Clutch Much Not

Daily Prompt: Clutch

Don’t clutch much your past, it will never let you embrace your present.

Don’t clutch much your present, the more you clutch the more elusive it becomes.

Don’t clutch much love; you try to hold it tighter and it darts away.

Don’t clutch much happy moments; they are like quicksilver in the hand, leave your palm open they stay, clutch them they rush away.

Don’t clutch much tears, they may turn into a flow of sorrow.

Don’t clutch much your attitude, the harder you grip the more it slips away.

Don’t clutch much an influence; you can easily lose courage, confidence and self-respect.

Don’t clutch much loneliness, it will result in emptiness in your life.

Don’t clutch much fear, you’ll end up being timid and a pessimist.

Don’t clutch much anything in life, learn to let go. If you clutch much you end up in a fistful of sorrows, ashes and pain.

Rise and shine.


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