What’s Different This Thanksgiving?

Hello friends and fellow bloggers! To start with, let me wish one and all a very happy Thanksgiving. May God always bless us all with the feeling of expressing gratitude so that we can spread more and more happiness, satisfaction and values in this fast-changing world. As we all know, the world over, this yearContinue reading “What’s Different This Thanksgiving?”

Never Mind The Chaotic Mind

O Mind! Please help this silent Soul to stay silent and away from your chaos. Let this Soul make a peaceful walk through the woods dear Mind, it needs those moments of calm and gather. Please try not to crush this Marrow by burdening it with your rock-like mayhem, let it live, let it breathe.Continue reading “Never Mind The Chaotic Mind”

Happy Halloween!!!

It’s Halloween, go Ghoulish The mystery, the magic, the darkest night of the year. The rise of shadows of a thousand years, the unseen faces, the unknown voices that whisper. The mingle of the monsters, the cries of the ghosts, the whisper of the goblins. The fright of spiders and black cars, the unseen rideContinue reading “Happy Halloween!!!”

I’m Here For You

I’m here for you no matter what, even if you don’t want me to be with you. I’m here, you are there. I really wish either I was there or you were here so that I could have lent my shoulder for you to lean on. I know you are hurt and I wish IContinue reading “I’m Here For You”

Orange Sunset Sky

And then there was Orange Sunset Sky https://copypowerblog.wordpress.com/2020/09/04/the-sunset-sky/ View this post on Instagram And then there was orange sunset sky https://www.instagram.com/p/CEr2_xxHaMG/?igshid=1ipztet308qu0 Rise and shine. Follow me on: 1. Instagram 2. copypower.blog #copypowerblog #riseandshine #believeinyourself #lifelessons #lifevirtues #positivemantra #blogposts #travel #travelblogger #missingmysoulmate #orangesky #orangesunsetsky #sunsetsky #sunsetcolours #magicalsunset #sunset #evening #sun #sunsetphotography #sunsetlovers #sunsetclouds #goodnight #sweetdreams #dreamsunlimitedContinue reading “Orange Sunset Sky”

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Education is the most powerful ammunition and a teacher guides us how, when and where to use this weapon to make this world a better place. A Teacher is an enthusiast, a mentor and a remarkable person who takes up the task energetically of shaping the future. A teacher came into existence soon after theContinue reading “Happy Teacher’s Day!”

The Sunset Sky

Enjoy this little chitchat between the Sun, the Sunset Sky and the Clouds. “Welcome!” says the Evening to the Clouds. But why? Evening says, “The Clouds add colours to the Sky.” Clouds ask the Evening, “Why do you need colours to the Sky, it already looks stunning?” Evening says, “The colours make the Sky moreContinue reading “The Sunset Sky”

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award Nomination by Mahima’s Blog

I have been nominated for “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” by Mahima’s Blog. Her posts are quite a read as every post of hers shows the specificity of different topics of life. Heartfelt gratitude Mahima for nominating me in this category. Her feedback on my posts is motivating and inspires me to do better every time. I requestContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award Nomination by Mahima’s Blog”

I Want To Say Thank You!

Step by step small achievements have indeed added to my confidence and the support of everybody on this platform has always fed me with more motivation. A big Thank You to all the fellow bloggers who read my posts without judgement, commented without prejudice, inspired me without entitlement, understood my writing without pretension and supportedContinue reading “I Want To Say Thank You!”

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!

He is the provider of auspicious beginnings He is the remover of all obstacles of your life He is the inspirer of your creativity He blesses you with intellect and wisdom He is the mentor, he is the protector He is the enricher or your life bestowing you with mercy and generosity He is theContinue reading “Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!”

Kevada Teej – Goddess Parvati’s Dedication Towards Lord Shiva

Kevada Teej, a festival celebrated in many states of India, especially Gujarat. It is also called Hartalika Teej. “Teej” means third and this day falls on the third day after the full moon or new moon night in the month of Bhadrapad. Hence, it is called Kevada Teej. This festival marks the union of GoddessContinue reading “Kevada Teej – Goddess Parvati’s Dedication Towards Lord Shiva”

You and I in this Beautiful World ❤️

On the festive occasion of Kevda Teej, I pray for the health, wellbeing and long life of my better half, my partner in crime and my best friend; my Husband. I would like to dedicate the below lines to him. The silhouette of me and you walking hand in hand down the beach. The momentContinue reading “You and I in this Beautiful World ❤️”

Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!!

“Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy; but with love, compassion, humility and devotion.” – Bhagwad Gita quotes of Lord Shri Krishna Wish one and all a very auspicious Krishna Janmashtami. Let us all pray and hope that our world will soon beContinue reading “Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!!”

Flowers, The Most Divine Creations

Flowers, the happiness of the soul. It is rightly said that a new sunshine brings new hope; however, the bloom of a flower adds light to that hope. Life throws many challenges but every single bloom helps fade the dark moments. Flowers are themselves divine creations that Mother Nature have gifted us. Have you everContinue reading “Flowers, The Most Divine Creations”

Mistakes Are Lessons of Wisdom

The true definition of “SELF” lies in the realization of a mistake and thereafter pursuing the attempt to correct one. The truth also stands in the fact that making mistakes in life doesn’t mean that one should keep paying for those mistakes for a lifetime. You can’t make the same mistake twice because for once it’s aContinue reading “Mistakes Are Lessons of Wisdom”

It is written

Daily scriptures from Gods word/bible


किसी के पास कुछ ना हो तो हंसती है ये दुनिया, किसी के पास सब कुछ हो तो जलती है ये दुनिया, पर मेरे पास जो है उसके लिए तरसति है ये दुनिया।