Finally, Farewell To 2017

Daily Prompt: Finally

Finally, yes finally; 2017 has ended and I am seeing a new sunrise of 2018. But why was the end of this year so much awaited? A year full of challenges, a few surprises, a few shocks and loads of tensed and unhappy moments.

Parting away from a beloved is the worst that 2017 has given me. An unbelievable and unbearable pain I felt while bidding farewell with a hope of seeing the beloved soon, a pain experienced in 2017. Hence, I am, a sort of, happy that finally, this year is over as the new year has again risen my hopes of fulfilling my wishes and dreams.

Finally, the new year has convinced me to make a new beginning and motivated me to finish some unfinished tasks. Finally, I’ll be able to see my beloved this year, is the hope 2018 has given me. Finally, my heart is slowly and gradually getting convinced that pain, sorrows and other issues globally will fade away soon and soon there will be the freedom from the chaos of worldwide mishaps.

Let us all pray and pledge for a better 2018 so that we set a benchmark for our future generations on how to tackle the global problems skillfully and with a positive mindset.

Rise and shine.



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