Congregate Your Qualities

Daily Prompt: Congregate

Congregate your emotions to spread love.

Congregate your thoughts to be constructive.

Congregate your kindness to help the ones in need.

Congregate your ideas to make a difference in this world.

Congregate your patience to wait for brightness after the dark.

Congregate your strengths to discover the hidden talent.

Congregate your knowledge to increase the rate of literacy.

Congregate your generosity to help fulfill someone’s dreams.

Congregate your efforts to bring smiles on faces.

Congregate your courage to raise your voice against injustice.

Congregate your determination to contribute towards the fight against global issues.

Congregate your desires and try to choose the path of betterment of humanity.

Congregate your heart, mind and soul to work hard in making this world more beautiful.

Rise and shine.


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