Dim Me Not

Daily Prompt: Dim

Let not the wicked dim the luminance of your inner beauty.

Let not the envious dim the shine of your soul.

Let not the corrupt dim the glow of your innocence.

Let not the impious dim the purity of your mind.

Let not the opportunist dim the brightness of your insight.

Let not the black-hearted dim the glamour of your senses.

Let not the unscrupulous dim the light of your dreams.

Let not the unethical dim the magnificence of your ideals.

Let not the cunning dim the sparkle of your smile.

Let not the deceitful dim the glitter of your trust.

Let not the pessimist dim the dazzle of your strong will.

Let not the unfaithful dim the radiance of your heart.

Let not the cowardice dim the rays of your enchantment.

Let not hatred dim the vivacity of your love.

Rise and shine.



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