The Runaway Groom 3

It has been a few days now since the bride selection. However, from that day to this day neither Jaimin nor Rupali either met or talked to each other, which is quite unlike the modern times or modern thinking to be precise. But today is the day, the day when Rupali and her mother are visiting the Jaimin clan. Jaimin’s mother is preparing various delicacies for the guests while his father is looking towards the other setups at home so that the guests are comfortable and they feel like their own home. But, where is Jaimin? He is nowhere in the house. Well, the house is also not used to his presence much so people never felt his absence even today.

Before afternoon, Rupali and her mother arrived. They received a warm welcome. Everybody seemed happy. Welcome drink and chitchat began. Both mothers got along well in no time. Jaimin’s father and Rupali were conversing like friends, like it wasn’t the first time they were meeting. But Rupali’s eyes were searching for someone, that someone who was soon going to be her soulmate. But where is Jaimin and why nobody cares where he is? Among everybody present in the house only Rupali was sensing, rather feeling, Jaimin’s absence.

Finally, Rupali’s mother asked about Jaimin. It was then that his parents realised his absence. His father called him immediately, but he couldn’t reach him. After a while his father received a message from him saying he’ll be home soon. About half an hour later, Jaimin arrived. Seeing him, Rupali’s and her mother’s eyes sparkled because they had never seen a boy so handsome and charming. He bowed down to her mother and smiled towards Rupali, didn’t say anything and went upstairs in his room whispering that he’ll change and join everybody. Rupali felt a needle sensation, she found something abnormal, felt a twist and couldn’t understand what just happened. Jaimin went upstairs to his room, locked himself and broke down in tears.

Feelings are something to be expressed and not kept within one’s self. If somebody isn’t brave enough to express, people around the person should motivate the person to speak out loud. Not all are extroverts, the fear to express so as to avoid disrespecting someone should be attended on an immediate basis to save the person falling into a lonely space.

Will Jaimin’s tears give him strength or make him weaker? The Runaway Groom 4 follows soon…

Rise and shine.

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“Rise and Shine” is my life long-standing "Mantra" that I follow. I am a travel enthusiast. Travelling gives me energy and rejuvinates me, while writing relieves my stress and creates positive vibes within. I believe in making every little contribution towards making this world a better place for the coming generations to live in and breathe free. We should all understand and accept the fact that we are blessed with this existence as humans and utilize this bliss to help the unprivileged by making maximum humanitarian efforts. Gratitude is a bliss. Never miss a chance to express your gratitude especially towards the amazing God gift called "Nature". Have courage and be kind to others. Respect and discipline should be your master armours to fight the evil of overconfidence and arrogance. Chase your dreams, stand for and by yourself, spread love and kindness, act smart, don't let others ruin you in anyway and above all make all necessary efforts to rise and shine bright. Self-respect and self-confidence along with kindness and generosity should be the values by which people should reognize and remember you. Rise and Shine.

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