The Brilliant Mind

Daily Prompt: Brilliant

A brilliant mind delivers focus, positivity and happiness. Try to grasp the realization of your power over your mind and you are almost the winner. A brilliant mind is the house of ideas, creativity, dedication, intention and concentration. It is the greatest listener and aids in breaking false stereotypes.

Have you ever thought how you successfully bring smiles to so many faces daily?. Is it your wisdom or your kindness that do this magic? Well, it is the love filled inside your brilliant mind that comforts others through your positive attitude and approach. A brilliant mind cradles ideas, thoughts and plans and takes you closer to a meaningful life. It is the magic wand of a brilliant mind that turns the odds of your life into moments that you cherish throughout your life.

A brilliant mind is a sacred gift that helps dazzle the truths, ideals and realities of your life. It broadens the narrow streets of life into wider roadways so that you can take decisive and meaningful steps towards triumph. A brilliant mind lights up your imagination and lets you free from the bars of the so-called society. A brilliant mind navigates you towards making efforts in making this world a better and a more meaningful place to live in.

Rise and shine.



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