

Rise and shine.

Expression is the Freedom of Inner Self

Expression is the language of thoughts

Expression is the revelation of self

Expression is the dance best performed on the dance floor called face

Expression is the recitation of creativity

Expression is the prediction of imagination and a landfall of reality

Expression is a theatre where the performer is one’s countenance

Expression is the realization of soul and release of feelings

Expression is the gesture of your throbbing heart

Expression is the best outfit in your wardrobe

Expression is enough to create an impression

Expression speaks your heart, soul and mind

Rise and shine.


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