The Universal Panacea

Daily Prompt: Panacea

Love is a panacea, hatred isn’t.

Courage is a panacea, fear isn’t.

Confidence is a panacea, uncertainty isn’t.

Expression is a panacea, concealment isn’t.

Speech is a panacea, silence isn’t.

Communication is a panacea, withholding isn’t.

Enthusiasm is a panacea, apathy isn’t.

Curiosity is a panacea, disinterest isn’t.

Sensibility is a panacea, ignorance isn’t.

Spending talent lavishly is a panacea, hoarding it like a miser isn’t.

Sincerity is a panacea, falsehood isn’t.

Advancement is a panacea, stagnation isn’t.

Renaissance is a panacea, destruction isn’t.

Rise and shine.


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