Forlorn?…Nah, It Can’t Be Me

Daily Prompt: Forlorn

Have you ever thought or felt the feelings and emotions of the ones who are forlorn, who can’t fly freely; who can’t dance freely in rain; who can’t express their thoughts freely, and above all, who can’t enjoy the freedom of living. Even when the world is so advanced at the present day, there are people who are forlorn and forgotten. They are like a bird in a cage.

Think of such people and imagine how lucky you are to at least breathe free. Never let yourself be forlorn. Always find something to balm your forlorn ache. Never feel forlorn or lost, rather let your talents and youth stay forever and celebrate each passing year with joy and delight. Never let the forlorn rags of old age stop you dream or do what you wish to.

Though the decisions of the past sound forlorn, crazy or irrelevant; those were the risks needed to be taken for the present day triumph against life’s harsh challenges. Try not to judge the past with a forlorn heart because it was just a knot that you tied to connect the broken edges of today and tomorrow. Be happy, be confident and above all be lively. A joyous life is the deadliest reply to the forlorn paths that tried to misguide you. Bear a smile and spread happiness in the world to make it a better place for future generations and not a forlorn one.

Rise and shine.



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