Funnel – The True Spirit Of Life

Daily Prompt: Funnel

Ever wondered what makes a person good? Well, an indeed tough question for people with expectations and bad intentions, but an absolutely simple one for the good ones. Optimism will funnel in good things and thoughts towards you. It will funnel in the important and crucial views and opinions of the wise.

Life is a race full of challenges and adventures. It is extremely necessary to funnel the vital and essential aspects of life to gain wisdom and kindness. Funnel the best and you are halfway there. Funnel the qualities of courage and confidence, and the world is at your feet and you are the master of it. Ideals and priorities do play an important role for every individual but only the ones who funnel in the values of these ideals and priorities end up winners.

You may know many people in your day-to-day life but have you ever imagined the benefits of good company and companions? Thus, funnel the trustworthy and the honest for yourself and see the magic it creates in your life, see how it changes your life. Funnel the good characteristics and qualities of the surrounding crowd and you may never face failures or losses. Funnel the best and keep away the rest for the betterment of self and the world on the whole.

Rise and shine.


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