Life Lessons – Say Yes To I, Me, Myself!!

Have you ever thought or realized or experienced that under certain social pressures and needs of time, you have somehow drowned yourself? It takes a lot of courage and determination to be who you really are. Maturity comes with experiences and explorations but what if without any experience you have to become mature and take harsh decisions for yourself? It takes a toll in doing this and the worst scenario that arises is emotional stress. But, the one who rises above all these, is the true champion.

Life always throws challenges on you and gives you no time to think but to face them at the given time. Be yourself even if the entire world is against you and trying to change you, because then the fruits of accomplishments will taste sweet and not bitter. Don’t fail to understand that for something that you are agreeing to someone doesn’t put you in disagreement for the same to yourself. Understand your own values, respect your self-respect and self-confidence and try to list your own self in the list of priorities; because only then you’ll find it easier to make tough decisions. Understand and realize your own worth and then take steps towards given circumstances.

Abolish the fear within you of what others think about you. Righteousness will crown you triumphs and gift you glories. You are different, you are unique, you are beautiful; don’t lose these characteristics through comparisons. Don’t feel inferior about yourself, don’t underestimate yourself. It’s absolutely okay to be average, and it doesn’t at all matter if you are numerous steps down to being intellectual. Recognize your hidden talent, your hidden skillset, your hidden best. Open up, explore, wander and just get lost in the crowd if you feel that is the need of time.

Always remember, it’s your life. You are not born to live up to the world’s expectations. There will be disappointments, but don’t forget to be strong while you are walking alone on the very path that you chose for yourself. Don’t let people judge you for the nature who have and the questions you hold. Chase your own dreams, don’t live the dreams of others and end up being a puppet. It takes discipline not to let anybody ruin the power you carry within and the energy you have for yourself. Stay strong, stand by yourself, don’t backstab your own priorities, stay happy, stay healthy. Recognition of your own self will become your greatest strength.

Rise and shine.



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