The Egg Philosophy

Daily Prompt: Egg

An egg represents a few virtues of life.

Have patience; you get chicken only when the egg hatches and not by smashing it.

Have a golden heart; let the tough circumstances harden you from outside like the egg shell after boiling, keep having a golden heart just like the egg before and after boiling.

Have high hopes; while there’s life inside an egg, there is hope.

Have determination; if the bird inside the egg isn’t determined to fly, the egg won’t hatch and it will end up rotten.

Have faith in yourself; the developing chicken inside the egg has faith that the shell will hatch and the egg won’t be scrambled.

Have action to your purposes; one can’t go indefinitely just to be an ordinary egg, hatching is a must to solve the purpose.

Have trust in your instincts; only an inside force helps life out of the egg.

Have a belief in your potential; eggs may look different, but it would be too early to put aside the odd before they hatch.

Rise and shine.



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