Proclivity Towards Life

Daily Prompt: Proclivity Have a proclivity towards a healthy lifestyle. Have a proclivity towards determination. Have a proclivity towards dedication. Have a proclivity towards hard work. Have a proclivity towards discipline. Have a proclivity towards willpower. Have a proclivity towards motivation. Have a proclivity towards optimism. Have a proclivity towards caring and sharing. Have aContinue reading “Proclivity Towards Life”

Torn Between Life & Sustenance

Daily Prompt: Torn Torn between heart and mind. Torn between love and hatred. Torn between creation and destruction. Torn between honesty and immorality. Torn between trust and disbelief. Torn between happiness and sorrow. Torn between reality and fantasy. Torn between gumption and impracticality. Torn between truth and falsehood. Torn between cognizance and ignorance. Torn betweenContinue reading “Torn Between Life & Sustenance”

The Miraculous World

Daily Prompt: Miraculous The miraculous heart The miraculous mind The miraculous energy The miraculous wisdom The miraculous relations The miraculous response The miraculous will The miraculous nature The miraculous mercy The miraculous irony The miraculous temptation The miraculous fantasy The miraculous creation The miraculous soul. Rise and shine.

The Silent Noise

Daily Prompt: Silent Silent love, silent sentiments. Silent words, silent poems. Silent truth, silent trust. Silent strength, silent confidence. Silent talk, silent appreciation. Silent thought, silent instinct. Silent dream, silent desire. Silent explanation, silent understanding. Silent question, silent power. Silent beauty, silent brain. Silent action, silent adventure. Silent wisdom, silent intellect. Silent pain, silent smile.Continue reading “The Silent Noise”

Meager Life, Towering Values

Daily Prompt: Meager Meager beginnings, extraordinary rise. Meager startups, world-changing achievers. Meager thought, clear vision. Meager dream, genuine desire. Meager opportunity, a realm of possibility. Meager achievement, the world full of success. Meager knowledge, vast intellect. Meager whisper, bold voice. Meager sentiments, strong feelings. Meager livelihood, great fortune. Meager talent, exceptional performance. Meager smartness, remarkableContinue reading “Meager Life, Towering Values”

Richest Inheritance

Daily Prompt: Inheritance Live with the richest inheritance of goodwill. Live with the richest inheritance of wisdom. Live with the richest inheritance of life values and ideals. Live with the richest inheritance of respect, love and affection. Live with the richest inheritance of disciplined behaviour and conduct. Live with the richest inheritance of honesty, courageContinue reading “Richest Inheritance”

Elegance Lies Within You

Daily Prompt: Elegance Simplicity is elegance, classic is elegance. Respect is elegance, grace is elegance. The style is elegance, fabulous is elegance. Knowledge is elegance, intellect is elegance. Mindfulness is elegance, thoughtfulness is elegance. Etiquette is elegance, discipline is elegance. Good taste is elegance, a dash of daring is elegance. Ability is elegance, caliber isContinue reading “Elegance Lies Within You”

The Dazzling Varnish

Daily Prompt: Varnish To remain away from sorrows and sadness, beware of, The dazzling varnish of extreme love. The dazzling varnish of extreme warmth. The dazzling varnish of extreme politeness. The dazzling varnish of extreme wisdom. The dazzling varnish of extreme etiquette. The dazzling varnish of extreme courtesy. The dazzling varnish of extreme thoughtfulness. TheContinue reading “The Dazzling Varnish”

Gorge Yourself On A Meaningful Life

Daily Prompt: Gorge Gorge yourself on love and warmth. Gorge yourself on wisdom. Gorge yourself on courage and confidence Gorge yourself on kindness. Gorge yourself on compassion. Gorge yourself on generosity. Gorge yourself on empathy. Gorge yourself on sympathy. Gorge yourself on strength. Gorge yourself on motivation and inspiration. Gorge yourself on creativity and thoughtfulness.Continue reading “Gorge Yourself On A Meaningful Life”



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