Hobbies ‘N’ You

Hobbies should be your passion

Hobbies boost you up when your life pulls you down

Hobbies bring out your creative self

Hobbies discover and build your inner self

Hobbies will make you believe in yourself

Hobbies are silent but they have the power to create a worldful of chaos

Hobbies are your door of opportunities as they walk along passion

Hobbies develop the guts in you to head the way and chase your will

Hobbies root in you energy, positivity, excitement and curiosity

Hobbies are representatives of your values and ideals

Hobbies give you the meaning of life, bring you new ideas, enhance your imagination, and above all, bring out your original self.

Rise and shine.



  1. Greetings ,
    😊 I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This achievement is “given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community”. I would love for you to participate. Please see the award rules below. Thank you for being an inspiration ⭐
    ~ Flamboyant 🐝
    Award Rules :-
    Thank the blogger and provide a link to their site.
    Put Award logo on your blog.
    Nominate other bloggers

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