Daily Prompt: Atmospheric

Without an atmosphere or atmospheric pressure, life on earth is almost impossible. Below are some of the benefits of atmospheric pressure.

It keeps blood from boiling and eyes from exploding.

It keeps the oceans, lakes and rivers from vaporizing.

It’s what makes a barometer work.

It’s what keeps Earth’s atmosphere from escaping into space.

It allows us to cook in simple pots and pans.

It allows us to live.

It keeps cells from exploding.

Let us all pledge to accept adaptations that will improve the disturbances in the atmosphere and make a positive difference globally to make this world a better place.

Rise and shine.



    1. Wonderful to have comments like yours – makes me wonder that there are people out there who really appreciate and relate to things the same way that every individual does. There are instances in life when you feel “Why me?” But if you analyse closely most of us go through those kind of situations. If you can accept it and start living accordingly, you give yourself lesser excuses and you may get inner strength to handle tough times and situations more efficiently. And with me – I try to write by relating things in an abstract way. My readers are liking it and it keeps me going. Appreciation from you all keeps me inspired. So, it’s a two-way process. Good to know you read my posts. Many thanks and I hope you keep reading. Would love to get more inputs and discuss life in general. Thanks again, K 🙂

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      1. You’re always welcome 🙂 I liked what you said and its completely true. If we can accept and adapt to our situations, its only going to make us strong. Handling tough times in the future will be much easier. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

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