A True Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is a blessing which engages spreading love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness.

Love others, help the disadvantaged and forgive the guilty; these acts of kindness indeed reflect the true spirit of Christmas. Teach your children the true values and spirits of Christmas on this festive occasion, which will symbolize the true meaning of Christmas. Merriment and rejoice are allowed to all the beings on earth and thus let this one day become an example of spreading smiles all over. What we can offer or what we can lend on this special day will cost us nothing but only kind gestures.

The true connect of heart to heart and the sentiment of walking hand in hand towards the commitment of togetherness and generosity is the true Merry Christmas. It doesn’t matter what’s beneath the Christmas tree, but what actually matters is who is surrounding the Christmas tree; friends, relatives, well-wishers. A contribution towards humanity should be the real goal this Christmas. One good heart will find Christmas in each day of the year and for whom Christmas is actually a feeling and not just one festive day.

Let your hands be filled on this day with tasks of spreading happiness, initiating charity, forgiving your enemies and developing patience and respect for yourself. Considering the true values and virtues of life will deliver the true spirit of Christmas and fill the day with gaiety and exuberance.

Wishing one and all a Merry Christmas. May you and your family be blessed on this occasion with the true virtues of life towards helping the mankind. Be content, be cheerful.

Rise and shine.



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