Dancing Stimulates Living

Daily Prompt: Dancing

Dancing is the language between the body and the soul.

Dancing is expressing without words.

Dancing is to breathe fresh.

Dancing is to snap down all the walls.

Dancing is to smell the happiness and stop feeling sad.

Dancing is to let go the inner troubles and smile.

Dancing is creating dreams with your feet.

Dancing is to reveal your madness.

Dancing is to set free all the fears.

Dancing is learning to surpass your sorrows.

Dancing is surrinderimg to the music of your heart.

Dancing is living a prolonged life.

Dancing is reciting a poem for the Almighty.

Dancing is gifting yourself the sophistication of being the real you.

Dancing is the way to find and lose yourself at the same time.

Rise and shine.



  1. Love it! Have you seen the video on FB (a social experiment) where they put together a young man who only speeds Spanish and a young woman who only speaks Japanese. They are both dancers and they must work together to choreograph a dance despite the language barrier. They do a great job.



    1. Where there are no language barriers … I might have something but I am not sure if that is the same as the one you are referring to. Would be great to see that video if you would like to share it with me and other readers. I am glad you love it. Keep reading and I keep writing. Thanks, K 🙂



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