Your Simplicity is Your Trademark

Daily Prompt: Trademark Your smile is your trademark, always wear it to conquer the world Your attitude is your trademark, carry it well. Your style is your trademark, make your own trends. Your creativity is your trademark, be innovative. Your personality is your trademark, craft it studiously. Your silence is your trademark, let it speakContinue reading “Your Simplicity is Your Trademark”


Daily Prompt: Cacophony Ignore the cacophony of pain and misery, acknowledge the harmony of contentment Ignore the cacophony of irregularities, acknowledge the harmony of stability & symmetry Ignore the cacophony of monotony, acknowledge the harmony of creativity Ignore the cacophony of chaos, acknowledge the harmony of peace and love Ignore the cacophony of discord, acknowledgeContinue reading “Cacophony”

Let Your Perseverance Enlighten the Genius In You

Daily Prompt: Enlighten Let your virtues and modesty enlighten your charm Let your power enlighten the wicked Let your knowledge enlighten your intellect Let your optimism enlighten your own thoughts Let your words enlighten your soul Let the cheerful beams of hope enlighten the dark corners of your heart Let your teaching of spiritual truthContinue reading “Let Your Perseverance Enlighten the Genius In You”

Release Yourself To Expand Your Horizons

Daily Prompt: Release Release the past to embrace the present Release your pain to fill your heart with peace and love Release your fear to allow your courage to take charge Release every struggle to gather strength and confidence Release your negativity to give space to optimistic thoughts Release old habits to carve way forContinue reading “Release Yourself To Expand Your Horizons”

Evolve and Ascend

Daily Prompt: Ascend Ascend beyond self-imposed limitations Ascend beyond negativity Ascend beyond self-sabotage Ascend beyond darkness Ascend beyond self-proclamations Ascend beyond a fixed mindset Ascend beyond average Ascend beyond pessimistic thoughts Ascend beyond insecurity Ascend beyond annoyance Ascend beyond materialism Ascend beyond negative perceptions Ascend beyond not being yourself Rise and shine

Don’t Succumb to Death Before Life

Daily Prompt: Succumb Don’t succumb to hatred, don’t succumb to prejudice Don’t succumb to despair, don’t succumb to presumption Don’t succumb to desolation, don’t succumb to affliction Don’t succumb to darkness, don’t succumb to fantasies Don’t succumb to immorality, don’t succumb to indiscipline Don’t succumb to greed, don’t succumb to dishonesty Don’t succumb to scepticism,Continue reading “Don’t Succumb to Death Before Life”

The Exceptional Experience of Travelling

Daily Prompt: Exceptional Travelling – the amazing way to reveal your inner strength. It is rightly said by many intellectuals that travelling should be a necessary routine of your life. It is an exceptional way to explore new places, meet new people and widen new horizons. Travelling gives pleasure, relaxation, calmness and rejuvenation. It isContinue reading “The Exceptional Experience of Travelling”

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