Courage Is Costly

Daily Prompt: Courage

Courage is standing up and get going after a fatal fall.

Courage is the maturity of being your real self.

Courage is making the best of circumstances with dignity and grace.

Courage is mastering the skills to kill weaknesses and fears.

Courage is strengthening yourself to the extent that nothing can stop you.

Courage is accomplishing your dreams along with helping others achieve theirs.

Courage is accepting your own mistakes and admitting your wrongs.

Courage is creating wings of freedom for the caged and slaved souls.

Courage is keep trying without the noise of regrets and blames.

Courage is taking risks but still remain compassionate and humble.

Courage is the sensibility to back your own decision.

Courage is winning hearts not by materialistic glamour but by modesty.

Courage is the bitter truth of walking on a thorny path.

Courage is the triumph over desires and still love life.

Rise and shine.


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