Fabric And Life

Daily Prompt: Fabric

Even innumerable washes can’t fade away the fabric of love.

Nature is a fabric that God has designed for us to complete the tapestry of life.

Experiences are the threads woven together to make the fabric of life.

Our thoughts and ideas are the fabric that our mind weaves.

Friendship and love are fabrics which will shine more with constant use.

Tear the social fabric and put all your strength in flying high with wings of freedom.

Creativity is the fabric and our mind is the designer.

Walk beyond the fabric of time to touch the horizon.

The threads of change are very much necessary to weave the fabric of tomorrow.

Capture the memories on the fabric of your heart for they will remain there forever.

Love is the finest fabric God has ever created and we decide how much we need to wear.

Embrace the fabric embedded with love, trust, honesty and respect.

Love and kindness are the gold threads woven on the fabric of our heart.

Rise and shine.



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