Premonition Isn’t Rare

Daily Prompt: Premonition

Premonition is a mind game, in my personal opinion. Premonitions are actually a part of our life. They keep knocking the doors of your mind in the form of anxiety, fear, excitement, curiosity, etc. I believe the nature of these premonitions depends on your mind on how it absorbs them. If you are an optimist; obviously, the expected outcome of these premonitions will be something delightful. But, as opposed to your optimism, the mind’s fear and the negative vibes surrounding it will result into something weird raising the bar of your already tensed self.

A positive mind will always have the premonition of something good, pleasant and exciting. And, as you believe in positivity, you will have the feeling of happiness before the reality unveils. It is interesting to note that because you are filled with positive thoughts, the result of your premonition will be, maximum times, something that will give you a reason to be joyful about it. It is all determined by how you feel about yourself. If you believe in yourself and are always ready to accept challenges, you will definitely experience positive results post your premonition.

Similarly, if your mind doesn’t recognize the white point in the black board, you will end up being anxious thinking something disastrous is waiting to hit you and your messy life, and trust me, negative mind will attract negative thoughts and thus the result of your premonition may be somewhat scary or something that you never believed would happen. The entire game depends on how you see the glass of water, half empty or half full. It is like the sand timer or the hourglass where your mind makes you see either the sand already filled at the bottom bulb or the sand still left in the top bulb.

A premonition is the natural part of our lives. You have to decide whether you love the bright day or the dark night. It isn’t necessary that a premonition will result in something. Sometimes, it may just be your thoughts or imagination resulting into nothing in reality. However, sometimes, you may be end up with something in your hands, may be a good news or a disaster. Avoiding or getting rid off premonitions isn’t under your control and will keep happening but try not to be too expectant or fearful about the resultant reality. This will keep your mind healthy.

Rise and shine.


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