A Zoo Represents Nothing But Empty Eyes

Daily Prompt: Zoo

A zoo represents a prolonged captivity of the animals.

A zoo represents an ultimate imprisonment for animals.

A zoo represents stress of the stares.

A zoo represents destruction of nature more than conservation.

A zoo represents an isolation for the caged creatures.

A zoo represents disappointment more than fun.

A zoo represents prisoned humanity.

A zoo represents absolute human interference towards nature and freedom.

A zoo represents failed government policies towards conservation of natural habitat.

A zoo represents tortured souls and empty spirits.

A zoo represents something that the caged wildlife doesn’t deserve.

Do the zoos really serve the purpose of conservation, research and education? Zoos are just an excuse for caging nature for all these purposes. Wildlife can be conserved the best in natural habitats like marine parks and national parks. It is also our duty as humans to contribute towards this conservation may be by stopping visiting the zoos. If there are no visitors there will be no zoos and the natural creatures will enjoy their freedom in their natural habitat.

Rise and shine.



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