The Quartet Bliss

Daily Prompt: Quartet

A quartet provides you the space to put your ideas.

A quartet provides you the privilege of flexibility.

A quartet provides you the platform for a healthy and meaningful conversation.

A quartet provides you with the facility of discussion and mature outcomes.

A quartet provides you the understating of “sharing is caring”.

A quartet provides you the place to grow relationships.

A quartet provides you with the ability to stand out in the crowd.

A quartet provides you the strength to kill your inner fear and speak out loud.

A quartet provides you the courage to trust your insight and be decisive.

A quartet provides you the time to develop your self-esteem.

A quartet provides you the stage to perform flawlessly and enjoy freedom.

A quartet is a real bliss if one values the power of four.

Rise and shine.


Churn Out A New You

Daily Prompt: Churn

Your potential will churn out the expert in you.

Your insight will churn out the inspirer in you.

Your allegiance will churn out the trendsetter in you.

Your grind will churn out the perfectionist in you.

Your precision will churn out the intellectual in you.

Your discipline will churn out the modest being in you.

Your respect for others will churn out the humble self in you.

Your kindness will churn out the goodwill ambassador in you.

Your buoyancy will churn out the optimist in you.

Your aplomb will churn out the extrovert in you.

Your simplicity will churn out the grounded personality in you.

Your smile will churn out the peace lover in you.

Your love for humanity will churn out the dignified self in you.

Rise and shine.

A Foreign Land

Daily Prompt: Foreign

Let your past be a foreign land where things were done differently.

Let your future be a foreign land as where your are right now is the beautiful present.

Let your desires be a foreign land where you head after fulfilling your priorities.

Let your emotions be a foreign land so that they don’t weaken you at any step of life.

Let greed be a foreign land you wish to never get a visa for.

Let selfishness be a foreign land so that you always remain selfless and innocent.

Let ignorance be a foreign land as it will take you to no man’s land.

Let chaos be a foreign land as it will lead to more problems than solutions.

Let misconduct be a foreign land as respect and dignity are the crucial pillars of life.

Let your boredom be a foreign land as you possess your mind and it’s highly creative.

Let your weaknesses be a foreign land so that you have your own space for your strengths.

Let hatred be a foreign land as love has magical powers to attract this world towards you.

Rise and shine.

The Radiant You

Daily Prompt: Radiant

The innocence of your love makes you radiant.

The purity of your heart makes you radiant.

The habit of living life to the fullest makes you radiant.

The amount of experience that you carry makes you radiant.

The brilliance and brightness within you makes you radiant.

The variance inside you makes you radiant.

The determination and sincerity that you possess makes you radiant.

The modesty and humility of yours makes you radiant.

The power of discovering yourself makes you radiant.

The shine of your soul makes you radiant.

The spontaneity you have makes you radiant.

The authenticity of your confidence makes you radiant.

The magical optimism you deliver makes you radiant.

The truth, freedom and flexibility within you makes you radiant.

The evergreen, broad smile that you wear makes you radiant.

Rise and shine.

Toxic People

Daily Prompt: Toxic

People who cause you pain are toxic.

People who ignore your boundaries are toxic.

People who disregard your feelings are toxic.

People who spread negativity are toxic.

People who are self-centered are toxic.

People who feed you with inferiority complex are toxic.

People who try to dominate your thoughts are toxic.

People who discourage you are toxic.

People who don’t let you grow are toxic.

People who corrupt your attitude are toxic.

People who keep draining you for their selfish motives are toxic.

People whose care and love for you are fake are toxic.

Toxic people are good for nothing. It is better to never hesitate to remove them from your life. This is the magic mantra for a happy and love-filled life.

Rise and shine.

The Warning Sign

Daily Prompt: Warning

Warning: A chocolate diet makes your clothes shrink.

Warning: Chocolates make you lose your wallet to the dentist and makes him rich.

Warning: Chocolates kidnap exercise.

Warning: Just the thought of chocolate makes you selfish.

Warning: Chocolate is only for “Me” not “We”.

Warning: A chocolate a day keeps a diet plan away.

Warning: Chocolate is the universal answer for all types of questions.

Warning: Chocolate and jeans are the worst enemies ever.

Warning: Chocolate is the only addiction that isn’t illegal.

Warning: Chocolate, pocket and mouth are best friends.

Warning: If it is a chocolate, sharing is not caring

Warning: Chocolate blesses you with forceful alone time.

Warning: Chocolate is a mental health food.

Rise and shine.

Explore The Person Called You

Daily Prompt: Explore

Explore life.

Explore new horizons.

Explore different possibilities of the journey towards success.

Explore the world as much as you can as it isn’t owned by anyone.

Explore yourself and try to find out what impact you could make in this world.

Explore new dimensions of problems and rise out victorious with solutions to those problems.

Explore the benefits of freedom and make yourself worthy to tackle issues and challenges.

Explore your insecurities and make efforts to fade them away with wisdom and smartness.

Explore your desires and try hard to fulfil them.

Explore the new world with a new map as the old map won’t have the new world.

Explore the fresh air of an unseen place and feel the difference.

Explore and be what you want to be, leave aside sacrifice and compromise.

Rise and shine.