The Mushroom Life

Daily Prompt: Mushroom

In the hopes of reaching the moon, we fail to remember our roots where we belong to. Grow like a tree but don’t forget the tiny mushrooms that stand beneath.

No matter how much you fly high, be like a mushroom, down to earth.

Dreams create aims. Expand and spread your dreams like a mushroom. Live a life full of dreams and aims.

Let the improvisation of self and refinement of life be like a tree, developing and progressing; and criticism for others be small or almost none, like little mushrooms.

Believe in simplicity. Think high, achieve great but always stay low profile and amidst the crowd.

Keep your mind and brain preoccupied, sprout new ideas, creativity, innovation; just like sprouting mushrooms.

Don’t waste yourself and your talent unnecessarily. Develop an aura to make a special appearance just like a mushroom and give an outstanding performance at the right time and place.

Just like a mushroom, make every bit of yourself worth and be useful and helpful to others.

A mushroom appears to be simple, cool and an amazing creation of nature. Looking at a mushroom makes u feel delighted. Like a mushroom, be joyous and always bear a smile because your smile and your fun-filled nature can make others happy.

Life lessons aren’t necessarily from big names and fames, small things like a mushroom can teach us about life’s philosophies and how you want to divert your life towards something good.

Rise and shine.


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