The Positive Side Of Compromise

Daly Prompt: Compromise

Compromise, the fact that everyone is happy about you/with you.

Compromise, a practice towards a healthy relationship.

Compromise, there is no space for ego.

Compromise, sign of maturity.

Compromise, wisdom for strength and control over emotions.

Compromise, the synonym of barter system.

Compromise, one of the important virtues that keep us going.

Compromise, surely helps you gain something greater.

Compromise, acceptance of reality.

Compromise, never at the stake of self-respect.

Compromise, helps maintain the balance between forgiveness and sacrifice.

Compromise; doesn’t mean you give away your dreams, make it your strength not weakness.

Compromise, avoids fights and misunderstandings.

Compromise, keeps you hopeful that you deserve much more.

Rise and shine.


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