Don’t Just Riff…Initiate and Execute

Daily Prompt: Riff

Don’t just riff on global warming, rather take an initiative to help curb its effects.

Don’t just riff on political issues, rather take interest in understanding the whirlwind of facts.

Don’t just riff on corruption, rather try not to be a part of it yourself.

Don’t just riff on women empowerment, rather strengthen the platform for gender equality.

Don’t just riff on female foeticide, rather spread awareness on saving the girl child.

Don’t just riff on smokers and smoking, rather play a role in counseling them and helping them quit smoking.

Don’t just riff on drinking (alcohol) drunkards, rather direct them towards moderation and quitting.

Don’t just riff on molestation and assault, rather participate in the movement against it.

Don’t just riff on child labour, rather participate in preventing and eliminating it through educating poor children to give them a better future.

Don’t just riff on war and peace, rather set foot to spread peace and love to make a positive difference in this world.

Don’t just riff on the global issues. This is our planet. We have spoiled it with our sins and hence it’s our utmost duty to make it again the most beautiful place. Instead of just gossiping and joking on the burning issues, it’s now time to actually highlight your role in the betterment of humanity.

Rise and shine.



    1. Thank you for your appreciation! It’s always fascinating to have views from others and know about their perspective and approach. Love your perspective calling it “Man in the mirror” thought process – never thought about it that way. I am a believer of teaching thirsty how to get water rather than merely helping them with a glass of water. Makes them independent and it is a long-term solution for them. Thanks, K 🙂



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