My Imagination

Daily Prompt: Imagination

My imagination is like a fairy tale. Just like those dreamy tales where you see all the beautiful and good things, where there is no sorrow, where there is happiness all around, where there is no evil and no destruction. My imagination fills me with optimism. It helps me rejuvenate. It gives me a hope of a better world.

In my imagination are gardens full of flowering plants, beautiful butterflies on those flowers and a ray of sun cutting the morning dew. Beautiful birds chirp around and there are orchards full of amazing juicy fruits. There is a house just in the middle of the greens on the bank of a river and a well just beside the house. Surrounding the house is a wooden fence and there’s a wooden gate outside the house.

There is no noise and no chaos. There is no traffic and people don’t honk. The sound of the flowing water of the river along with the chirping of the birds is music to my ears. The mornings are energetic and the nights are calm and relaxing. There are neither stressors nor tensions. Life is so right and positive. Each day feels so blessed. It is exactly how I want this world to be; a world full of happiness, a world full of smiles and satisfaction.

Such is my imagination and I pray every single day to make the coming day more beautiful. Mother Nature has blessed us with her resources and now it’s payback time where we should contribute towards helping Mother Nature get back her true form,

Rise and shine.


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