Evolve and Ascend

Daily Prompt: Ascend Ascend beyond self-imposed limitations Ascend beyond negativity Ascend beyond self-sabotage Ascend beyond darkness Ascend beyond self-proclamations Ascend beyond a fixed mindset Ascend beyond average Ascend beyond pessimistic thoughts Ascend beyond insecurity Ascend beyond annoyance Ascend beyond materialism Ascend beyond negative perceptions Ascend beyond not being yourself Rise and shine

Don’t Succumb to Death Before Life

Daily Prompt: Succumb Don’t succumb to hatred, don’t succumb to prejudice Don’t succumb to despair, don’t succumb to presumption Don’t succumb to desolation, don’t succumb to affliction Don’t succumb to darkness, don’t succumb to fantasies Don’t succumb to immorality, don’t succumb to indiscipline Don’t succumb to greed, don’t succumb to dishonesty Don’t succumb to scepticism,Continue reading “Don’t Succumb to Death Before Life”

The Exceptional Experience of Travelling

Daily Prompt: Exceptional Travelling – the amazing way to reveal your inner strength. It is rightly said by many intellectuals that travelling should be a necessary routine of your life. It is an exceptional way to explore new places, meet new people and widen new horizons. Travelling gives pleasure, relaxation, calmness and rejuvenation. It isContinue reading “The Exceptional Experience of Travelling”


Daily Prompt: Deny In this rapidly changing and trending world, people have now learnt to survive with reality and facts. Denying something doesn’t mean you are running away from the challenges or the actualities. It simply means that you are decisive and selective enough to make your own choices and then putting your best footContinue reading “Deny”

Launch: It’s all about being yourself

Daily Prompt: Launch Launch – how many meanings this word has, but indeed, the best meaning to fit this word is to start putting action to your thoughts, to begin to celebrate every single moment of life, to be who you are. Dreams don’t come true until you want them to. So, live your passion,Continue reading “Launch: It’s all about being yourself”


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