Be Typical, Will You?

Daily Prompt: Typical

Be typical, never apologize for having high standards.

Be typical, never regret for being kind hearted and generous.

Be typical, you won’t be the only one who loves isolation on a typical day.

Be typical, sometimes it’s better to be confused and feel lazy.

Be typical, never feel sorry or embarrassed to possess unique qualities.

Be typical, take pride in self-reliance.

Be typical, never feel shy to say Hello, Sorry and Thank You.

Be typical, never step back in accepting the harsh challenges of life.

Be typical; modesty, honesty and wisdom are the pillars of a genuine personality.

Be typical; instead of waiting for an opportunity, create one.

Be typical, never fail to express your gratitude for the blessings bestowed on you.

Be typical, always wear a smile for it’s the only perfect outfit.

Rise and shine.


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