Honk For a Global Goodwill

Daily Prompt: Honk

Honk to stop deforestation, honk to stop forest degradation.

Honk to stop bullying, honk to stop suicides.

Honk to stop child labour, honk to stop child abuse.

Honk to stop molestation, honk to stop incest.

Honk to stop illiteracy, honk to stop beggary.

Honk to stop gender discrimination, honk to stop religious conflicts.

Honk to stop dowry, honk to stop poverty.

Honk to stop juvenile delinquency, honk to stop caste system.

Honk to stop superstition, honk to stop Sati practice.

Honk to stop malnutrition, honk to stop honour killings.

Honk to stop HIV/AIDS, honk to stop drug abuse.

Honk to stop prostitution, honk to stop child soldiers.

Honk to stop global hunger, honk to stop gender gap.

Honk to stop unemployment, honk to stop domestic violence.

Honk to stop anything and everything that is against the goodwill of humanity and nature to help our future generations to breathe fresh air and enjoy flying in the free sky.

Rise and shine.



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