Be Conversant

Daily Prompt: Conversant

I want to dedicate this post to all the girls and women out there who are silent and tolerating atrocities of all sort. I want to convey them to become conversant and shout out loud that you are no more weak. Kill this silence. It is your life and you own it. Be proud of what you are. Don’t let anybody ruin you for any given reason. There are women who cut the stereotype and came out to be conversant about the abuse and injustice they had to suffer. This act of a few women have become a true inspiration for the ones who are still on the darker side of this world.

Being conversant helps you relieve your stress and lets you talk about the cruelty you are going through in one way or the other. Being conversant will make you believe in yourself and help you to be decisive for your own wellbeing. Come out, talk, share and don’t fear to raise your voice against any misconduct or violence. You have every right to live with self-respect come what may.

I know a few such women who are bound within the social stigmas. For them the world around them is limited and they have set boundaries for themselves. Even if they are encouraged to speak out and be conversant about their sorrowful experiences, they rather prefer to be silent and let things flow as they do each day. Why can’t they gather courage for themselves. There are helping hands waiting for their green signal. It is our duty to make most out of this blessed life. Live this life as you own it and not how others want you to live. Learn to love and nurture yourself. You should be your first priority. Break the stereotype and be confident of every step you take to save your own life being ruined.

Rise and shine.


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