Evoke Thy Self

Daily Prompt: Evoke

Evoke your true self to avoid dual personality.

Evoke the art within you to give more creativity to this world.

Evoke one good memory for each bad one.

Evoke a true smile to create hopes in the eyes of the lost and the wandering.

Evoke emotions within you to be kind to one and all.

Evoke positive vibes within you for the refinement of self.

Evoke the best of you to match the best of others.

Evoke true love within you to get back true love.

Evoke good thoughts in your mind to deliver good deeds.

Evoke anticipation to sparkle the long-waiting eyes.

Evoke enough strength within you to shoulder the responsibilities and ideals globally.

Evoke the sense of truth within you so as not to fear the falls and losses.

Rise and shine.


One Comment

  1. Who would opt to be static…Good post, thought provoking…do you think that sometimes it is the fear of judgement by others and been seen as ‘weeds’ needing to be thrown out that creates these vulnerable ‘lazy’ people; as they retreat into their shell as a form of personal protection or defence. How they behave may be beyond their awareness or consciousness or mental health concerns may be a barrier making it difficult for them to become more pro-active despite their best efforts.

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