Life Is Colourful, So Enjoy – Happy Holi

Life is a big canvas, colour it the way you can and want to

Laughter is adding colours to life, keep spreading those colours to spread smiles

Life is a box of crayons, it is meant to be colourful

Colours add vibrancy and positivity to life

Fill your life with colourful memories to cherish and let them never fade away

Simplicity is significantly colourful, one of the important wisdoms to decorate life

Colours possess the hidden powers to influence your inner self

Colours represent beauty and grace

Colours are like sunshine to brighten your life

Paint your today with the colourful pastels to make life a memorable journey

Colours have the potential to rejuvinate your mind, body and soul

Life is amazingly colourful, live it fully

Make the colourful shades of life worth through good deeds

“Happy Holi to the world”

Let the colours of Holi colour your life with joy and prosperity. Let us all hope these colours will help fade away sadness and grief of the world. Spread colours, spread smiles.

Rise and shine



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