The Weight of Emptiness

Emptiness is actually heavy, lighten it up with the feathers of dreams and hopes.

Emptiness is the emotional breakdown, control your emotions with the gifts of joy.

Emptiness is the faith in discomfort, comfort yourself with trust and love.

Emptiness is a mess, take yourself away from the chaos and relax.

Emptiness is poisonous, dilute your toxins into the world of happiness and live free.

Emptiness is unfulfilled desires, show some will and dedicate yourself towards it.

Emptiness is suffocation of the taunting soul, kill your fears and wing your inner self.

Emptiness is stress and exhaustion, take a break and wander into the wild.

Emptiness is abode of darkness, don’t stop believing in the silver lining and the horizon.

Emptiness is loneliness; a warm, love-filled hug and living your dreams can kill the alone feeling.

Never forget that emptiness is your readiness of being filled. It may lead you towards the brightness of life and cheerful moments to cherish. Embrace emptiness as a challenge and show your perseverance; you will definitely, undoubtedly soar high and scream from the peak to convey your freedom and strength.

Rise and shine.










    1. I always try to spread positivity through my posts, so tried to do the same with this one as well. This specific line is something that I relate to myself and many others like me. Thanks for appreciating, means a lot. Keep reading. K.

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