Who Would Opt To Be Static?

Daily Prompt: Static

It is a common phenomenon that nothing remains static, nothing remains the same. Everything has to get into motion from static state. Everything static has to be dynamic, it’s the law of nature. World always needed huge changes, revolutions, a Renaissance and many more; it never remained static. Whatever is static is sort of dead and death is an end to life.

Remaining static is like losing our own space, losing our footsteps and above all, losing self without movement. The lazy and the losers prefer to be static as they are scared of life’s challenges and the change going on in the world. On the other hand dynamic people love to run and top the finish line. For them being static is like a curse and such people are the weeds of the beautiful garden who just need to be plucked and thrown away.

There is a good rule of life; nothing remains static, it either goes well or goes wrong but never stagnant. Love, life, democracy, people, courage, strength and many such features and gestures can never be static. These need dynamics and constant movement to keep up with the changing world. Let’s all be dynamic enough to change the world and try to make it a much better place for our future generations so that they get boosted up for being dynamic and not static.

Rise and shine.

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“Rise and Shine” is my life long-standing "Mantra" that I follow. I am a travel enthusiast. Travelling gives me energy and rejuvinates me, while writing relieves my stress and creates positive vibes within. I believe in making every little contribution towards making this world a better place for the coming generations to live in and breathe free. We should all understand and accept the fact that we are blessed with this existence as humans and utilize this bliss to help the unprivileged by making maximum humanitarian efforts. Gratitude is a bliss. Never miss a chance to express your gratitude especially towards the amazing God gift called "Nature". Have courage and be kind to others. Respect and discipline should be your master armours to fight the evil of overconfidence and arrogance. Chase your dreams, stand for and by yourself, spread love and kindness, act smart, don't let others ruin you in anyway and above all make all necessary efforts to rise and shine bright. Self-respect and self-confidence along with kindness and generosity should be the values by which people should reognize and remember you. Rise and Shine.

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