The Dilemma of a Genius

Daily Prompt: Genius

Who is a genius? Frankly, a genius is a poor soul who fails in gaining trust in its own era. He/She is a person who always tries to simplify the complications yet finds hard to be understood by the commons. A genius’ entire life is a struggle full of mistrusted proofs and doubted calculations. Genius ends up in nothing but just the lone believer of own self.

A genius keeps explaining about the self-created inventions and innovations with a strong belief of not getting the votes in favour. Even the intellectuals cannot recognize a genius’ perseverance which turns out to be the biggest dilemma for the person. A genius is often named as crazy, mad, juggler, antisocial and much more before the efforts put up by him/her are actually taken into consideration as beneficial for the society and world on the whole.

A genius always has a loving heart and a kind soul but always is crowded by attention seekers and opportunists. A genius’ imagination is beyond that of intellectuals but he/she often becomes the target for people to throw stones on and walk away laughing crazily. To secure his/her own dignity and self-esteem, a genius always chooses to admit that he knows nothing. However, a genius knows his/her worth and hence the dumb fail to make him/her feel worthless.



Daily Prompt: Fashionable

Being fashionable is very important as it’s the reflection of your inner self. Fashion is worth when it makes you happy and enhances your life. However, fashionable doesn’t always mean putting on new and unique outfits but rather it can also be characterized as a beautiful painting on the canvas of simplicity.

Young means fashionable, simplicity means fashionable

Style means fashionable, dressing crazy means fashionable

Classy means fashionable, sophisticated means fashionable

Being kind means fashionable, being polite means fashionable

Risky means fashionable, trendy means fashionable

Beautiful means fashionable, loving means fashionable

Fabulous means fashionable, fearless means fashionable

Being yourself means fashionable, believing in yourself means fashionable

Different means fashionable, unique means fashionable

Happiness means fashionable, satisfaction means fashionable


Daily Prompt: Deny

In this rapidly changing and trending world, people have now learnt to survive with reality and facts. Denying something doesn’t mean you are running away from the challenges or the actualities. It simply means that you are decisive and selective enough to make your own choices and then putting your best foot forward.

Denial doesn’t always mean staying into the boundaries of comfort and contentment but rather it is like taking a leap ahead to explore the new horizons while not crossing the same self-created fences. To deny may many times ruin away the fortune wave approaching you but if the denial is at the right time and with a solid reasoning, you will surely be blessed again with the experience of a whole new world of opportunities.

Never deny on putting your wholehearted efforts into something because then you may realize soon that you are walking alone on the path of failure. Determination for the achievement of goals should not suffer the bitterness of denial for efficiency for it will be the greatest setback for an intellectual mindset.

A positive attitude with denial for nothing less than precision and perfection is the key towards every good thing in life making this world an absolute heaven.


Daily Prompt: Interest

Interest is the language of your heart. It is the voice of your mind.

Passion is interest, desire is interest

Pleasure is interest, happiness is interest

Joy is interest, fun is interest

Acceptance is interest, satisfaction is interest

Intuition is interest, reflection is interest

Meditation is interest, relaxation is interest

Enthusiasm is interest, perseverance is interest

Curiosity is interest, anxiety is interest

Involvement is interest, leadership is interest

Present is interest, future is interest

Living life the way you want, is the reflection of your interest in your own life. Live a life full of meaning & interest to make a difference to this world.

Being Athletic

Daily Prompt: Athletic

Wonder what and how people to do be fit and energetic and especially how they attain their athletic skills? Well, we all know it’s just not only the regular exercise and diet that works, but it’s much more beyond it.

Being athletic is nothing but remaining outside your comfort zone. Athleticism is the measure of how much you slog yourself for the attainment of a specific skillset. Being athletic is the amount of sweat you squeezed out of yourself to gain your set goals. The efforts, the hard work as well as the precision you master is what one calls to be athletic.

Try to slave yourself to every single drop of perspiration to taste the success of your acquired skillset. Being athletic is the power to govern your senses and not fall weak for momentary luxuries and comforts. Every act of labour put in surely pays off one day if you are determined for the benefit of your own self, for the benefit of being athletic.

The Popular Teacher

Daily Prompt: Popular

Satnam sir
Satnam sir

There are different academic stages of a student’s life, but in countries like India, X & XII grades are the most crucial because these 2 years decide a student’ fate. However, for these important years, a good teacher is the greatest role player to bless the student with a bright future. Let me take the privilege of introducing such a teacher who helped me and many like me in one of these crucial academic years, X grade. Mr Satnam Singh Hooda is till date the favourite teacher of students and their parents and of course the most popular figure in my town.

Every student who learns under the popular Satnam Sir’s guidance is absolutely successful in life. His approach towards teaching the basics is phenomenal and that has helped innumerable pupils including me to master the basics of academics. His incredible teaching methods, his fatherly attention towards every kid and his straightforward and down-to-earth nature with a touch of innocence and honesty have made him popular and the best among other tutors.

Through this international medium, I want to thank the coolest and the most popular Satnam Sir on behalf of all the students whom he has taught and is teaching for his amazing lessons of academics as well as life. For people like me starting tutoring with him was the most positive turning point of my life. Satnam Singh Sir is a true inspiration for people of every age. His teaching qualities and practical methods of looking towards numerous possibilities of success through knowledge, hard work and perseverance have proven to be blissful for us.

Thank you, Sir. You are truly special.



Daily Prompt: Circle

A circle is considered to be the representation of life in various forms. The first thing that comes to mind is the red circle by Gautam Buddha. Lord Buddha once drew a circle with a red chalk and said, “When men, though unaware of it, must meet again someday. They may follow diverging paths to the given day when, ineluctably, they will be reunited within the red circle.” True it is as this world is small and round, and one ought to meet the other once again somewhere sometime in life.

Even in the holy book of Geeta, Lord Krishna has conveyed a beautiful message for mankind. He said that life and death are inevitable. The moment a child is born, death is written in the book of life. Lord Krishna also gave another message as a part of “Geeta Updesh” that life is based on “Karma (action or deeds)”. A human being’s fate is decided by the “Karma” he does. “Karma” also functions in a circle, which means whatever “karma” you do will come back to you one day.

All in all, a circle is symbolic of your action and what deeds you do in your life. It’s all in our hands how beautiful and meaningful we want to make our lives. Always remember the circle of life and try to make a difference in this world by serving the humanity in whatever possible way you can.

The Witty Affair

Daily Prompt: Witty

Witty is never near to smart, witty is not humorous

Witty is uncomfortable, witty is away from tolerable

Witty is stubborn, witty is uncontrollable

Witty is like a myth, witty is a silent killer

Witty can gather a crowd but never sparkle

Witty acts like a needle, witty’s tongue is sharp

Witty is unpredictable, witty can only boast

Witty is judgmental, witty aren’t good listeners

Witty are backbiters, witty always miss a true admiration

Witty is sophisticated but a bombshell

Witty helps split, witty is all over the place yet lonely

Witty is the first page of good books which are blank and readers ignore them

All in all, being witty isn’t a crime unless it isn’t a trap to impress the world.

Launch: It’s all about being yourself

Daily Prompt: Launch

Launch – how many meanings this word has, but indeed, the best meaning to fit this word is to start putting action to your thoughts, to begin to celebrate every single moment of life, to be who you are. Dreams don’t come true until you want them to. So, live your passion, transform your odds to the best probabilities and be proud of what you have done for yourself.

It is rightly said, life is short and we need to make the most out of it. Launch your inner self and learn new ways to brighten and enlighten yourself in every way possible. Be healthy, be active, rejoice, dance and hold yourself responsible for all your goods.

Life is a launch pad, so be bold enough to pull back your hardships, drag back your toughs and launch your heart to aim big. Success isn’t always meant to yield monetary benefits, but it, of course, always means to be happy from within and be kind to others. Don’t just keep thinking but have the courage to launch your ideas and visualize the magic it creates into this world.

Life is a race, launch your best foot forward and begin the winning streak.

Be Focused, Not Distracted

Daily Prompt: Focused

Success, failure, gain, loss are the steps of the ladder of life; however, it would cost the last drop of perspiration to climb these steps and reach the top of that ladder. Achievements aren’t easy and hence one has to kick the distractions off and march ahead towards the goal post focused.

Life turns out to be a simple calculation of we stay focused on the righteous pathway to gain experiences and fruitful outcomes. Distractions easily please us. They make us imagine that shortcuts are not shortcuts towards the attainment of our purpose in the real sense. Therefore, here, being focused becomes crucial as it helps melt down the distractions and solidify determination.

Being focused also creates curiosity and the hunger to the achievement of great heights. Not only that, the focus is a bliss for inspiration, confidence and dedication. Motivate yourself and develop a focus on goals and then audience the wonders it brings to your life. Sand your past and focus on today and the new tomorrow as it’s a necessity for the movement towards a brighter tomorrow and a brighter world on a whole.