A Journey…

How do you define a journey? There can be different names and definitions to it but it is something that is never ending. A journey is the beginning. It is the constancy of growth, improvement, continuity and existence. It carries along happiness, prosperity, diversity and functionality. It is a single step that starts counting thousand miles. It cradles dreams, possibilities, opportunities and advantages.

For a journey, sky is the limit. It is never a destination as it is an ongoing phenomenon. It also consists of adversities, disappointments and failures; but you have to take all that in, recognize the right and continue your growth through it all. Always, try to embrace the journey to taste the fruits of happiness and success. However, a journey is never the one if you fail to take the first step thinking of all the fears and falls.

Take any journey as an adventure, just get lost, wander, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, discover. It is an unexpected path full of miracles, which you need to discover and experience. Your journey itself is your companion and hence you never find yourself alone even if you have started it alone. Be open to every challenge, every opportunity and every difficulty that comes by because only then you will find the true meaning and value of the journey you are on.

Take one step at a time but never stop stepping if you really want to start and keep moving on a journey. You will definitely get tired, but out of that exhaustion never lose hope, take a break, rest but never even think to quit. Learn to trust the path you are on even if you feel insecure. Today’s trust will be tomorrow’s understanding about your own journey.

Wherever you wish to go on your journey, just follow your heart and keep moving and you will never fail or fall and even if you do you’ll find the way out of it.

“A journey is only the beginning, it is never the end.”

Rise and shine.









    1. Such words of appreciation are indeed an inspiration for me to keep doing positive work and leave a positive impression to bring about a positive difference to this world. Thanks for such kind and motivating words. Keep reading. K.



    1. Such appreciation is indeed a source of inspiration. Glad to have such word-loving community to read and give feedback on my words. Thanks again for such motivating words. Keep reading. K.



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