Song Of Togetherness

Daily Prompt: Song

The song of the stream, love between bedrocks and water.

The song of emotions, love between mind and memories.

The song of a bright day, love between sun and shine.

The song of highs and lows, love between mountains and sea.

The song of hope, love between fear and fall.

The song of words, love between voice and verse.

The song of dreams, love between thoughts and actions.

The song of a journey, love between the steps and the path.

The song of an idea, love between creativity and execution.

The song of a moment, love between past and present.

The song of whisper, love between head and heart.

The song of goals, love between rise and fall.

The song of rain, love between heartache and jubilation.

The song of love, love between you and me.

Rise and shine.



    1. It’s a real delayed response to your great words of appreciation but somehow I just missed reading this comment. Really appreciate your good, kind words and hope you keep liking my work. Such comments really boost up your morale and motivate you to get better day by day. Thanks again. Keep reading. K.



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